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Related Categories: Altar Candles | Brass Candlestick

Candlesticks (Pair)

These beautiful paired altar candlesticks' shorter sizes make them ideal for a small chapel or for smaller church altars. Finish is protected with clear coating to retard tarnishing. Candles sold separately.

Starting at $454.00

9-3/4" Brass Candlesticks

Brass candlesticks with popular three-step base. 1-1/8" candle sockets. Candles not included. 10" H.

Item #: RW1120
Price $981.85

Chapel Line Candlesticks (Pair)

These high polished candlesticks come in brass and silverplate varieties and have 3-step solid wood bases in your choice of walnut or oak and a protective urethane coating to prevent tarnish. Pair them with a matching Chapel Line Altar Cross and Vases for a full altar set. Candlesticks measure 8 ¾”…

Starting at $363.70


This quality candlelighter is made of stable solid brass with a finely-crafted walnut handle, and comes in three sizes from 36” to 60” for all of your candlelighting needs. Brass and silvery nickel finish options allow you to match this candlelighter to your existing altarware.

Starting at $130.00

Oak Processional Cross with Corpus

Finely crafted 22" oak cross with beautifully carved 13" corpus. 12" square base included. 84" H.

Item #: 903090
Price $1555.00

25" Radiant Altar Cross

Striking brass altar cross has popular three-step base and contrasting IHS on black background. 25" H x 12-1/2" W. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Item #: RW1020
Price $1029.40

Oak Crucifix Altar Cross

This simple altar crucifix is made from hand-selected oak wood and features a detailed corpus and INRI sign decoration on a symbolic three-step base. The cross measures 24" high.

Starting at $625.00

Wax Saver

Quality brass wax savers or candle followers eliminate wax drip and provide a steady, even burn for your altar candles.* Followers are lacquered for heat protection* Choose from High Polish Bronze or Satin Bronze finish* 7/8”, 1 1/8”, 1 1/2”, and 2” options work with almost any size church candle.

Starting at $18.00


This candle lighter measures 60” in total, with a 30” rigid metal handle for elegant appearance and accurate handling. This lighter features a needle eye taper holder to provide better control of the exposed taper, and is available in beautiful satin brass and nickel plated finish.

Starting at $195.00

Telescoping Candlelighter

This telescoping candle lighter extends from a mere 16” to 26”, making it easy to use and easy to store. The reverse side candle snuffer measures 2” in diameter, perfect for any candle width. This convenient candle lighting tool is available in beautiful satin brass and nickel…

Starting at $99.00

Altar Cross

This altar cross is made from hand selected walnut wood and features the traditional IHS monogram on your choice of silverplate or bright finish brass overlay for stunning beauty. Measures 24" h x 12 1/2"w.

Starting at $660.90

Altar Cross

This altar cross features bright finish brass accents with the traditional IHS monogram. Each cross is made from your choice of hand selected oak or walnut wood and measures 24" h x 12 1/2" w.

Starting at $371.60

Wax Saver

Wax savers eliminate wax drip and help you get the maximum burn time from your altar candles. These wax savers withstand heat better to ensure long-lasting beauty.* Available in glass, brass finish, or silverplate finish.* Hand-polished brass and silverplate savers coated with a special urethane…

Starting at $19.00

Chapel Line Vases (Pair)

This pair of vases measures 10” in height with a 3-step base and is available in brass and silverplate finish with an oak or walnut base to match the Chapel Line Altar Cross and Candlestick options. Includes one pair of vase liners. Replacement liners: 882549

Starting at $536.30


This candlestick stands alone in solitary elegance or as part of a glowing set. Each stick has a heavy weighted base to ensure stability. Available with 1 1/2” or 1 1/8” candle sockets, or pillar candle styles, in solid brass or silverplate.

Starting at $432.85

Candlelighter (Lighter Only)

This candlelighter is well balanced, measures 22”, and comes in highly polished brass and silver varieties. Includes lighter only, not including any accessories.

Starting at $55.44

Angel Altar Cross

This traditional 24” Latin cross is made of easy-care anodized aluminum with a finely crafted wooden base of walnut or oak. The IHS emblem stands out beautifully against a contrasting black background.

Starting at $339.95

Angel Altar Candlesticks (Pair)

Each member of this pair of beautiful silvertone candlesticks is made of easy-care anodized aluminum with a solid wood base in walnut or oak to match the Angel Altar Cross Candle sockets measure 1 1/8"; candles are not included.

Starting at $257.60


…wicks, making it ideal to extinguish liquid wax candles without destroying their wicking.* Brass and silverplate finishes match your existing altarware* Available in 5 different lengths, this lighter is great for people and candles of all heights Please note: restocking fees apply if this item is…

Starting at $122.60

Chapel Line Altar Cross

This simple yet beautiful altar cross features the traditional IHS monogram in a variety of sizes and finishes. * Choose 18”, 24”, or 30” * Choose from brass, silverplate, oak base, or walnut base * Please note: oak and walnut finish are only available in 24” height

Starting at $420.20

Vases (Pair)

This pair of vases measures 8” in height with a 3-step base and is available in brass and silverplate finish. Perfect for use with an all-brass or all-silver altar cross and candlesticks. Includes one pair of vase liners. Replacement liners: RW1215V

Starting at $527.35

Vases (Pair)

This pair of altar vases measures 11" high and features a three step base. Available in brass or silverplate finish. Includes one pair of vase liners.

Starting at $673.05

Liquid Fuel Candles

These handcrafted refillable candles are convenient and cost-effective. The candles are made from high quality nylon to give the appearance of beeswax. Utilizing fiberglass wicks fueled with refillable liquid paraffin, these candles are the perfect, clean-looking alternative to wax candles. Solid…

Starting at $51.00

Bright Ring Advent Wreath

This beautiful Advent wreath has a bright polished brass finish and can be matched with one of four different bases to match the rest of your altarware. The beautiful brass, walnut wood, and oak wood options are sure to enhance the look of any chapel or sanctuary. Stationary standing bases are all…

Starting at $1987.15
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