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Being Lutheran

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Being Lutheran

…what it means to be a Lutheran, Sutton has set the record straight. He makes me proud to be a Lutheran." —Pastor Tim Niekerk, Senior Pastor, Salem Lutheran Church, Tomball, TX "In an increasingly multi-ethnic America and global landscape, being Lutheran has to be more than being German. What,…

Written by: Sutton, A. Trevor
Item #: 124473
Sale price $12.99

My First Catechism

…language, this book will urge children ages 6-10 to learn more about their Lutheran faith.Reinforce biblical lessons from My First Catechism with engaging activities in the My First Catechism Activity Book. Answers for activities can be found in the My First Catechism Activity BookAnswer Key.

Written by: CPH
Item #: 223052
Sale price $11.99

Lutheranism 101 - The Course

…of Lutheranism 101and exploring connections that are being made. Other times it meansworking with Scripture or some of the primary Lutheran resources fordoctrine and practice. The Course can be used by groups, families, and individuals who want todig deeper into what it means to be Lutheran. After…

Written by: Kumm, Shawn
Item #: 124388
Price $7.99

Pastors and Elders: Kit

…meeting agendas, reports, templates for congregational letters, and much more. Together with the companion DVD, Pastors and Elders provides the Lutheran congregation with strategies for leaders to work effectively as a team for the sake of the Lord and His Church. THE DVD Included on the DVD: •…

Written by: Mech, Tim
Item #: 155177
Sale price $64.99

Being Lutheran


…what it means to be a Lutheran, Sutton has set the record straight. He makes me proud to be a Lutheran." —Pastor Tim Niekerk, Senior Pastor, Salem Lutheran Church, Tomball, TX "In an increasingly multi-ethnic America and global landscape, being Lutheran has to be more than being German. What,…

Item #: 124473kin

The Lutheran Difference: God the Father


…The Lutheran Difference series identifies how Lutherans differ from other Christian denominations and shows from the Bible why Lutherans differ. If you are a Lutheran, these studies will prepare you to share your faith. If you are not a Lutheran, they will help you to understand the Lutheran

Written by: Taylor, Brett
Item #: 203574
Price $32.00

God's Old Testament People Teachers Guide Lutheran High School Religion Series

…of basic Bible doctrines. The curriculum includes one semester course and two quarter courses for each grade. The courses do not need to be completed in straight 45 or 90 sessions. The materials can be broken into smaller 5- or 10-session courses for church youth group or Bible study settings.

Written by: Buck, T.
Item #: 222260POD
Price $20.49

Being Lutheran T-shirt

A comfortable 100% cotton T-shirt emblazoned with the logo from the book Being Lutheran by A. Trevor Sutton. Turquoise.

Starting at $14.99

The Lutheran Difference: End Times


…share your faith. If you are not a Lutheran, they will help you understand the Lutheran difference. Print version Other titles in the series Downloadable Bible studies are quick and budget friendly. There are no shipping charges and no more waiting for them to be delivered. Each study is available…

Item #: 203566
Price $32.00

A Man Named Martin: Part 1 (DVD)

…theology. Expanding on commentary from Rev. Gregory Seltz, Speaker for The Lutheran Hour, numerous scholars add their expertise and perspective to render an illuminating portrait of the life of this extraordinary human being. As a forlorn sinner feeling lost and desperate before a stern and exacting…

Item #: 204213
Price $15.00

Lutheran Spirituality: Promise


…common term today, but what does it mean? To find the right answer, Lutheran Spirituality directs adult Bible study participants to God's Word. Lutheran Spirituality explores the Bible, Luther's Small Catechism, and the Lutheran hymnal as integral resources for living out our faith in a spiritually…

Written by: Cwirla, William
Item #: 203702
Price $32.00

Lutheran Service Book: Lectionary - 3 Year, Series C

Overview Spaciously designed volume prepared in “sense lines” with pronunciation guides in the margin for biblical names and places. The readings for feasts, festivals, and occasions are included. Classic burgundy leather-like edition that can be imprinted. 7.25" x 10"

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031181
Price $45.99

The Lutheran Study Bible - Sangria Genuine Leather - Thumb Indexed

…practical application of The Lutheran Study Bible. This Bible is the first in English to be developed from the ground-up with notes that are distinctively Lutheran, prepared by Lutheran theologians and pastors from over twenty Lutheran church bodies. Current Lutheran scholarship, insights from the…

Item #: 012035
Sale price $82.99

Partita on Ascended Triumph / Up through Endless Ranks of Angels


The tune ASCENDED TRIUMPH appears twice in Lutheran Service Book. The movements of the partita may be used throughout a service.

Written by: Hobby, Robert
Item #: 975987pdf
Price $10.00

5 Organ Offertories

Based upon the liturgical melodies from Lutheran Worship and Lutheran Book of Worship. Each ends with a short intonation of the liturgical song.

Written by: Cherwien, David
Item #: 976087POD
Price $14.00

Strength for the Day, May

…His opponent quipped, “Is Christ’s body then in a sewer too?” Luther replied, “You’d better hope so, should you find yourself there sometime!” The comfort of the ever-present risen Christ be yours, no matter where you find yourself. Pastor Matthew C. Harrison

Item #: 511024
Price $2.00

The Choir Immortal

…Anthems of Zion series! Overview The people of Zion are at it again. Two of their very own are getting married, and everyone is pleased as punch to be hosting Bradbury’s wedding of the century. Their collective joy is short lived, however, as busted air-conditioners, melting cakes, and a trip…

Written by: Schuermann, Katie
Item #: 124466
Sale price $10.99

Being Lutheran Coffee Mug

Whether at work, church, or home, make a statement about your faith! This coffee mug is the perfect companion to Trevor Sutton’s witty book Being Lutheran and displays the cover’s tattoo design on both sides. 14 ounces.

Item #: 361968
Price $9.99

Being Lutheran Book and Mug Gift Set

Learn what being Lutheran is really all about, what Lutherans challenge and cherish, and how to live out your Lutheran faith. Then bring your Being Lutheran coffee mug to work, school, or the kitchen table and make a statement about your faith!

Item #: 362055
Price $24.98

Do Not Be Afraid

Back ViewThis bulletin insert for Christmas highlights the value the Christ Child gives to all of humanity—from the moment of conception.To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit

Written by: Lamb, James
Item #: LFL1633BI
Price $0.10

Be Thou My Vision (Edwards)

…Irish tune SLANE for 2–3 octave handbells, featuring clever interplay between the melody and original material reminiscent of the land of its origin. Level II. This hymn is a common favorite and its tune is also found in Lutheran Service Book with "Christ Be My Leader" and "Lord of All Hopefulness".

Written by: Edwards, Dan
Item #: 977673
Price $4.50

Called to be God's People

Called to Be God's People is an introduction to the Old Testament designed for those who wish to have a comprehensive guide to the contents, theology, and important passages of the Old Testament. Written from a Lutheran perspective, this book is especially designed for those within that tradition…

Written by: Steinmann, Andrew E. ed.
Item #: 177379
Price $67.00

That I May Be His Own

This volume acquaints readers with the historical setting in which Luther composed his catechisms. This carefully crafted survey of the context of medieval instruction and piety brings to life the habits of mind that Luther inherited as a member of the church and a student of theology, as well as…

Written by: Arand, Charles
Item #: 531022
Price $25.99

Be Still, My Soul, before the Lord

Based on a new tune for Lutheran Service Book, this anthem by David von Kampen can be flexibly adapted to local choral resources. This is an excellent vehicle for introducing this text and tune to the congregation.

Written by: von Kampen, David
Item #: 983925
Price $1.50
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