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Lives and Writings of the Great Fathers of the Lutheran Church

…but deepen and expand our knowledge of how the Christian faith has come to us as we experience it in our time.” —Introduction excerpt by Robert Kolb, professor emeritus of systematic theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis Endorsements “Lives and Writings of the Great Fathers…

Item #: 531215
Price $25.99

Praying Luther's Small Catechism

…practice, pastoral wisdom, all held together by a passion for the Gospel, constitute the richness of this book.” —Mark Mattes, Grand View University, Des Moines, IA “Few theologians and pastors have reflected on and meditated upon Luther’s catechisms over the past few decades…

Written by: Pless, John
Item #: 124490
Price $8.99

Christian Freedom: Faith Working through Love

Overview In Luther's day, the precious message of Christian freedom was readily misunderstood by those whose focus was on the things of this world rather than Christ and the cross. Luther was not a politician; he was a pastor who found real freedom in the Gospel. Christian Freedom: Faith Working…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 155184
Price $14.99

Saved By Grace - Student Book

This semester course in the High School Bible Curriculum series covers Paul's writings about salvation by grace. It has materials on Romans, Corinthians, Philippians, Thessalonians and Luther's Large Catechism. 90 sessions. The High School Religion series contains compelling Bible studies for high…

Written by: Ludwig, Garth
Item #: 222279
Price $13.49

Martin Luther's Christmas Book

…in need. Nine elegant illustrations by Luther's contemporaries—including four by noted engraver Albrecht Durer—capture timeless scenes from the Christmas story. And two of Luther's beautiful Christmas carols are included on the final pages of the book. From Augsburg Fortress Publishers.

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 177236
Price $10.99

Day by Day: 365 Devotional Readings with Martin Luther

…These daily devotions are drawn from the many volumes in the American Edition of Luther’s Works, including volumes that are newly translated into English, thus providing material from Luther never before available to English-speaking readers. A daily dose of Luther is good for the soul!

Item #: 124439
Price $15.99

Psalm by Psalm: 365 Devotional Readings with Martin Luther

…well as Luther’s writings. Through these meditations, you will gain fresh insight into Christ’s Gospel of forgiveness, life, and salvation as presented in the Psalms. Martin Luther committed the Psalms to memory and drew on them throughout his life. He was profoundly affected by his…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 124507
Price $15.99

Luther's Rhetoric

…only for understanding Luther’s rhetoric, but for appreciating the positions and strategies of Luther’s opponents. This book provides a detailed analysis of the organization, strategies, and style of Luther’s Invocavit Sermons and explores how Luther’s arguments functioned…

Written by: Leroux, Neil
Item #: 531101POD
Price $18.99

The Ten Commandments - Arch Books

…value of .5. This book was written from the perspective of the historical Christian church, and numbers the commandments as found in Luther's Small Catechism. 1. You shall have no other gods. 2. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God. 3. Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. 4.…

Written by: Miller, Claire
Item #: 591586
Price $2.99

Exploring Luther's Small Catechism ESV - Teacher Book

This course provides a comprehensive review of Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation. The Teacher Book provides answers to the Student Workbook activities and reproducible test questions with answers. The Student Book has multiple choice, true-false, and fill-in-the-blank exercises. 40 sessions.

Written by: Sauer, Robert
Item #: 223140
Price $17.49

Luther's Works, Volume 55 (Luther's Works Index)

…tool for using any book in the series. It is the capstone to a 27-year publishing project, the key to all future use and study of this literature. Included within are: * more than 9,000 names, subjects, and pieces of literature (both titles cited by Luther and titles by Luther himself)* a complete…

Written by: Lundeen, Joel W., editor
Item #: 171989
Price $34.00

Luther and His Times

…above. Enhanced by illustrations and line drawings, Luther and His Times examines the early years and development of the great reformer of the church. The author examined available primary and secondary source materials in America and Germany to prepare this unique study of Luther. Sections address…

Written by: Schwiebert, Ernest
Item #: 151164
Price $24.99

The Ecumenical Luther

…Scripture, and his theological opponents. * demonstrating respectively the application of Luther’s doctrinal hermeneutic to the three cases mentioned above * advancing Luther research by identifying Luther’s method of defining articles of faith * shedding light on Luther’s ecumenical methodology

Written by: Bucher, Richard
Item #: 531112
Price $24.99

Reading Romans with Luther

Luther taught about the Book of Romans half a millennium ago, his writings have everything to do with your life today. The grace God shows you is a gift, not something you need to earn, and Luther shows us this again and again. Organized by significant themes in Romans, Reading Romans with Luther

Written by: Grunewald, R.J.
Item #: 124491
Price $14.99

Traveling with Martin Luther

…discover the traces of Martin Luther all across Germany. Whether reading for pleasure or in preparation for a trip to the land of the Reformation, young and old will walk in the footsteps of one of the three most important people of the past millennium as determined by Life magazine. Through his…

Written by: Domer, Cornelia
Item #: 124362
Price $23.99

What Luther Says

This books contains more than 5,100 quotations on 200 subjects from the writings of Martin Luther. All quotations are alphabetically and topically arranged for quick and easy reference. The introduction explores Luther's life and writings, gives a historical perspective for this volume, and provides…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 155098
Price $54.99

Luther and World Mission

…Gospel and world mission emerges. Shaped by a critical attitude toward Luther, past scholars have misinterpreted the reformer. An honest portrait recognizes Luther's subtle but solid contribution to evangelical missiology. In Luther and World Mission, Luther emerges as a mission-minded servant of…

Written by: Oberg, Ingemar
Item #: 155051
Price $53.99

Luther's Rhetoric (ebook Edition)

…only for understanding Luther’s rhetoric, but for appreciating the positions and strategies of Luther’s opponents. This book provides a detailed analysis of the organization, strategies, and style of Luther’s Invocavit Sermons and explores how Luther’s arguments functioned…

Written by: Leroux, Neil
Item #: 531101kin

Luther the Expositor

Luther the Expositor is an introduction to Luther's writings dealing with his exegetical principles and practices, illustrated by a case study of texts on the Lord's Supper. It is an overview of Luther's theology underlining the importance of exegesis in the life and thought of the church. Also…

Written by: Pelikan, Jaraslov
Item #: 151741
Price $34.00

Luther's Faith (ebook Edition)

by grace. In so doing, he wrestles with such pressing and difficult issues as the contemporary role of the papacy, the Roman sacramental system in the light of Luther's strictures, and the prospects for meaningful Roman Catholic-Protestant dialog. The major thesis of this book is that Luther's chief…

Written by: Olivier, Daniel
Item #: 122961kin

Listening to Luther CD

…and the six catechetical hymns by Martin Luther. Also included is Luther's hymn, "Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word." A 12-page booklet explains the history of the Small Catechism and Luther's hymns, and lists complete text for all hymns. Written by Martin Luther in 1529 in question and answer…

Written by: Luther
Item #: 790003
Price $16.49

Lessons from Luther (MP3)

…for memorization purposes. Files are provided as individual tracks, and also as five .zip files that contain collection of tracks. Written by Martin Luther in 1529 in question and answer format, the Small Catechism explores Six Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine: The Ten Commandments, the Apostles’…

Item #: 790002
Price $5.49

Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms, Creed

…trinitarian teaching. Foreword by Gottfried Seebass Translated by Thomas H. Trapp Books In This Series Commentary on Luther's Catechisms, Ten Commandments Commentary on Luther's Catechisms, Creed Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms, Lord’s Prayer Commentary on Luther's Catechisms, Baptism…

Written by: Peters, Albrecht
Item #: 155092
Price $44.99

Set of Luther's Works Vol. 1-30 and Luther the Expositor

Includes "Luther the Expositor" and Volumes 1 through 30. Purchase the set and save $124.69! Get information on how to purchase and download directly from by CLICKING HERE.

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 151773
Price $869.55
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