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Divine Service Setting Three

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All Loves Excelling

These lovely hymn preludes are perfect for use as pre-service music for weddings or at any time when these hymn tunes are used. Also, some settings include optional reproducible instrumental parts for C or B-flat instruments.

Written by: Culli, Benjamin
Item #: 977320
Price $27.00

Lutheran Worship: Divine Service III, New Hymnic Setting (Pack of 50)

The liturgy of Divine Service III in Lutheran Worship set to well-known hymn tunes in a reusable service folder.

Written by: Commission on Worship
Item #: 982989
Price $7.50

Handbell Descants for the Divine Service

Add the simmer of handbells to your celebration of LW Divine Service II, Setting One or LBW Holy Communion One. Highlight the return of a refrain or accompany a soloist or choir, in all or a portion of the service.

Written by: Behnke, John
Item #: 976512POD
Price $12.00

Lutheran Service Book: Liturgy Accompaniment Edition-Psalm Tone Sheet

…card contains organ arrangements for all the psalm tones in Lutheran Service Book. The back contains organ parts for the Alleluia and Verse for Divine Service Settings Three and Four. Organists can prop up this card next to the worship folder to easily follow the service while playing the music.

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031190
Price $3.99

This Is the Feast of Victory: A Festival Setting

…else needs to be purchased. "This Is the Feast" is in Lutheran Service Book Divine Service Setting One, Lutheran Worship Divine Service II (First Setting), Evangelical Lutheran Worship Holy Communion Setting Three, Lutheran Book of Worship Holy Communion Setting One, and Christian Worship hymn 265.

Written by: Blersch, Jeffrey
Item #: 977672
Price $55.00

Hymnal Supplement '98: Instrumental Descants Edition

Reproducible. Two descants are provided for both instruments in B-flat and C, for each of 98 hymns (196 total). The melody is also scored for instruments in C (treble, alto, and bass clef), F, and B-flat.

Written by: Busarow, Donald
Item #: 976719
Price $50.00

Handbell Descants for the Divine Service


Add the simmer of handbells to your celebration of LW Divine Service II, Setting One or LBW Holy Communion One. Highlight the return of a refrain or accompany a soloist or choir, in all or a portion of the service. When you purchase downloadable handbell music, you will receive a single copy of the…

Written by: Behnke, John
Item #: 976512pdf
Price $4.50

Lutheran Service Book: Guitar Accompaniment for the Liturgy


…staff. Chords have been set to be compatible with the keyboard accompaniments. Chord analysis compiled and edited by Frederic W. Baue. Contents: * Psalm Tones * Divine Service, Setting One * Divine Service, Setting Two * Divine Service, Setting Three * Divine Service, Setting Four * Matins * Vespers…

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031196pdf
Price $59.99

Vajda Hymn Service (50)

The liturgy of Divine Service III in Lutheran Worship with texts by Jaroslav Vajda, set to well-known hymn tunes. Printed on plasticized card.

Written by: Vajda, Jaroslav
Item #: 991499
Price $7.50

Festival Setting of the Communion Liturgy (Handbells)


Handbell Score for 3+ octaves handbells. May be used as printed or in conjunction "The Festival Setting of the Communion Liturgy" (97-5939). Lutheran Service Book, Divine Service I for congregation, choral descant, brass, oboe, timpani, handbells, and organ. Variety of performance options. When you…

Written by: Hillert, Richard
Item #: 975958pdf
Price $5.75

Hymn Prelude Library: Lutheran Service Book, Vol. 3 (DE)

…voluntary, and postlude to the hymns of the service. In some cases, as introductions to the hymns these pieces can reflect the historic practice of the organist playing a prelude before the singing of the hymn. While many collections provide settings of popular tunes, the Hymn Prelude Library will…

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 977456
Price $50.00

Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God (Weber)

A setting by Jacob B. Weber of the traditional offertory for unison or two-part equal voices, keyboard (piano or organ), two violins, and optional violoncello. The offertory (Psalm 51:10-12), as found in The Lutheran Hymnal and Lutheran Service Book Divine Service, Setting Three, is given a…

Written by: Weber, Jacob
Item #: 984133
Price $2.10

Nunc Dimittis (Klemp)

Peter S. Klemp's gently rhythmic setting of a paraphrase of the Nunc Dimittis text is framed by a treatment of the traditional Nunc Dimittis from Lutheran Service Book Divine Service, Setting Three. Klemp's setting for SATB choir, piano, violin, and optional percussion (shaker and suspended cymbal)…

Written by: Klemp, Peter
Item #: 984144
Price $3.00

About the Lutheran Church Set

These three beautifully illustrated books help the reader grow in their understanding of the Lutheran church. Worshiping with the Angels and Archangels leads the worshiper through the Divine Service I, helping them understand its signficance. Ordering Our Days in His Peace presents the life and work…

Item #: 223122
Price $30.87

Final Stanzas: Hymn Settings for Organ and Descanting Instrument, Vol. 3

A collection of twenty alternate hymn harmonizations by David Maxwell, designed to be played with or without descant as the final stanza of a hymn. Parts for instrument in C and B-flat included.

Written by: Maxwell, David
Item #: 977495
Price $21.00

Assist Me to Proclaim: Alternate Hymn Settings, Vol. 2

This second volume for resources in hymn singing is spiral-bound so that it will lie flat on your organ rack, contains alternate accompaniments to hymn tunes used throughout Christendom. We've included hymn number references to Lutheran Service Book for your convenience as well.

Written by: Gerike, Henry
Item #: 977361
Price $35.00

Restore the Roar! - Resources for Lent and Easter Preaching and Worship

…‘traditional’ worship services using Divine Service and Vespers from Lutheran Service Book, we have also provided a second full set of worship services. This second set of worship services are generally more ‘contemporary’ in their setting, are less demanding musically, and…

Written by: Lessing, R.
Item #: 155179
Price $44.99

Hymnal Supplement '98: Pew Edition

…including African, Hispanic, and Caribbean tunes, canons, canticles, and new psalm tones with congregational refrains. Includes new hymn settings of the Divine Service and Evening Prayer, as well as devotional orders intended for morning, noon, and evening. Several Taizé responses and rounds…

Written by: Commission on Worship
Item #: 976686
Price $7.00

Instruments for All Seasons, Vol. III (Instrumental Parts)


A downloadable set of alternate instrument parts corresponding with Instruments for All Seasons, Vol. 3 (Order No. 97-7297). Includes parts for C instrument, high and low B-flat instrument, E-flat instrument, alto clef, and bass clef.

Written by: Culli, Benjamin
Item #: 977660pdf
Price $10.00

The Miracles of Lent CD

…WORSHIP RESOURCES Ash Wednesday Service Midweek 2 Vespers Service Midweek 3 Vespers Service Midweek 4 Vespers Service Midweek 5 Vespers Service Midweek 6 Vespers Service Holy Thursday Service Good Friday Service Easter Vigil Service Easter Sunday Divine Service ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Logos for…

Item #: 155140
Price $44.99

With High Delight (CD)

…the richness of the Divine Service and Lutheran hymnody. We encourage you to play this recording in the classroom, during family devotions, or in the car, and to sing along or just listen and enjoy these hymns and liturgical responses. This CD is also available at a discount as part of a 3 CD set.

Written by: Children's Choir of St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Ft. Wayne, IN
Item #: 991707
Price $14.95

Gods Love at Christmas: Resources for Advent-Christmas

…Christmas Eve / Christmas Day Divine Service Additional Resources Psalm 24 with Antiphon Psalm 50 with Antiphon Psalm 65 with Antiphon Psalm 85 with Antiphon Christmas Eve Introit with choral antiphon setting Christmas Day Introit with choral antiphon setting Choral and Instrumental Music Resources

Written by: Various
Item #: 155142
Price $39.99

The Old Testament Collection: Preaching Christ in the Old Testament during the Church Year

…in this resource have clearly been chosen with the general contours of the Church Year in mind, thus making them a fitting resource in the Divine Service. —Rev. Dr. Paul Grime (Professor, Dean of the Chapel, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN) High school and college instructors…

Written by: Schurb, Ken
Item #: 155096
Price $36.99

Hymnal Supplement '98: Accompaniment Edition

Provides musical accompaniments for all hymns, liturgies, and psalms. Also includes additional simplified settings for 24 hymns. Layout eliminates page turning in hymn accompaniments. Page numbering matches the pew book. Includes guitar chords for some hymns.

Written by: Commission on Worship
Item #: 976752
Price $30.00
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