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Engage: Kings DVD

Ever felt alone in a crowded room? While sitting on the side of your bed in a hotel room? While sitting in a corner, curled up into a ball? You’re not the only one. We all need healthy human companionships, meaningful relationships, and genuine friendships with other people. And when we…

Written by: Klaus, Kurt
Item #: 203492
Price $10.49

Marriage by God's Design DVD Kit

…it is based on Scripture, Marriage by God’s Design is a perfect resource for small group study, marriage renewal or retreats, and premarital counseling in your congregation. Four sessions. This kit contains: 1 Leader's Guide 10 Workbooks 4 DVDs (approx. 24 minutes each) 1 Promotional Poster

Written by: Radkey, Tim
Item #: 203850
Price $129.99

Engage: Convoy DVD

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do they happen at all? When bad things happen to us, we begin asking a lot of questions, hoping for an answer. Is there some meaning or purpose to events, especially those that are out of our control? If we believe in God, inevitably He comes into the…

Written by: Klaus, Kurt
Item #: 203493
Price $10.49

Engage: Rope DVD

Ever felt like you were at the end of your rope? What if that rope were suspended 160 feet over the Niagara River, and you were walking on it? All of us experience scary situations in which we need someone to help us, someone we can trust. But, trust comes at a price, a price so high that some…

Written by: Klaus, Kurt
Item #: 203495
Price $10.49

Engage: Rust DVD

Almost nothing is immune to its corrosive power. Left unchecked, it will eat away until nothing is left. Typically, to slow the process down, people apply layers and layers of coating until there is only a shell remaining. Guilt. What’s the best way to deal with it? What if there was a…

Written by: Klaus, Kurt
Item #: 203497
Price $10.49

Engage DVD Collection (Set of 8)

Engage in the hearts and minds of God's people through Gospel based narratives on contemporary issues. Jesus told teaching stories, or parables, about people and things familiar to His disciples. He did so to reveal deep, spiritual insights about Him. This DVD-based study series connects…

Item #: 203769
Price $83.92

Concordia Art Library: DVD Lutheran Service Book Icons

Overview Design or enhance your website, bulletins, newsletters, presentations, and more with this iconic line art. Worshipful line art is intended to inspire, enlighten, and inform readers, as well as add beauty to publications, presentations, or other church documents. One DVD with over 100…

Item #: 858001
Price $24.99

Baptism: The Journey of Life in Christ DVD

St. Paul tells us that baptism is a journey through death and burial with Christ, to a resurrection into everlasting life (Romans 6). This six session series is a wonderful opportunity to show how to live out the sacrament of baptism, seeing the comfort it gives not only for the future, but for our…

Item #: 871065
Price $79.99

The Other End of Life DVD

…Gospel Focus: Christ’s victory over death and the grave makes death a gain and makes life meaningful. "The Other End of Life" is part of the "Equipping the Saints" series of DVDs being produced by Lutherans For Life. To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit

Item #: LFL1409DVD
Price $5.00

Engage: Million DVD

It seems like our society is suffering from “truth decay.” A lot of people simply believe whatever they want. After all, truth is relative, right? Well, perhaps not. Just because someone believes that she’s a millionaire doesn’t make it so. Just how do we go about separating…

Written by: Klaus, Kurt
Item #: 203491
Price $10.49

Engage: Hose DVD

Something breaks down in your life and you have to make do with a substitute, a quick fix. Happens all the time, right? The problem is, all too often we get so used to the quick fix we never move on to a permanent solution. We become comfortable. It’s working, right? Well, sort of . . . but…

Written by: Klaus, Kurt
Item #: 203494
Price $10.49

Engage: Phone DVD

Nobody likes to receive bad news. Especially when the news is painful, when we are forced to suffer a loss. In this world, grief is a part of our human experience, and grief is everywhere. When we lose a job or a friendship, when we experience a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse, or…

Written by: Klaus, Kurt
Item #: 203496
Price $10.49

Engage: Desk DVD

What do you try to hide? Come on, admit it. There are things about ourselves and about our past we’d rather not talk about. Everybody has secrets; everyone has faults and failures. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to bear those alone? What if it were possible for someone to…

Written by: Klaus, Kurt
Item #: 203498
Price $10.49

Concordia Art Library: DVD Art Resources

Overview Design or enhance your website, bulletins, newsletters, presentations, and more with this worshipful artwork. Turn something ordinary into something inspirational, thought provoking, and beautiful in mere seconds. Images come in a style that keeps design requirements in mind. Images…

Item #: 858000
Price $24.99

Hope for Broken Hearts - The Gospel and Post-Abortion Syndrome DVD

…hope" so those who carry this burden will feel safe and welcomed. "Hope for Broken Hearts - The Gospel and Post-Abortion Syndrome" is part of the "Equipping the Saints" series of DVDs being produced by Lutherans For Life. To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit

Item #: LFL1407DVD
Price $5.00

Your Strong Suit DVD Bible Study - Additional Workbooks

…proclaim ultimate victory. Filmed before a live studio audience, this series is a partnership with Donna Pyle and Artesian Ministries. It has passed LCMS Doctrinal Review. This set includes eight (8) lessons on two (2) DVDs with one 85-page color print workbook. Purchase the DVD set to go with this.

Item #: LWML68931
Price $7.50
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