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The Lutheran Study Bible (ebook Edition)


…Kindle is a very versatile format of The Lutheran Study Bible and can be used on many electronic devices including the Kindle Reader, PC, MAC, iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7. For more information and to see samples visit Also available as an eBook (ePub)

Item #: 012030kin

Lutheran Service Book: Pew Edition (ebook Edition)


…benefits, and gives voice to the people’s thanksgiving and praise. This ebook edition of LSB provides all of the contents of the printed Pew Edition with the convenience of your tablet or ebook reader. The ebook edition provides links to each hymn in the table of contents and indexes, as well…

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031170kin

Prepare the Way of the Lord: An Introduction to the Old Testament (ebook version)


Overview “Twenty-first century scholarship offers a myriad of ways to read [these texts]. This book helps beginning students make sense of it all.” — from the PrefaceThis new isagogics textbook examines and explores each book of the Old Testament, preparing students of the Bible to read Israel’s…

Written by: Lessing, R.
Item #: 531187kin

The Second Martin (ebook Edition)


Overview An introductory biography on the late-Reformation writer Martin Chemnitz, who stood with Luther and Melanchthon as an author of the Lutheran confessions and father of Lutheran theology. This book is the first full-length biography and analysis of Chemnitz to appear in English. * Identifies…

Written by: Preus, Jacob
Item #: 533227kin

Commentary on Romans(ebook Edition)


This product is available in digital formats, click "Other Formats" above. A clear, concise commentary on Romans by Melanchthon and translated into English. Written during the confessional struggles of the Reformation, the book focuses on Roman's Gospel content and comfort. Among the most…

Written by: Kramer, Fred - Translator
Item #: 155148kin

Being Lutheran (ebook Edition)


Overview Throw out all those notions you might have about what it means to be Lutheran. When it comes down to it, being Lutheran is really very simple. It’s about following Jesus. We go where Jesus goes, we listen when Jesus speaks, we trust when Jesus promises. And we live because Jesus…

Item #: 124473kin

Hello, My Name is Single ( ebook Edition)


Overview Whether you have chosen your singleness or whether the Lord has given it to you, whether you are content with your current situation or hate it with a deep and intense loathing, whether you long for relationships that no longer are or simply remember them with a quiet joy, you feel. You…

Written by: Dorr Heins, Adriane
Item #: 124426kin

Introducción al Nuevo Testamento (Introduction to the New Testament) ebook


El método que se usa en este libro estimula al lector a prestar atención a ciertas claves para una comprensión más profunda de los pasajes bíblicos. Cada capítulo incluye una serie de preguntas o reflexiones que inducen a un estudio profundo. Sólo…

Written by: Hoerber, Robert
Item #: 166114kin

El evangelio según Juan (The Gospel According to John) ebook


Segunda edición tapa dura del comentario publicado bajo el nombre: Juan, un comentario pastoral y teológico al cuarto evangelio. El objetivo de este comentario es enfocar los temas teológicos del evangelio de Juan y aplicarlos a las vidas de los discípulos de hoy, para…

Written by: Blank, Rodolfo
Item #: 161915kin

Cómo interpretar las Escrituras (Interpreting the Holy Scriptures) (ebooks Edition)


Para los cristianos la Biblia es la autoridad máxima en materia de doctrina y vida. Y los es, sobre todo, porque en ella podemos encontrar a Cristo, la última y definitiva palabra de Dios. Los cristianos acudimos a la Biblia porque allí nos habla Dios. Es preciso que los cristianos estén precavidos…

Written by: Mayer, Herbert
Item #: 166030kin

The Calling: Live a Life of Significance (ebook Edition)


This book is designed to educate readers on one's vocation and what that means in terms of living out our life in our various and overlapping vocational arenas - family, professional, community, and congregational. Throughout the book, what the true meaning of "success" is for a Christian is…

Written by: Senske, Kurt
Item #: 124337kin

When Was Jesus Really Born? Early Christianity, the Calendar, and the Life of Jesus (ebook Edition)


About the Book When was Jesus born? When did he die and rise from the grave? What does the timing of these events have to do with Christian theology and practice for the last 2,000 years? When Was Jesus Really Born? explores the issues faced by early Christians as they sought to proclaim and…

Written by: Ware, Steven
Item #: 531203kin

A New Look at the Lutheran Confessions 1529-1537 (ebook Edition)


This book deals with Reformation theology in terms of its historical context and its relevance to the late 20th-century theological scene. A New Look at the Lutheran Confessions distinguishes and discusses the significant differences between Roman and Protestant views, particularly those differences…

Written by: Fagerberg, Holsten
Item #: 123112kin

Letters to Lutheran Pastors - Volume 1 (ebook Edition)


In this remarkable collection of letters . . . we meet . . . a historian with a breadth of learning, a theologian of thorough biblical knowledge, a churchman of wisdom, and a pastor of caring words. —from the Foreword by Ronald R. Feuerhahn Hermann Sasse begins nearly thirty years of correspondence…

Written by: Sasse, Hermann
Item #: 531186kin

Dying to Live: The Power of Forgiveness (ebook Edition)


How do simple water, bread, wine, and human words work in sinful lives to make people over into new creatures? This book provides clergy and interested laypeople with a detailed description of God's actions to form Christians in Christ's image through the Word and Sacraments. Senkbeil's…

Written by: Senkbeil, Harold
Item #: 123225kin

Incarnation: Myth or Fact? (ebook Edition)


This book summarizes Skarsuane's research on the Jews' concepts of the Messiah and whether Jesus met these expectations and whether the idea of Jesus as God incarnate emerged from the Greek setting. This study of the doctrine of incarnation demonstrates its uniqueness to the Christian faith,…

Written by: Skarsuane, Oskar
Item #: 123151kin

The Truth Will Set You Free (ebook Edition)


Racism in the Lutheran church will surprise few. The Reverend Samuel L. Hoard, tells his life story, including struggles with racism in society and the church during the civil rights era, and his successful attempt to become an LCMS pastor. Hoard traces his experiences growing up in St. Louis in the…

Written by: Hoard, Samuel
Item #: 124199kin

A Theology to Live By: The Practical Luther for the Practicing Christian (ebook Edition)


This book assumes that Luther's doctrine, however "abstract" some might consider parts of it to be, is practical in its entirety. From creation, to the fall, to the life under the cross, Preus shows that the story of salvation is knit together as one garment, so that we rejoice in the fullness of…

Written by: Preus, Herman
Item #: 124262kin

The Theology of the Cross for the 21st Century (ebook Edition)


This book is a collection of essays that explore the significance of Martin Luther's theology of the cross within the context of the various world religions and philosophies. Each contributor describes and interprets this distinctive Lutheran understanding of grace with the worldview of a major…

Written by: various authors
Item #: 124101kin

Contemporary Look at the Formula of Concord (ebook Edition)


This collection of essays examines the Formula of Concord in terms of its relevance and applicability to the church today. Writings from leading Lutheran seminary professors address the historical background of the Formula and current views on the Formula, as well as each article of the Formula.…

Written by: Preus, Robert; Rosin, Wilbert, editors
Item #: 155055kin

Lutheranism 101(ebook Edition)


Lutheranism 101 examines Lutheran beliefs and heritage in a fresh way. If you are a lifelong Lutheran searching for more information or new to Lutheranism looking to understand what we believe, this book will be your guide. It is written in an easy-to-read conversational style with short articles,…

Item #: 124357kin

Luther's Works Volume 58 (ebook Edition)


About this Volume This volume contains a selection of Luther’s preaching from between January 1539 and his death in 1546. Luther preached during these years with a special sense of urgency, seeking to make a final confession and testament of his teaching and to issue a public rejection of its…

Item #: 155158kin

Genes, Genesis and Evolution (ebook Edition)


The American Library Association awarded this book its annual award in the area of "Outstanding Religious Books" for its lucid presentation and engagement with the fundamental tenets of Darwinism. Dr. John Klotz was a well-known biologist who was passionate about helping the Church engage…

Item #: 122637kin

Joyfully Aging: A Christian’s Guide (ebook Edition)


Overview In Joyfully Aging, readers gain insight on the limitless opportunities to witness their faith to others and live vibrant, grace-filled lives. Be encouraged to celebrate the blessing of aging and the gift of life. "If there is one thing we are all doing together in this life, it’s…

Written by: Bimler, Richard
Item #: 124408kin
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