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The Messengers: Discovered


…storytelling voice is compelling and consistent—a magical combination not easily achieved in first novels—and her venture into dystopian fiction serves only to make clear the certain and enduring reality of Christ and His church. If The Messengers: Discovered is any indication, then this…

Item #: 562518kin

Ballistic Bugs - Willie Plummet


Thirteen-year-old Willie develops his own “insect attractor” to catch a prize-winning locust for the Glenfield Bug-Off contest. His plan isn’t the only thing with a few bugs. When Willie stores his concoction in an old shampoo bottle, the results are hair-raising. Read along as…

Written by: Buchanan, Paul
Item #: 561868kin

Battle of the Bands - Willie Plummet


To win a local Battle of the Bands contest, 13-year-old Willie persuades Carl Montana, a great guitar player, to join his band, The Screaming Idiots. But Carl has a few conditions that jump-start a chain reaction of crazy mix-ups. Can Willie and his friends straighten everything out in time? Read…

Written by: Buchanan, Paul
Item #: 561870kin

Invasion from Planet X - Willie Plummet


Reports of UFOs in 13-year-old Willie’s hometown begin to appear on TV! Are they real? The Air Force sure thinks so. It is setting up a command center at a nearby air base. Eighth-grader Willie Plummet and his friends are sure surprised when they realize there’s been a big…

Written by: Buchanan, Paul
Item #: 561865kin

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better - Willie Plummet


Thirteen-year-old Willie meets his match when a new kid comes to his school. He’s great at everything he does, he makes great inventions, and he’s popular. Even Willie’s friends are beginning to like him a lot…actually, too much! Willie challenges the new boy to a contest,…

Written by: Buchanan, Paul
Item #: 561867kin

Submarine Sandwiched - Willie Plummet


Overview Thirteen-year-old Willie and his friend Felix invent a model submarine with a video camera to find where the big fish are in Lunker Lake. Instead they make a surprise discovery that puts them in a lot of trouble. Willie tries to do the right thing, but will he be able to outsmart some…

Written by: Buchanan, Paul
Item #: 561866kin

Living on Nothing Atoll - Aloha Cove


Overview "My life has turned into a living, breathing nightmare!" Sixteen-year-old Cass Devane's life feels like a plot out of some bad movie and she's ready for it to end! Her life had been so perfect before Steve Spencer and her mother fell in love. Now her mom was getting married and they were…

Written by: Kelly, Theresa
Item #: 561946kin

Tomorrow I'll Miss You - Aloha Cove


Sixteen-year-old Cass Devan and her stepsister, Tabitha, have settled into their year at school. Cass is dating Logan and Tabitha is dating Micah. But letters in the mail soon change everything. Tabitha receives letters from her mother, who has not been in contact with her since she deserted Tabitha…

Written by: Kelly, Theresa
Item #: 561948kin

House of Living Stones


…Fletcher, and the whole Zion Lutheran gang.” Gretchen Roberts Digital marketer, pastor's wife, nearly lifelong Lutheran, avid reader of fiction, Anne of Green Gables fan About the Author Honest, sincere, and lyrical, Katie Schuermann's writing reflects her Midwestern roots and her interest…

Written by: Schuermann, Katie
Item #: 124465kin

College 101: A Christian Survival Guide


Overview College 101 is filled with practical advice on how Christian students can be preparing for the challenges of life on campus. Developed by college students, the words of advice and counsel are genuine, honest, and insightful. Based on the authors' personal experience as students, friends,…

Item #: 124468kin

College 101: Campus Life for Christians


Overview College 101 is filled with practical advice on preparing for life on campus. Because this book was developed by college students, its words of advice and counsel sound genuine to the reader. Developed from their personal experiences, the writings provide a perspective that no other can.…

Item #: 124352kin

The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers


Overview Have you ever finished reading a Bible passage, only to be left scratching your head and wondering why no study notes, devotionals, or commentaries answer your questions? The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers is an easy-to-follow Q&A handbook with vast insight into the…

Written by: Eschelbach, Michael
Item #: 124458kin
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