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Good Grief 50th Anniversary Edition

…Working through the grief process is a natural and vital reaction to loss and change. In Good Grief, one of the best-known resource for dealing with loss, Granger E. Westberg uses gentle wisdom and acute insight into human nature to guide readers through the ten stages of grief: shock, emotion,…

Written by: Westberg, Granger
Item #: 177428
Price $5.99

Real Deal: Package Deal

Family Issues This study deals with the many family-related issues that young people face ­ parents, divorce, getting along, abuse, blended families, grief/loss, codependency, marriage, blame, teen pregnancy, money, and mentors/models. Teens want real answers to hard questions, answers found in…

Item #: 203535
Price $14.99

God, I Need to Talk to You about Feeling Sad

Child-friendly text and entertaining illustrations help children think about a behavior they encounter in daily life and pray about it. Each book points out the Good News of God's love and forgiveness, while the supporting Scripture verses emphasizes the point of each story helping children to apply…

Written by: Leigh, Susan
Item #: 562497
Price $1.49

The Problem of Suffering: A Father's Hope

The Problem of Suffering is a superb resource to share and to use with anyone suffering any form of loss. It is honest, straightforward, expressive, evocative of much reflection and insight, and linked closely to the suffering Savior. Author Gregory Schulz speaks as a Christian father, sharing the…

Written by: Schulz, Gregory
Item #: 124371
Price $15.99

Engage: Phone DVD

Nobody likes to receive bad news. Especially when the news is painful, when we are forced to suffer a loss. In this world, grief is a part of our human experience, and grief is everywhere. When we lose a job or a friendship, when we experience a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse, or…

Written by: Klaus, Kurt
Item #: 203496
Price $10.49

What Happened When Grandma Died

This tender, yet straightforward story helps parents explain to children what happens when God calls a loved one home to heaven. Gentle language and beautiful illustrations helps children find comfort and answers in God's promise of eternal life through Jesus.

Written by: Barker, Peggy
Item #: 561458
Price $10.99

When Someone Dies: Find Comfort in Jesus

…feel sad. But when someone we loved has died, we feel more than sadness. We feel grief. This gentle book suggests ways to understand and cope with grief. Respectful and honest, this book does not diminish feelings of grief in whatever form it takes. Instead, it encourages the reader to find comfort…

Written by: Stiegemeyer, Julie
Item #: 562471
Price $14.99

The Burden Made Light

This book contains meditations on God's Word and prayers for those suffering from illness or confined to their homes due to some condition causing suffering in body and soul. These deeply Christ-centered devotions offer encouragement, hope and peace, in Christ our Savior. It is an ideal resource to…

Written by: Doeffler, Alfred
Item #: PD0042
Price $17.99

A Mother's Search for Meaning: The Dance Goes On

A biography about the gift of life. When their son was born with a rare chromosome abnormality, the Bandy family chose to cherish every day of his life. This is the true story of a remarkable young man whose life taught a profound lesson about love and faith. Readers who are searching for meaning…

Written by: Bandy, Roberta
Item #: 124340
Price $9.99

Where Is God Now?

Overview Where is God Now? features 60 hope-inspired devotions written especially for those who are suffering after tragic events. This pocket-sized devotional reminds us of God's promises through comforting prayers, hymns, and Scripture. Additional features include helpful resources for those in…

Written by: Various
Item #: 513004
Price $2.60

Masters Touch: Living with Grief (Downloadable)

Each Master's Touch Bible study deals with an event or situation that has shaken the author’s life and perhaps yours. Guided by the Holy Spirit, you and other group members will discover what God’s Word has to say about these important issues. 6 Sessions: * Facing Your Loss * The Cry of Pain * The…

Written by: Carter, Stephen
Item #: 204051
Price $32.00

Comfort for Christians

In Comfort for Christians, you will learn how through His Word God comforts you, builds you up, and equips you to reach out to others, who are lost, lonely, troubled, or grieving. About This Series The Insight Series consists of short 4-session adult Bible studies with life-application suggestions.…

Written by: Sonnenberg, Roger
Item #: 203726
Price $5.99

Living with Dying: Blessings and Prayers for Those Who Grieve

Overview The grief you know through the loss of a loved one may be the mostdisruptive experience in your life. No one is immune to loss, grief, andthe moments of doubt, fear, questioning, and anger that can accompanythe loss of a loved one. The uncertainty and fear at the approach of one’s own…

Item #: 124394
Price $5.99

Understanding Loss - Student Magazine

Give young people insight from a Law/Gospel perspective to help them better understand and prepare to deal with issues relating to divorce, death, and brokenness that touches their lives and the lives of their peers. This study includes four sessions and is presented in a four-color magazine style…

Written by: Czaplewski, Daniel
Item #: 222878
Sale price $2.00

At the Death of a Child

Overview This booklet addresses the emotional, physical and spiritual anguish bereaved parents experience and communicates the hope found in the Gospel, providing encouragement, comfort, and prayers for a painful time. Reminders of Baptism's promises are shared in an honest, biblical way.

Written by: Deffner, Donald
Item #: 142029
Price $3.99

Heaven Is a Wonderful Place

Children often have questions about life and death. This helpful book provides answers in terms children can comfortably understand as it explains God's role and His promise of eternal life as revealed in the Bible. An excellent resource when children deal with death for the first time. Formerly…

Written by: Marxhausen, Joanne
Item #: 562292
Price $10.99

What to Say (ebook Edition)

…contains specific phrases, along with explanations and training exercises, that can be expressed to people who are experiencing grief of various kinds: loss of a loved one, loss of job, and a major life crisis. Perfect for pastors and those who work with people experiencing various types of grief.

Written by: Ebeling, Carol
Item #: 124118kin

Christian Concepts for Care

Overview The first aspect of this guide is a resource that provides a basic understanding of mental health from both psychological and spiritual perspectives. It offers readers a deep understanding of the value of both perspectives and shows how they work together for the care of souls. Also…

Written by: Ludwig, David
Item #: 155210
Price $26.99

Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs

Text from Isaiah 53:4. Karl Graun was a contemporary of Bach. His Tod Jesus (Death of Jesus) became so popular that it caused Bach's Passion According to Matthew to be forgotten for a century. Accompaniment is provided for rehearsal. Edited by Walter Buszin.

Written by: Graun, Carl
Item #: 981171POD
Price $11.00

Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs

A cappella singing at its best! A superior vocal presentation of this traditional Good Friday text. Harmonic tone painting of specific words occurs throughout in this gently moving homophonic piece. SATB; Easy-medium difficulty.

Written by: Sadowski, Kevin
Item #: 983650
Price $1.10

Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs

This Lenten text from Isaiah 53: 4,5,6 is scored for women's voices (SA) and organ by Healey Willan; is also from the Epistle and Introit for Good Friday.

Item #: 981769POD
Price $10.00

Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs - Downloadable

This Lenten text from Isaiah 53: 4,5,6 is scored for women's voices (SA) and organ by Healey Willan; is also from the Epistle and Introit for Good Friday.

Item #: 981769pdf
Price $1.50

Living with Dying: Blessings and Prayers for Those Who Grieve (ebook Edition)

Overview The grief you know through the loss of a loved one may be the most disruptive experience in your life. No one is immune to loss, grief, and the moments of doubt, fear, questioning, and anger that can accompany the loss of a loved one. The uncertainty and fear at the approach of one’s…

Item #: 124394kin

What about Death and Dying? - Tract (pack of 25)

…This tract "is intended to help you, or someone you know, face death and understand what death is, and how Christians face death and deal with grief." It look at topics such as * What is death? * Is Death Natural? * Why must Christians die? * What is the Christian's response to death and dying?…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101715
Price $4.99
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