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Genesis and the Mystery Confucius Couldn't Solve

This book analyzes the oldest Chinese ideographs (word pictures carved in bronze and bone) to reveal that ancient Chinese history includes biblical events from creation to the flood. It presents the fact that the ancient Chinese worshiped the Triune God. Also available as an eBook (ePub)

Written by: Nelson, Ethel
Item #: 123216
Price $14.99

Zion on the Mississippi: The Settlement of the Saxon Lutherans in Missouri, 1839-1841

…Author Walter O. Forster received a bachelor's degree from Concordia Seminary and a doctorate in history from Washington University, both in St. Louis, Mo. He served as professor and chair of the history, government, and philosophy department at Purdue University. His work on Zion on the Mississippi…

Written by: Forster, Walter
Item #: 123143
Price $38.99

Walther's Hymnal: Church Hymnbook for Evangelical Lutheran Congregations of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession

…way that Lutheran Service Book provides a common experience today. Now presented for the first time in English, this is an invaluable resource for history enthusiasts, church musicians, and anyone who wants insight into how our forefathers sang and prayed. This is a chance to share in that song and…

Written by: Carver, Matthew
Item #: 531200
Price $39.99

Luther's Works, Volume 32 (Career of the Reformer II)

…he said and wrote was attacked by leaders of the Roman Church and the Holy Roman Empire. Though friends and enemies sought to deflect him from his purpose, he remained steadfast so that what took place at the Diet of Worms has a become a watershed in the history of Christendom. from Fortress Press

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 171966
Price $34.00

2 Samuel-Concordia Commentary

…of its message, both in its original setting in ancient Israel and for the church today* Provides extensive background information about the history, chronology, geography, archaeology, and culture that is needed to understand this biblical book.* Features the best textual readings, discerned…

Written by: Steinmann, Andrew
Item #: 156079
Price $54.99

Church History: The Basics

…Church in History explorers were given the content of the six volumes in one book, featuring fresh content that moved into the twenty-first century. Church History: The Basics offers a smaller abridged version that’s widely accessible to anyone looking for an entry into Church history studies.…

Item #: 124480
Price $19.99

The Church from Age to Age: A History from Galilee to Global Christianity

…served as a council member for the American Society of Church History. * Walter Oetting † (MA) served as professor of Church history at Concordia Seminary. He died young, just after completing his book for the Church in History series, which was reissued in 1992 due to its continuing interest…

Written by: Engelbrecht, Edward A - General Editor
Item #: 124370
Price $38.99

Introduction to History of Christianity with CD-ROM

…sixty specialists from ten countries, this volume tells the dramatic, intriguing, and often surprising story of Christianity’s 2000-year history. Its 25 chapters are illuminated by more than 400 photographs and 30 maps, charts, and diagrams. Enhanced with dozens of short special-feature…

Written by: Dowley, Tim, editor
Item #: 177367
Price $45.00

From Abraham to Paul: A Biblical Chronology

…this. We should be grateful, because God made history and history matters. Apart from the conviction that our faith is a historical faith, we are left only to cast about. But, when we are fully persuaded that sacred history meshes with the history in which we live and move and have our being, that…

Written by: Steinmann, Andrew
Item #: 531185
Price $81.99

History of Theology - Fourth Revised Edition

This book traces the movements and counter-movements of theological thought through the centuries from the New Testament to the present. This work is divided in three parts:* Part 1 addresses the age of the church fathers * Part 2 covers the Middle Ages from Augustine to Luther * Part 3 moves from…

Written by: Hagglund, Bengt
Item #: 155100
Price $38.99

Church History: The Basics


…Church in History explorers were given the content of the six volumes in one book, featuring fresh content that moved into the twenty-first century. Church History: The Basics offers a smaller abridged version that’s widely accessible to anyone looking for an entry into Church history studies.…

Item #: 124480kin

Inside the Reformation

…was school like? The Ideas & Events Learn about amazing inventions and ideas that helped shape the world as we know it today * How could Martin Luther's writings change the history of the world? * What inventions helped make the Reformation possible? * What events changed the course of history?

Item #: 124392
Price $16.99

How the Church Grew Student Guide (Revised)

In studying the history of the Christian church, students learn about and appreciate God's abundant grace to His people. The easy-to-use format encourages students in their emerging understanding of God's love and grace to His church from Pentecost to the present day. The seventeen-lesson Student…

Item #: 223029
Price $13.49

Thine is the Kingdom: Old Testament History


…historical facts, explanations of causes, and lessons we need to learn from history. But the central fact that causes us to study the Old Testament is that it prophesies and prepares the way for Jesus Christ to be born in history for our salvation—the Word become flesh for us. This 9-session…

Written by: Engelbrecht, Edward
Item #: 204200pdf
Price $32.00

Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms: Confession and Christian Life

…study of Luther’s catechetical writings places Luther’s catechisms in the full context of his broader theology and writings, as well as within the history of Christian catechesis and theology. It is an essential handbook for students of Luther and the Reformation and a valuable resource for those…

Written by: Peters, Albrecht
Item #: 155095
Price $44.99

The Old Testament Collection: Preaching Christ in the Old Testament during the Church Year

…Old Testament history and theology will here find a unique resource for course organization and design along with effective tools for use in classroom presentations. Moving in historical sequence rich in contemporary applications, Dr. Schurb puts a fresh face on Old Testament history while providing…

Written by: Schurb, Ken
Item #: 155096
Price $36.99

Lutheran Worship, History and Practice

This companion volume to Lutheran Worship examines the roots of Lutheran worship practices. It studies present corporate worship practices and contemplates future developments. This volume is excellent for any church library.

Written by: Precht, Fred
Item #: 531015
Price $29.99

Concordia's Bible History Workbook

For use with the comprehensive Bible overview, Concordia's Bible History, this student workbook provides questions and activities to help students understand the Law and Gospel application of Bible stories.

Item #: 223165
Sale price $11.99

A Century of Grace

A Century of Grace - A History of the Missouri Synod 1847-1947 This volume was produced by the Missouri Synod for its100th anniversary and offers an overview of the history of the founding and development of the LCMS. It aims to acquaint the reader with the origins of the faith, life and…

Written by: Baepler, Walter
Item #: PD0050
Price $26.99

Testing the Boundaries to Lutheran Identity - Second Edition

…a new chapter on how the Confessions are interpreted and applied and a timeline of American Lutheranism. This book explains and interprets the history of Lutheran confession in America during the past two centuries and explores how Lutherans have grappled with the theological heritage of their…

Written by: Arand, Charles
Item #: 155185
Price $41.99

Survey of Covenant History

Overview This book covers the history of God's chosen people as revealed in the Old Testament and how they responded in faith to the covenant God had made with them. Drawing on conservative principles of biblical interpretation, the author includes an in-depth book-by-book overview of the Old…

Written by: Roehrs, Walter
Item #: 531020POD
Price $19.99

Concordia's Bible History Teacher Book

For use with the comprehensive Bible overview, Concordia's Bible History and its accompanying student workbook, this teacher book includes answers to the student workbook questions, reproducible tests, and answers for each unit's discussion questions.

Item #: 223163
Sale price $16.99

How to Read the Bible with Understanding

…of Biblical interpretation * Guides for interpreting different kinds of Scripture * History of early Biblical manuscripts * Insight and checklist for teaching a Bible study * A Biblical chronology and a history of Biblical interpretation Endorsements "Burgland’s little volume has proven to…

Written by: Burgland, Lane
Item #: 223143
Price $14.99

Concordia's Bible History Student Book

…Small Catechism are just a few of the features found in this collection. Concordia's Bible History is divided into seven Old Testament periods and five New Testament periods. Old Testament * Primeval History * The Patriarchs * Moses and Joshua * The Time of the Judges * The First Three Kings * From…

Item #: 223164
Sale price $21.99
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