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If God Himself Be For Me

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Thirty-Three Hymn Descants and Melodies for Reformation

…in both C and B-flat. While the descants were written to be idiomatic for trumpet, they may be played by other instruments. The descants and melodies correspond to the keys and harmonizations found in Lutheran Service Book: Accompaniment for the Hymns (Order No. 03-1173), and the keyboardist should…

Written by: Patricia D. Backhaus
Item #: 977739
Price $50.00

Twenty-Four Hymn Introductions for Reformation

Another large set of hymn introductions from John Eggert, this time focused on hymns with Reformation themes. Not just for Reformation Day, these introductions span the Church Year, including Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Pentecost. Use these settings to encourage meaningful and wholehearted…

Written by: John Eggert
Item #: 977737
Price $26.00

Twenty-Seven Hymn Harmonizations for Reformation

…of Martin Luther with its emphasis on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for our salvation. These harmonizations are designed to highlight certain aspects of the texts. Not strictly for Reformation Day, they span the Church Year, including hymn tunes typically used during Advent,…

Written by: Henry V. Gerike
Item #: 977741
Price $26.00

Hymnal Companion for Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion: Lent, Easter

Innovative hymn accompaniments for instruments. Parts for melody, harmony, and a descant are provided in the ranges most appropriate for each instrument. Includes transpositions for instruments in the key of C, B-flat, E-flat, and F, plus parts for percussion.

Written by: Rose, Richard
Item #: 976714
Price $25.00

Hymns of Faith CD

…Want 18. Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us 19. If God Himself Be for Me 20. O God, our Help in Ages Past 21. If Thou But Trust in God to Guide Thee 22. Take My Life and Let it Be 23. Lord Jesus Christ, the Children's Friend 24. Stay With Us 25. God Himself is Present This CD is sure to become a family…

Item #: 790005
Price $14.49

Hymn Tune Innovations: Eight Easy Chorale Preludes for All Seasons, Set 3

Eight accessible hymn preludes useful throughout the Church Year. The Hymn Tune Innovations series features the inventive and thoughtful organ compositions of Benjamin M. Culli. Highlights in this set include a playful setting of “O Sing to the Lord,” a syncopated “All Depends on…

Written by: Benjamin M. Culli
Item #: 977784
Price $22.00

Hymns of Comfort and Peace (CD)

…the Good Shepherd Institute of Pastoral Theology and Sacred Music has received requests for a resource that could be given to those in need, a resource that would continue preaching the Gospel carried by God's very good gift of music—even after the pastor leaves. Hymns of Comfort and Peace is…

Written by: Good Shepherd Institute
Item #: 992263
Price $9.99

Five Chorale Motets

…five new motets for SATB choir a cappella based on classic Lutheran chorales. Written in a restrained contrapuntal style that is reminiscent of the 16th and 17th centuries, these choral gems exemplify the appealing harmonic language of Schalk. The five independent motets may be used throughout the…

Written by: Schalk, Carl
Item #: 984147
Price $4.75

Sing with All the Saints (CD)

…of hymns reflects the joyful task we as Christians are privileged to undertake: joining our voices with saints on earth and in heaven to proclaim God's Word through music. This CD features also some of the newer hymnody from Lutheran Service Book. This CD is also available at a discount as part of…

Written by: Children's Choir of St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Ft. Wayne, IN
Item #: 992254
Price $14.95

Heirs of the Reformation (CD)

…powerful texts and moving musical settings are sure to provide something meaningful for every heir of the Reformation. 4 CDs. 45 tracks. Total Time: 3 hrs, 47 mins. Product Review “Heirs of the Reformation is nothing if not ambitious. Over forty chorales (dating from the time of Luther to German…

Item #: 992258
Sale price $39.99

The Church Choir Book

…32 hymns, chorales, anthems, and motets for the entire church year. It includes music in a variety of styles by composers from the 16th to the 20th century. The main features of this collection make it ideal for the average choir. All selections may be sung a cappella or with light background…

Written by: Thomas, Paul
Item #: 976320
Price $12.50

Song of the Gospel, Vol. 2

This anthology of organ preludes is based on the tunes historically and presently associated with the hymn texts of Paul Gerhardt. Historic and modern-day composers are represented throughout the volume.

Written by: Gerike, Henry
Item #: 977200
Price $45.00

Hymn Prelude Library: Lutheran Service Book, Vol. 5 (HI)

…accessible and able to be learned in a relatively short period of time. The new LSB Hymn Prelude Library provides organists with just that. But, not just for selected hymn tunes - for every hymn tune in Lutheran Service Book. For these reasons the Hymn Prelude Library will be a very useful and…

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 977458
Price $50.00

We Praise Thee, Part I

Contains material for the entire church year and many compositions of a general nature. Designed to meet the need of junior and children's choirs.

Written by: Willan, Healey
Item #: 977564
Price $10.00

Concordia Pulpit Resources - Sep Pt 4

…and seasonal sermon series for Advent and Lent. The Sunday themes of the sermon studies follow the liturgical calendar. This is volume 25, part 4, Pentecost 15 through the Last Sunday, Series B. From the Editor All God’s eggs in one basket. Everything God himself can muster. Every divine…

Item #: 131448
Price $29.99

The Messengers: Concealed

…and a welcome release for all those who have joined The Darkness.” —Timothy Koch, Pastor, Concordia and Immanuel Lutheran Churches of Cresbard and Wecota, South Dakota. Reviewer at ( “If you loved The Messengers: Discovered you won't be disappointed! Lisa Clark…

Written by: Clark, Lisa
Item #: 562527
Price $12.99

Sinners and Saints - Downloadable


…of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. Session 1: If I'm a Saint, What's Wrong with Me? Session 2: Why Don't I Succeed in Saintliness? Session 3: If I'm Both, Which One Is Winning? Session 4: Thank God That He's God! About the Series The Insight Series consists of short four-session…

Written by: Kapfer, Richard
Item #: 203728pdf
Price $20.00

Sinners and Saints

…Learn what God is saying about Himself, about you, and about His Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ. These insights will help you as you go about your disciple's task of living in the Word and will equip you for a more fruitful study of Scripture. Session 1: If I'm a Saint, What's Wrong with Me?

Written by: Kapfer, Richard
Item #: 203728
Price $5.99

The Messengers: Concealed (ebook edition)


…and a welcome release for all those who have joined The Darkness.” —Timothy Koch, Pastor, Concordia and Immanuel Lutheran Churches of Cresbard and Wecota, South Dakota. Reviewer at ( “If you loved The Messengers: Discovered you won't be disappointed! Lisa Clark…

Written by: Clark, Lisa
Item #: 562527kin
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