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Genesis and the Mystery Confucius Couldn't Solve


This book analyzes the oldest Chinese ideographs (word pictures carved in bronze and bone) to reveal that ancient Chinese history includes biblical events from creation to the flood. It presents the fact that the ancient Chinese worshiped the Triune God.

Written by: Nelson, Ethel
Item #: 123216kin

Being Lutheran


…"Pastor Sutton treats not only Lutheran beliefs, but he also treats the attitudes and mindsets that those beliefs inform. Thus, he divides his book into two parts: what Lutherans challenge (being closed, lukewarm, confused, lazy, and 'pastel'), followed by what Lutherans cherish (the new, the…

Item #: 124473kin

Preaching is Worship: The Sermon in Context


…contexts: theological, literary, historical, personal, cultural, pastoral, and liturgical. The last of these is the primary focus of this book. This book provides essays that will help professors prepare students for preaching in the context of the Church Year, Divine Service, and parish concerns,…

Written by: Various Authors
Item #: 531190kin

The Great Works of God Part One and Two: The Mysteries of Christ in The Book of Genesis, Chapter 1-15


…translator's preface). The Great Works of God Parts One and Two: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 1-15 The Great Works of God Parts Three and Four: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 16-50 What Others Are Saying In our day so starved for a religion of…

Written by: Herberger, Valerius
Item #: 531178kin

The Oracles of God


…church. He argues that the canon was originally a collection of holy and authoritative books in the Persian period and was formed and standardized over the course of the centuries. This book provides a thorough introduction to the history of the Old Testament canon and a solid contribution…

Written by: Steinmann, Andrew
Item #: 531041kin

Confessing the Faith


This book explores the implications of the fact that Lutherans have always viewed themselves as "confessional"—and thus "confessing." The bold confessions serve as a model and an inspiration for all contemporary Christians who likewise want to proclaim the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.…

Written by: Kolb, Robert
Item #: 123160kin

Christian Faith


In this book, the author presents the basic teachings of the Christian faith from the Lutheran framework. This framework presents all the articles of faith in accordance with the Scriptures and also correctly distinguishes between Law and Gospel. Chapters focus on * God * Creator and creation *…

Written by: Kolb, Robert
Item #: 123190kin

What Does This Mean?


Overview What Does This Mean? is a basic hermeneutics textbook for Christians, especially those of the Lutheran tradition. It discusses textual criticism, semantics, pragmatics, and application of biblical texts to postmodern contexts. The areas of language, thought, reality, and more are also…

Written by: Voelz, James
Item #: 123333kin

The Fabricated Luther


More than six decades ago, thousands of Germans were put to death for their attempt to overthrow the National Socialist tyranny. Most of them were Christian; some Roman Catholic, and some Lutheran. The most famous among the latter group were Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Carl Friedrich Goerdeler. This…

Written by: Siemon-Netto, Uwe
Item #: 531136kin

The Protestant Reformation: Major Documents


This book consists of a series of statements from men and women dating between 1501 to 1559. These statements illustrate the ideas, beliefs, and sometimes the fates, of the people who had come to share a profound discontent with the church as it then existed and a positive determination to change…

Written by: Spitz, Lewis W, editor
Item #: 123342kin

A New Look at the Lutheran Confessions 1529-1537


This book deals with Reformation theology in terms of its historical context and its relevance to the late 20th-century theological scene. A New Look at the Lutheran Confessions distinguishes and discusses the significant differences between Roman and Protestant views, particularly those differences…

Written by: Fagerberg, Holsten
Item #: 123112kin

A Theology to Live By: The Practical Luther for the Practicing Christian


This book assumes that Luther's doctrine, however "abstract" some might consider parts of it to be, is practical in its entirety. From creation, to the fall, to the life under the cross, Preus shows that the story of salvation is knit together as one garment, so that we rejoice in the fullness of…

Written by: Preus, Herman
Item #: 124262kin

The Conservative Reformation & Its Theology


Overview History everywhere, included America in the 1800s, proves that the debate over preserving confessional Lutheranism is anything but new. The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology gives you a picture of the definitive nineteenth-century statement of confessional Lutheranism as researched…

Written by: Krauth, Charles
Item #: 155079kin

The Flood


…these troublesome questions -- and many more -- the author submits satisfactory solutions. From archaeology, excavations, honest historical research, Dr. Rehwinkel proves the inspired Word of God to be an absolute reliable source book -- also in dealing with natural phenomena and scientific facts.

Written by: Rehwinkel, Alfred
Item #: 122103kin

Getting into the Formula of Concord


…years after Luther's death, terrible dissension and doctrinal unrest tore at the Lutheran churches. The Formula of Concord provided unity and concord on the solid base of Holy Scripture. This book arrangement, with its appended set of questions, is ideal for individual readers and group discussions.

Item #: 122646kin

The Lutheran Difference - Reformation Anniversary Edition


…differ. Such information will prepare Lutherans to share their faith clearly, and it will help non-Lutherans understand the Lutheran difference. This book was written entirely for the lay person but may also serve well as a high school or college religion class text. This resource would be handy for…

Written by: Engelbrecht, Edward
Item #: 124443kin

5 Things You Can Do to Live a Jesus-Centered Life


…and shaped by God’s Word. Written in a clear and encouraging style, each of these topical books gives Christians achievable goals for strengthening their faith and relationships. Each book features a consistent presentation of a topic in five parts with each part consisting of a presentation,…

Written by: Curtis, H.
Item #: 155208kin

How to Share Christ Confidently


In too many instances, trying to witness becomes frustrating and an uncomfortable experience. How to Share Christ Confidently offers effective tips and techniques to help you boldly and confidently share the Gospel message.Each chapter concludes with exercises designed to confront and overcome fear,…

Written by: Rudnick, Milton
Item #: 142152kin

Reasonable Ethics


How do core religious convictions relate to political and cultural conservatism? How should faith affect public life? Robert Benne explores how adhering to Lutheran theology and ethics may lead to conservative convictions in political, cultural, economic, and churchly matters in this collection of…

Written by: Benne, Robert
Item #: 124192kin

Lutheran Service Book: Pew Edition


Overview Lutheran Service Book: Pew Edition is a hymnal with a rich compilation of Christ-centered services, psalms, hymns, and prayers to nourish the faithful week after week for generations to come. It builds on the riches of the liturgical and hymnic heritage that we, as Lutherans, have received…

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031170kin

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, Second Edition (Pocket Edition)


…texts of the Book of Concord, plus three appendixes of historic Lutheran writings, a "Book of Concord Reading Guide," a Scripture index, and a subject index. "The Book of Concord should be in every Lutheran home. If a person isn't familiar with this book, he'll think, 'That old book is just for…

Item #: 531167kin

To Live with Christ


The devotional writings of noted Swedish pastor, bishop, and author Bo Giertz offer what foreword writer John Pless calls "sturdy confessional Lutheranism with warm piety born of confidence in the Gospel." To Live With Christ translates a collection of Giertz's classic devotions for those who want…

Written by: Giertz, Bo
Item #: 124305kin

5 Things You Can Do to Appreciate Science and Love the Bible


…formed and shaped by God’s Word. Written in a clear and encouraging style, each of these topical books gives Christians achievable goals for strengthening their faith and relationships. Each book features a consistent presentation of a topic in five parts with each part consisting of a presentation,…

Written by: St-Onge, Charles
Item #: 155206kin

A Year with the Church Fathers: Meditations for Each Day of the Church Year


Drawn from the themes of Scripture itself, these devotions consider the salvation plan of God fulfilled in Jesus and carried to the world through the Church. The in-depth, thought-provoking content offers rich insight into Scripture and the Christian life and encouragement in the faith. Along the…

Item #: 124366kin
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