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Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, Second Edition (Pocket Edition)


…Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is what the Book of Concord is all about. This edition of the Lutheran Confessions will instruct, inspire and educate all who use it and help them learn what it means to be, and to remain, a genuinely confessing Lutheran Christian. Also available as an eBook (ePub)

Item #: 531167kin

Visitation (ebook Version)


Overview Visitation is carefully designed to put immediately useful resources into the glove compartment, briefcase, or pocket of healthcare workers, deaconesses, pastors, and all those who visit distressed, sick, and suffering Christians. Features: * Devotions based on selected psalms. * Devotions…

Item #: 155097kin

Commonplaces: Loci Communes 1521 (ebook version)


Overview This is arguably Philip Melanchthon's most important work. Anyone interested in the history of the Lutheran Reformation will find that this book, the first Lutheran work of "systematic theology," is presented in a very lively, accessible English translation, with extensive, helpful…

Written by: Melanchthon, Philip
Item #: 155211kin

Carl F. Schalk: A Life in Song (ebook Version)


With his lively wit and frank, engaging manner, Carl Schalk is the leading voice of our generation on the subject of Lutheran church music. Author Nancy M. Raabe weaves Schalk's career, his musical compositions, and numerous interviews with Schalk himself into a compelling narrative that features…

Written by: Raabe, Nancy
Item #: 992276kin

From Abraham to Paul: A Biblical Chronology (ebook Version)


FROM THE FOREWORD: Enter Andrew E. Steinmann’s From Abraham to Paul. It is a book which should have been written decades ago. Here’s why. Steinmann not only assumes—quite rightly—that history matters, but he also shows two things about biblical history. First, he shows that in many cases with a…

Written by: Steinmann, Andrew
Item #: 531185kin

Prepare the Way of the Lord: An Introduction to the Old Testament (ebook version)


Overview “Twenty-first century scholarship offers a myriad of ways to read [these texts]. This book helps beginning students make sense of it all.” — from the PrefaceThis new isagogics textbook examines and explores each book of the Old Testament, preparing students of the Bible to read Israel’s…

Written by: Lessing, R.
Item #: 531187kin

Letters to Lutheran Pastors - Volume 2 (ebook version)


Overview For nearly thirty years, Hermann Sasse corresponded with Lutheran pastors in Australia, the United States, and around the world on topics as varied as the nature of the Sacraments or of the Church, as well as ecumenical issues. Each letter in Letters to Lutheran Pastors - Volume 2 reflects…

Written by: Sasse, Hermann
Item #: 531201kin

Incarnation: Myth or Fact?


This book summarizes Skarsuane's research on the Jews' concepts of the Messiah and whether Jesus met these expectations and whether the idea of Jesus as God incarnate emerged from the Greek setting. This study of the doctrine of incarnation demonstrates its uniqueness to the Christian faith,…

Written by: Skarsuane, Oskar
Item #: 123151kin

Women's Bible Study - Book of Ruth (ebook version)


Overview There are many studies of the Book of Ruth available, so why one more? The book of Ruth offers more to readers than a familiar verse that is said during Christian marriage ceremonies. In Ruth, God tells us so much more than how to be a better woman or about the marriage relationship.…

Written by: Ahlman, Elizabeth
Item #: 204179kin

Lutheran Book of Prayer, Fifth Edition


…for our World, Nation, and Community * Prayer for Neighbors, Family, and Ourselves * Prayers for the Sick, Convalescing, and the Dying Cover is stamped with Luther's rose and can be imprinted. Includes presentation page and ribbon bookmark. Lutheran Book of Prayer is also available via eBook (ePub)

Item #: 061322kin

Treasury of Daily Prayer


…prayers you may choose to use * Light Green = marks your place in the Psalms * Blue = marks "Prayers for the Baptized Life" View additional excerpts and testimonials, or leave a message, comment, or testimonial of your own on our discussion board Click Here Also available in an eBook (ePub)

Item #: 124318kin

Armed Forces Devotional Book


This devotional resource was developed at the request of military chaplains for active-duty military personnel as a source for strength, comfort, and inspiration. This pocket-sized book fits into the standard uniform pocket and contains: * Brief Service of Daily Prayers * The Lord's Prayer * Prayers…

Item #: 124197kin

Joyfully Aging: A Christian’s Guide


Overview In Joyfully Aging, readers gain insight on the limitless opportunities to witness their faith to others and live vibrant, grace-filled lives. Be encouraged to celebrate the blessing of aging and the gift of life. "If there is one thing we are all doing together in this life, it’s…

Written by: Bimler, Richard
Item #: 124408kin

Divine Kingdom, Holy Order: The Political Writings of Martin Luther


The canon of western political theory has long misrepresented Luther’s political thought, mistaking it as a forerunner of the ‘freedom of conscience’ or the ‘separation of church and state,’ or an ancestor of modern absolutism and even German totalitarianism. These…

Written by: Carty, Jarrett
Item #: 531183kin

The Calling: Live a Life of Significance


This book is designed to educate readers on one's vocation and what that means in terms of living out our life in our various and overlapping vocational arenas - family, professional, community, and congregational. Throughout the book, what the true meaning of "success" is for a Christian is…

Written by: Senske, Kurt
Item #: 124337kin

Life's Big Questions, God's Big Answers (ebook Version)


Who is this product for? Youth who want straight answers about faith. Seventy percent of church youth left home after high school and then left the Church according to a 2002 Barna poll. When asked for the reason for leaving the church, 32 percent (in an open ended question) listed intellectual…

Written by: Alles, Brad
Item #: 203486kin

A New Look at the Lutheran Confessions 1529-1537


This book deals with Reformation theology in terms of its historical context and its relevance to the late 20th-century theological scene. A New Look at the Lutheran Confessions distinguishes and discusses the significant differences between Roman and Protestant views, particularly those differences…

Written by: Fagerberg, Holsten
Item #: 123112kin

Hermann Sasse: A Man for Our Times?


A collection of essays on various aspects of the life, thought, and ministry of Hermann Sasse, a theologian at the university in Erlangen. Essays contributed by numerous Sasse scholars, many of whom knew Dr. Sasse personally. These essays are from the 1995 Lutheran Life Lectures at Concordia…

Written by: Stephenson, John
Item #: 531033kin

The Problem of Suffering: A Father's Hope


The Problem of Suffering is a superb resource to share and to use with anyone suffering any form of loss. It is honest, straightforward, expressive, evocative of much reflection and insight, and linked closely to the suffering Savior. Author Gregory Schulz speaks as a Christian father, sharing the…

Written by: Schulz, Gregory
Item #: 124371kin

Jesus of Nazareth: My Lord


Jesus of Nazareth, My Lord presents the life of Jesus in a way that connects Jesus with every area of the reader’s faith. This book is not a biography of Jesus, but a description of God’s plan of salvation through His Son, and how He is still active today bringing healing, comfort, and…

Written by: Hoppe, Hector
Item #: 124411kin

Broken: 7 "Christian" Rules That Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible (ebook Editon)


Real Answers Real Religion Real Holy Spirituality There are only two kinds of spirituality in the world. One is false, and one is true. One is the manifestation of the old evil foe who has sent many false spiritualties out into the world, and the other is the holy spirituality found only in faith in…

Written by: Fisk, Jonathan
Item #: 124389kin

The Fabricated Luther


…This study will show that both men acted in accordance with Martin Luther's teachings on how and when to resist secular authority, although many eminent scholars and scribes have promoted the cliche that Luther was somehow to blame for Hitler's rise to power. Also available as an eBook (ePub)

Written by: Siemon-Netto, Uwe
Item #: 531136kin

Modern Fascism


…and truth. He convincingly demonstrates that Christian theology provides a useful framework for acquiring and for integrating knowledge and doesn't stifle the pursuit of truth. Dr. Veith exposes, explains, and counsels without dogmatically prescribing responses. Also available as an eBook (ePub)

Written by: Veith Jr., Gene
Item #: 123189kin

Christian Faith


…Scripture * God's Word * Baptism * Lord's Supper * Sanctified life * Church * Public ministry * Last things * HeavenHighly readable for serious Bible students, church professionals, and those preparing for church work. Can be used as an in-service teacher review. Also available as an eBook (ePub)

Written by: Kolb, Robert
Item #: 123190kin
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