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The Basics on Advance Directives - Thy Will Be Done...

The Basics on Advance Directives: “Thy Will Be Done” – Is it proper for a Christian to have a Living Will? This booklet has basic information about Living Wills and other advance directives that will help a Christian answer that question. To learn more about Lutherans For Life,…

Item #: LFL807B
Price $0.75

Biblical Biology

You were you from the moment of conception. In this brochure, Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb takes a look at how we came to be through “Biblical Biology.” To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit

Written by: Lamb, James
Item #: LFL135T
Price $0.50

Teaching For Life - Sunday School/Preschool


Teaching For Life® Sunday School/Preschool provides a unique, Gospel-centered, positive way to help Lutheran Sunday school teachers apply God’s Word to the life issues! Inside: Nine lessons, with letters to parents, and reproducible graphics that will help teach key pro-life concepts. To…

Item #: LFL732C
Price $10.00

Joseph and His Rib

Joseph and His Rib – Joseph, a young man from the house of David, was probably like every other soon-to-be husband–nervous, but excited all the same. That is until his fiancée came to him with shocking news. Mary was pregnant, but Joseph was not the father. The world, as Joseph…

Written by: Bartlett, Linda
Item #: LFL904T
Price $0.50

The Three Bs of When Life Begins

The 3 Bs of When Life Begins “When does human life begin?” Physicians, scientists, politicians, philosophers, and theologians offer a variety of complex and differing answers. Does anyone really know when life begins? Is it really all that complicated? Let’s get back to some basics. If the “3Rs” are…

Item #: LFL1004T
Price $0.50

The Time Came - Christmas Bulletin Insert

This insert for Christmas says, “Our times of joy are enhanced by the joy Jesus brought to the world and to our hearts. Our times of sorrow are eased by Jesus’ promise to turn our sorrow into joy (John 16:20). Our times of suffering are turned to good by our God whose suffering produced…

Written by: Lamb, James
Item #: LFL1634BI
Price $0.10

Three Inches, Two Ounces - Reflections on Jesus in the womb based on Luke 1:56

Jesus, who was formed in the womb of Mary, who began life smaller than a grain of salt, grew to three inches long and weighed two ounces, became a newborn in the Bethlehem manger, and lived a sinless life to become a 33-year-old who hung on a cross outside of Jerusalem. He did this so that you might…

Written by: Schmidt, Michael
Item #: LFL110T
Price $0.50

LifeMarks (Set of 7)

LifeMarks is a set of seven bookmarks designed to directly apply the Bible’s teaching’s on life as found in Luther’s Small Catechism—and fit right into the catechism itself! This is a wonderful resource for confirmation, congregational, Sunday school, and home use! View the LifeMarks Brochure…

Item #: LFL1632
Sale price $0.06

Memorial Service for the Victims of Abortion

A Memorial Service for the Pre-born Killed Since 1973 is a somber but meaningful service remembering the victims of abortion. Best suited as a separate service apart from Sunday morning worship—perhaps on the eve of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit…

Item #: LFL1830
Price $0.50

Ancient Pro-Life Document Discovered!

It is amazing just how pro-life the Apostles’ Creed really is. What we profess so often connects so well to the life issues of our day. This Bible study includes some pro-life thoughts on the creed and some related Bible passages. To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit…

Written by: Lamb, Rev. Dr. James I.
Item #: LFL1630
Price $0.50

Christ the Life of All the Living - A Lenten Devotional Booklet

“As we approach Good Friday, the 40 days of Lent are a time of self-discipline. These devotions aim to help us discipline our minds so that when we see the struggles in our own lives, we see the life of Christ working all to good; so that when we see our neighbor, no matter his skin color or…

Item #: LFL1637
Price $1.99

Here We Stand - A Bulletin Insert for Life Sunday

The bulletin insert is based on Ephesians 6:13: “Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.” The insert text begins, “Here We Stand to declare and defend the precious value of every human being…

Written by: Salemink, Michael
Item #: LFL1635BI
Price $0.10

Lutherans for Life Membership Brochure

This resource is a combination informational bulletin insert, membership form, and return envelope. This is a perfect supplement to other Life Sunday materials. It provides a wonderful opportunity to share the For Life message and help Lutherans For Life. To learn more about Lutherans For Life,…

Item #: LFL1600
Price $0.00

Educational Resource Manual - Digital Edition

This is an updated digital version of Lutherans For Life's comprehensive three-ring binder (out of print) on life issues organized for easy reference. This digital edition features PDFs of many of many of Lutherans For Life’s Bible studies, booklets, and brochures. Also included are several life…

Item #: LFL1607USB
Price $15.00

Lutherans for Life Mission, Message, and Manner

…these come from fellow Lutherans! How about you? Do you really understand what LFL is all about? This booklet is designed to help people understand the unique role LFL has in the pro-life community and consider LFL’s 3M’s: Mission, Message, and Manner. To learn more about Lutherans For…

Item #: LFL1614
Price $0.50

God Loves Life Sheet Music

God Loves Life sheet music – This is the theme song in LFL’s For Life video/DVD. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Item #: LFL1502
Price $0.50

In Vitro Fertilization - Ark or Tower?

Is in vitro fertilization (IVF) “Ark Technology,” technology used in accordance with God’s will and to glorify Him, as was Noah’s Ark, or is it “Tower Technology,” used according to the will of man to glorify himself, as was the Tower of Babel? To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit…

Item #: LFL1009
Price $0.50

Questions and Answers Concerning the End of Life

The public promotion of physician-assisted suicide will lead to more pressure on states to enact pro-assisted-suicide legislation. This can lead Christians to ask questions. To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit

Written by: Lamb, James
Item #: LFL810T
Price $0.50

Created Redeemed Called - 2016 Life Sunday Bulletin Insert

…God bases human value upon what He has done—created, redeemed, called! The “official” Life Sunday is January 17, 2016. However, LFL materials may be used any time during the year. Note: Life Sunday resources are also available as free downloads at To learn…

Written by: Lamb, James
Item #: LFL210BI
Price $0.10

Do Not Be Afraid

Back ViewThis bulletin insert for Christmas highlights the value the Christ Child gives to all of humanity—from the moment of conception.To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit

Written by: Lamb, James
Item #: LFL1633BI
Price $0.10

Together for Good

“Together for Good” is a movie written by Pastor Dave Ahlman, Senior Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Arvada, Colorado. The movie is loosely based on the adoption story of Pastor Ahlman and his wife, Beth, which took place in 2004. Also included with the DVD is a Bible study based on…

Written by: Ahlman, Dave
Item #: LFL506DVD
Price $12.99

Here We Stand - 2017 Life Sunday CD

…sermons (including one PowerPoint sermon; worship service format; and children’s message. The official Life Sunday is January 15, 2016. However, LFL materials may be used any time during the year. Note: Life Sunday resources are also available as free downloads at To…

Written by: Salemink, Michael
Item #: LFL2017CD
Price $5.00

The Joy of Christmas Bulletin Insert

Back ViewThis bulletin insert for the Advent and Christmas season says, “As we move toward the joyous celebration of Christmas, remember that Jesus existed as a real little God-person known and loved by His heavenly Father nine months before He was actually born. Indeed, the miracle of the…

Item #: LFL1636BI
Price $0.10

How Luther Nailed It on Life Issues

Life issues didn’t arise overnight. Their frequent connection to medical technology can make them seem like recent developments, and advances in understanding physiology and pharmaceuticals have made abortion and euthanasia more efficient and available of late. But these circumstances have…

Written by: Salemink, Michael
Item #: LFL207T
Price $0.50
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