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The Lutheran Difference: Worship

Overview Traditional. Blended. Contemporary. Interfaith services. There are so many opinions. What do you believe? As Lutherans interact with other Christians, they often struggle to explain their beliefs and practices. Although many Lutherans have learned the "what" of Lutheran doctrines, they do…

Written by: Mueller, Steven
Item #: 203262
Price $8.99

Heaven on Earth: The Gifts of Christ in the Divine Service

The liturgy is not a style of worship. The liturgy is the substance of justification as it is brought through means. This book is an introduction to the liturgy and its importance. It takes the liturgy and makes it easy for the layperson to understand that the New Testament church service brings…

Written by: Just, Arthur
Item #: 124227
Price $16.99

The Concordia Organist

About The Concordia Organist This 31-CD collection provides pipe organ accompaniments for all of the hymns and liturgical music in Lutheran Service Book. It’s a useful tool for congregations of all sizes that need accompaniment for worship, in a chapel or small group setting, or for visitation with…

Written by: Grime, Paul
Item #: 992264
Price $699.00

Lutheran Worship: Large Print Edition, Vol. II

…a necessary worship tool. The books are easy to handle and read. Bound in rich blue cloth with a gold-embossed cover. Volume 1 provides worship liturgy, propers of the day, rites and services, Luther's Small Catechism, and more. Hardback. 288pp. Volume II (03-1160) Hymns, spiritual songs, canticles,…

Item #: 031160
Price $21.00

Lutheran Service Book: Liturgy Accompaniment Edition

Comprehensive accompaniments for all the services in Lutheran Service Book carefully designed in a spiral-bound, lay-flat, landscape edition to minimize page turns. The complete Psalter is included with psalm tone accompaniments on a convenient-to-use laminated card. Classic burgundy leather-like…

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031174
Price $55.99

The Reproaches for Good Friday - Downloadable


The Reproaches for Good Friday are part of the ancient liturgy of the Church, derived from the prophets (Reproaches) and from an early Greek hymn of invocation (Response). Lutheran Service Book: Altar Book contains the Reproaches in the Chief Service for Good Friday. When you purchase downloadable…

Written by: Wienhorst, Richard
Item #: 982871pdf
Price $1.50

My First Hymnal

This heirloom quality hymnal contains lyric hymns favored by grandparents, godparents, and parents with beautifully conceived illustrations presenting the colors, seasons, and symbols of the Church Year and the life of Jesus. Ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, baptism birthdays. Audio recordings…

Written by: David A. Johnson, editor
Item #: 992268
Price $19.99

Worshiping with Angels and Archangels

…Introduction to the Divine Service leads the worshiper through the Divine Service I, helping them understand its significance. Explore the words of the liturgy with clearly written explanations, Scripture passages, definitions and engaging artwork Readers of all ages will gain a deeper understanding…

Written by: Kinnaman, Scot
Item #: 223094
Price $10.29

Gathered Guests - 2nd edition (ebook Edition)


…occasional services used in the Lutheran Church. * An overview of music, the arts, architecture, and their relationship to worship. * The role of liturgy, rite, and ceremony in the Divine Service. Special features include * Glossary and topical and Scripture indexes. * Targeted information for…

Written by: Maschke, Timothy
Item #: 531155kin

Lutheran Worship, History and Practice

This companion volume to Lutheran Worship examines the roots of Lutheran worship practices. It studies present corporate worship practices and contemplates future developments. This volume is excellent for any church library.

Written by: Precht, Fred
Item #: 531015
Price $29.99

Lutheran Service Book: Propers of the Day

This valuable reference edition contains the complete propers for both the three- and one-year Lectionaries as printed in the LSB Altar Book. Introits, collects, readings, graduals, and verses are provided for each Sunday and season, as well as the feasts, festivals, and occasions. Use it for…

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031191
Price $20.99

The Lutheran Difference: Worship (Downloadable)


Overview Traditional. Blended. Contemporary. Interfaith services. There are so many opinions. What do you believe? As Lutherans interact with other Christians, they often struggle to explain their beliefs and practices. Although many Lutherans have learned the "what" of Lutheran doctrines, they do…

Written by: Mueller, Steven
Item #: 203571
Price $32.00

Lutheran Service Book: Liturgy Accompaniment Edition-Psalm Tone Sheet

The front of this laminated card contains organ arrangements for all the psalm tones in Lutheran Service Book. The back contains organ parts for the Alleluia and Verse for Divine Service Settings Three and Four. Organists can prop up this card next to the worship folder to easily follow the service…

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031190
Price $3.99

Ordering Our Days in His Peace

Overview Present the life and work of Jesus and the Church through the times of the Church Year with Ordering Our Days in His Peace. The Church Year not only orders our days, but also teaches us the fundamental narratives of salvation's story. Through simple language, striking artwork, Biblical and…

Written by: Curtis, Heath
Item #: 223103
Price $10.29

Lutheran Spirituality

…devil. From there flows the proclamation of His Gospel and the administration of His Sacraments. It is through these means presented within the liturgy of His Church that Christ communicates not merely spiritual energies, an emotional high, a method of reasoning, or a stringent morality, but He…

Written by: Baker, Robert - General Editor
Item #: 124382
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Lutheran Service Book: Lectionary - 1 Year

Spaciously designed volume prepared in “sense lines” with pronunciation guides in the margin for biblical names and places. The readings for Feasts, Festivals, and Occasions are included. Classic burgundy leather-like edition that can be imprinted. 7.25" x 10".

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031182
Price $80.99

Faith and Act: The Survival of Medieval Ceremonies in the Lutheran Reformation

…continued and developed within Lutheran church orders offers readers a unique perspective on how faith influences the act of worship. Historians of liturgy and theology will discover insights and important continuity between the Lutheran churches of the sixteenth century and their forebears of the…

Written by: Zeeden, Ernst
Item #: 531182
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Sale price $20.00

For All the Saints

Build teens' enthusiasm for worship by teaching them to understand the purpose of worship. This study explores Scripture to show youth how worship is applicable to their lives and to their growing relationship with their Savior. Includes CD-ROM with litanies based on the psalms, which are…

Item #: 223038
Price $16.99

Services from Hymnal Supplement '98

A package of 50 pre-printed copies of the new service arrangements published in the Hymnal Supplement.

Written by: Commission on Worship
Item #: 976797
Price $15.00

Handbell Descants for the Liturgy

These handbell descants are designed to be played with Divine Service 3 in Lutheran Service Book.

Written by: Behnke, John
Item #: 977257
Price $4.50

Gathered Guests

…and as gathered guests, we come to His house to receive His blessing, to pray, praise, and give thanks. In worship, the author argues that life, liturgy, and theology intersect in remarkable and rich ways, and this gathering around Word and Sacrament both creates and defines a genuine evangelical…

Written by: Maschke, Timothy
Item #: 531035
Price $34.99

Pastoral Care Companion

This expansive resource provides the pastor with a wealth of materials in his work of caring for souls in times of sickness and distress. Includes resources for more than 60 topics, divided under eight categories: • At the time of birth • Ministering to the sick • At the time of death…

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031178
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Sale price $34.99

Creative Worship Sanctoral Cycle - Holy Innocents - downloadable


…Children's Sermon * Original graphic for each service * Original music for congregation and/or choir Selected music to support hymns within the liturgy and music for choirs is included in the PDF format of the service---this PDF format must be downloaded to receive the supplementary music. Download…

Item #: CWSC05
Price $10.00

Creative Worship for the Lutheran Parish, Special Edition

This special edition offers 35 different orders of liturgy for occasions observed in the life of the local congregation. * Church observances * Anniversary services for ordination and marriage * Baccalaureate service * Funerals for adults and children * Baptism * Installation of teachers * Mission…

Item #: 990501
Price $40.00
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