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A Man Named Martin: Part 1 (DVD)

…and times are examined through the lens of history, religion, and theology. Expanding on commentary from Rev. Gregory Seltz, Speaker for The Lutheran Hour, numerous scholars add their expertise and perspective to render an illuminating portrait of the life of this extraordinary human being. As a…

Item #: 204213
Price $15.00

A Man Named Martin: Part 2 (DVD)

…pastors. Here Dr. Paul Maier, Dr. Ken Schurb, Dr. John Nunes, Dr. Joel Lampe, Dr. Susan Mobley, Dr. Joel Biermann, and others, along with The Lutheran Hour Speaker and host Dr. Gregory Seltz, add insight and expertise to this fascinating period in the life of Martin Luther. Each DVD also includes a…

Item #: 204222
Price $15.00

Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary: Mark (ebook Edition)

…others. It was a joy to hear them and a comfort to find their struggles and successes are mine." —Pastor Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus, The Lutheran Hour "This first volume of the Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary proves itself to be a useful resource for pastors and laity. The brief, modern…

Written by: Paavola, Daniel
Item #: 012076kin

How We Got the Bible DVD

Learn about the production, collection, transmission, and preservation of these marvelous works in How We Got The Bible, featuring Dr. Paul L. Maier, the latest Men's NetWork five-part Bible study. Listen as Dr. Maier shares his expertise and enthusiasm on the preservation and transmission of God's…

Item #: 203929
Price $15.00

Balance Christ Filled Living

…and learning to witness. Meyer has more than 35 years of evangelism, spiritual nurture, and family ministry experience. She serves on the Board of Directors of Lutheran Hour Ministries, the Missouri District of the LCMS Board of Directors, and has been an LCMS Reconciler. Meyer has a Bachelor's…

Written by: Meyer, Kay
Item #: LWML20441
Price $4.00

Out of Nothing: The Word, Creation and Faith DVD

In this Bible study, Pastor Steve Misch considers theories of evolution, the plausibility of random chance, man's spiritual and physical nature, and how God's creation and salvation are intrinsically linked in the person of Jesus Christ. As Creator of the universe, God's handiwork is everywhere. Out…

Item #: 203932
Price $15.00

He Who Dies with the Most Toys....Still Dies DVD

Toys are the things that fill our lives. Most guys are pros in the fine art of stockpiling. Whether it's motorcycles or medals, our stuff isn't going with us when we finally "pack it up" on our last day, so getting our priorities right according to God's Word is good for us and our families. This…

Item #: 203933
Price $15.00

The Real St. Nick: Leader, Legend or Lie DVD

This single-session Bible study, hosted by the Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus-Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, examines a man who, next to Jesus Christ, is the most visible figure during the holidays-St. Nicholas or Santa Claus-as we know him in Western culture. Dating back to the third century, St. Nick is…

Item #: 203928
Price $15.00

Explaining All the Scary Stuff in Revelation DVD

…thus missing its power and significance as a one-of-a-kind text of Scripture. Addressing this situation, the Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, has penned a brand-new Bible study for the LHM Men's NetWork: Explaining All The Scary Stuff In Revelation. In this four-part study, Pastor…

Item #: 203927
Price $15.00

Challenge of Islam (Part One): What Is Islam? DVD

To the Western mind, the faith and practice of Islam are often a profound mystery. In recent years, this religion has emerged as a prominent -- yet misunderstood -- belief system. Listen as Sam Shamoun, an Arab-Christian, unveils some of the mystique surrounding this religion first preached by…

Item #: 203930
Price $15.00

Challenge of Islam (Part Two): Defending the Christian Faith DVD

In Part Two of this Men's NetWork Bible study, Sam Shamoun, an Arab-Christian, examines key texts from the Qur'an and the Bible. Among the items he sheds light on are Islamic presuppositions concerning the priority of the Qur'an, Bible texts considered corrupt by Muslims, the sonship of believers,…

Item #: 203931
Price $15.00

Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here? DVD

The universe, God's will, speaking the Christ story, true human fulfillment, God's Law, the point of it all-these are some of the ideas in Pastor Joel Biermann's explorative video Bible study. In six sessions, he takes us from the beginning to that place where, on the Last Day, we find our greatest…

Item #: 203934
Price $15.00

Home Run King DVD

This men's Bible study aims to weave two passions into one. The first is a passion for the game of baseball-America's time-honored pastime. The second is a passion for growing into the husband, father, and spiritual leaders God has called us to be. It is our prayer this Men's NetWork Bible study…

Item #: 203935
Price $15.00

The Life You Crave: It's All About Grace (ebook Edition)

…gets involved in our daily lives, who and whose we are, and what we’re are here on earth for." Beatriz Hoppe, Multicultural Ministries, Lutheran Hour Ministries "In a world that craves everything but this, Newman gently persuades the reader to look more deeply at things, to look more intently…

Written by: Newman, Michael
Item #: 124444kin

Romans 9-16 - Concordia Commentary

…all. This commentary is a must-have on every believer’s shelf.” —Rev. Dr. Gregory P. Seltz, The Voice of The Lutheran Hour, Lutheran Hour Ministries “Michael Middendorf’s commentary on Romans is now complete! It is a pleasure to welcome this work on Romans 9–16,…

Written by: Middendorf, Michael
Item #: 156074
Price $54.99

The Life You Crave: It's All About Grace

…gets involved in our daily lives, who and whose we are, and what we’re are here on earth for." Beatriz Hoppe, Multicultural Ministries, Lutheran Hour Ministries "In a world that craves everything but this, Newman gently persuades the reader to look more deeply at things, to look more intently…

Written by: Newman, Michael
Item #: 124444
Price $12.99

Facing Disaster Like a Man DVD

Disasters! Life's catastrophes come in many shapes and sizes, and their unwelcome intrusion leaves us reeling. Grief, profound uncertainty and -- not infrequently -- more questions than can reasonably be answered, rise from its wake. In this devastation, the heart is drawn to look for answers human…

Item #: 203969
Price $15.00

Working for the Man Upstairs DVD

Is it work you're looking for or a chance to serve God? Can they be one and the same? Join us as we consider Working for the Man Upstairs, the newest Men's NetWork Bible study. See how our jobs-no matter what they might be-are a conduit through which God's work is done in this world. Growing up and…

Item #: 203970
Price $15.00

We the People DVD

Politics and politicians -- there's seemingly no way to escape them. Though government and those who govern are often criticized by press and citizen alike, it is through government that God works His designs in this world. Join host Dr. Dale Meyer as he surveys government in history, the character…

Item #: 203971
Price $15.00

Fatherhood DVD

Fatherhood is more than providing half the genetic material at conception; it's being there for the long haul. In Fatherhood with Joel Biermann the Concordia Seminary professor and dad relates how being a father is a demanding pursuit with a heavenly goal-raising kids who know Jesus as their Lord…

Item #: 203994
Price $15.00

Peace in His Time DVD

Peace. We want it. We fight for it. We even die for it. But can we ever achieve it? This Men's NetWork Bible study took to the streets to ask the question, is peace possible? The responses, as you will see, range from the philosophic and cynical to the pessimistic and hopeful. There's no doubt about…

Item #: 203992
Price $15.00

Bible on Trial DVD

Biblical criticism, ancient historical voices, the illumination of archaeology, the testimony of first-century followers of Jesus Christ -- all these come to bear on the examination of the reliability of the Scriptures in The Bible On Trial: Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. In The Bible On Trial: Beyond A…

Item #: 203993
Price $15.00

The Power of We: DVD and CD-ROM

Who is this product for? Pastors or church professionals looking for a great resource to use as part of a marriage workshop, retreat, or weekly study. What does this provide for you? • A scriptural understanding of the one flesh union of “WE” • Practical, day-to-day wisdom to protect the marriage…

Written by: Ludwig, David
Item #: 203487
Price $54.99

In the Beginning, God: Creation from God's Perspective

…place to start. —Rev. Michael W. Newman, author of Struggle Well and Revelation: What the Last Book of the Bible Really Means Mission and Ministry Facilitator, Texas District LCMS I am encouraged to read Dr. Heck's strong and uncompromising Biblical stand concerning Creation. It is assuring…

Written by: Heck, Joel
Item #: 101793
Price $5.99
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