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Lutheran Service Book: Pew Edition (ebook Edition)

Overview Lutheran Service Book: Pew Edition is a hymnal with a rich compilation of Christ-centered services, psalms, hymns, and prayers to nourish the faithful week after week for generations to come. It builds on the riches of the liturgical and hymnic heritage that we, as Lutherans, have received…

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031170kin

The Altar Guild Manual - Lutheran Service Book Edition

…as * displaying, cleaning, and storing paraments and linens appropriately * caring for sacramental vessels and vestments * preparing for and cleaning up after worship services * ordering supplies * and more This is an excellent reference book for any church library. Also available as an eBook (ePub)

Written by: Maxwell, Lee
Item #: 155102
Price $18.99

The Apocrypha: The Lutheran Edition with Notes (ebook Edition)

…Tübingen, Germany "The books of the Apocrypha are absolutely essential for understanding the Jewish context of early Christianity. The Apocrypha: The Lutheran Edition with Notes is an outstanding work of scholarship that provides a welcome service to Lutherans and, indeed, to Christians of…

Item #: 012065kin

Faith and Act: The Survival of Medieval Ceremonies in the Lutheran Reformation (ebook Edition)

…Stephenson, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines, Ontario “What a service Kevin G. Walker has done for the Lutheran Church in English speaking lands by providing this fine translation of Ernst Zeeden’s helpful monograph. . . . I heartily recommend the book to any and…

Written by: Zeeden, Ernst
Item #: 531182kin

Testing the Boundaries to Lutheran Identity - Second Edition (ebook Edition)

…clarity as Dr. Arand. This book has only become more indispensable by the updated layer of history and interpretation in this second edition. Dr. Arand has done a great service to the Church by telling this fascinating, living story of what it means to subscribe to the Lutheran Confessions. Steven…

Written by: Arand, Charles
Item #: 155185kin

Walther's Hymnal: Church Hymnbook for Evangelical Lutheran Congregations of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession (ebook Edition)

…official hymnal of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. This was the hymnal that C.F.W. Walther edited and used. The hymnal provided Christians throughout the LCMS a common experience during the synod's early years in America, in the same way that Lutheran Service Book provides a common…

Written by: Carver, Matthew
Item #: 531200kin

The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers (ebook edition)

Lutheran Social Services of the South “Michael Eschelbach is known among students on the campuses where he has taught as having the ability to address their questions and concerns about the Scriptures and God in a way that both speaks to them and also clarifies difficult matters. This book,

Written by: Eschelbach, Michael
Item #: 124458kin

Lutheranism 101 for Kids (ebook Edition)

…creeds or Lutheran teachings * Word Alert! - Words and phrases quickly defined This book introduces readers to three other books: the Bible, the Small Catechism by Martin Luther, and the hymnal Lutheran Service Book. In these pages, you’ll find out how important each of these books can be for…

Written by: Stiegemeyer, Julie & Scott
Item #: 562500kin

The Theology of Worship in 17th Century Lutheranism (ebook Edition)

This book is a unique study of the history of Lutheran worship practices in the age of Lutheran Orthodoxy. Part one discusses how classic Lutheran Orthodoxy understood "the essence of worship," and part two looks at theological principles underlying Orthodoxy's "external divine service."

Written by: Kalb, Friederich
Item #: 155152kin

El cielo en la tierra: Los dones que Cristo da en el servicio divino (Heaven on Earth: The Gifts of Christ in the Divine Service) (ebook Edition)

…substance of justification as it is brought through means. This book is an introduction to the liturgy and its importance. It takes the liturgy and makes it easy for the layperson to understand that the New Testament church service brings God's presence, in Jesus the Christ to the people of God who…

Written by: Just, Arthur
Item #: 166663kin

Meaningful Worship (ebook Edition)

…on God * an explanation of each section of the service * the times and seasons of the divine service * the meanings of words and actions * and more Includes discussion questions and a glossary. For use with Lutheran Worship, The Lutheran Hymnal, Lutheran Book of Worship and Lutheran Service Book.

Written by: Brauer, James
Item #: 123223kin

Visitation (ebook Version)

…more. * Topical reflections and prayers, numerous Bible passages, and handy cross-references to related material in other sections. * Orders of service for use with those in distress, the sick or the dying. The devotional resources can be used as the devotions appear, or they can serve the visitor…

Item #: 155097kin

Celebrating the Saints (ebook Edition)

…and from nineteen centuries of the Church’s life. Historical sketches and devotional writings in step with the liturgical calendar in Lutheran Service Book reveal each saint not as a great exception, but a great example of our heavenly Father’s faithfulness. As you encounter the lives of…

Written by: Weedon, William
Item #: 124474kin

Gathered Guests - 2nd edition (ebook Edition)

…of liturgy, rite, and ceremony in the Divine Service. Special features include * Glossary and topical and Scripture indexes. * Targeted information for lectors and worship planners. * Family and small-group devotional outlines. * Addresses the service orders included in the Lutheran Service Book.

Written by: Maschke, Timothy
Item #: 531155kin

Feed My Lambs (ebook Edition)

This book discusses the image of shepherding in-depth as it describes the teacher's task, not as a job but as a life of service, teamwork, and caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the flock. The principles found in this book will help both new and veteran teachers in the daily…

Written by: Henkelmann, Ervin
Item #: 123187kin

Walthers Works: Pastoral Theology (ebook Edition)

…woven together. The book would serve as a good textbook, supplementary textbook, or refresher for every Lutheran seminary student and pastor.” —Mark DeGarmeaux, Professor of Religious Studies, Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, Minnesota “Walther intended this book to address the…

Written by: Walther, C.F.W.
Item #: 531217kin

The Calling: Live a Life of Significance (ebook Edition)

…for others Dr. Kurt Senske serves as Chief Executive Officer of Lutheran Social Services of the South (LSS), as Chair of the Board of Directors of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, and on the Board of Directors of Lutheran Services in America. He holds a law degree from the University of Illinois…

Written by: Senske, Kurt
Item #: 124337kin

Christian Faith (ebook Edition)

In this book, the author presents the basic teachings of the Christian faith from the Lutheran framework. This framework presents all the articles of faith in accordance with the Scriptures and also correctly distinguishes between Law and Gospel. Chapters focus on * God * Creator and creation *…

Written by: Kolb, Robert
Item #: 123190kin

House of Living Stones (ebook Edition)

The first book in the Anthems of Zion series! Overview In the small Illinois town of Bradbury, change doesn’t come often, and it certainly doesn’t come easily. So when Pastor Fletcher hires Emily Duke as the new choir director at Zion Lutheran Church, he unknowingly sets in motion a…

Written by: Schuermann, Katie
Item #: 124465kin

The Truth Will Set You Free (ebook Edition)

…in Vietnam and Germany. The book urgently encourages us to stand up for ourselves and our neighbors, but not become embittered in the process. The Truth Will Set You Free is intriguing to read, offering greater understanding in relating to one another in the service of the Lord and in the care of…

Written by: Hoard, Samuel
Item #: 124199kin

Mission from the Cross (ebook Edition)

…live that out? This books covers important topics such as cultural anthropology, communication styles, linguistics, ecumenical issues, strategies and more. Mission from the Cross is a valuable resource as it helps you understand how God blesses His children through your service in His kingdom. This…

Written by: Schulz, Klaus
Item #: 531156kin

Carl F. Schalk: A Life in Song (ebook Version)

…and worship life of the Church. Hear Schalk's perspective on the theology of music in worship, the development of the hymnals Lutheran Book of Worship and Lutheran Worship, the composer's craft, and his work with such personalities as Herbert Brokering, Paul Bunjes, Richard Hillert, and Jaroslav…

Written by: Raabe, Nancy
Item #: 992276kin

Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare in America (ebook edition)

…baptized have nothing to fear." —Rev. Dr. Tony Sikora, Senior Pastor, Hope Lutheran Church “Afraid reads like a fast-paced novel. You will learn more about the devil and God’s grace in this book than from watching a lifetime of TV preachers. After you read Afraid, you will never…

Written by: Bennett, Robert
Item #: 124463kin

At Home in the House of My Father (ebook Edition)

This book contains never before translated essays and sermons by German-speaking presidents of the LCMS, with historical notes and context provided by Matthew C. Harrison. Its unique insight into evangelical Lutheran theology and practice of the early LCMS leaders still applies for today's needs and…

Written by: Harrison, Matthew
Item #: 124386kin
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