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Luthers Small Catechism Ebook

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Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation - 2017 Edition

…of Luther’s Small Catechism* Connections and Applications relates Scripture to important issues in today’s culture* Psalms, hymns, and prayers combine Scripture and catechism study with worship for devotional use* Bible narrative references, expanded notes, and quotes from Martin Luther

Written by: Luther, Martin
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Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation (ebook Edition)

Overview This proof texts in the explanation of this version of Luther's Small Catechism are taken from the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible. Written by Martin Luther in 1529 in question and answer format, the Small Catechism explores the Six Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine: the Ten…

Item #: 223110kin

Lutheran Service Book: Pew Edition (ebook Edition)

…for each Bible reference. This edition includes all of the printed music found in the Pew Edition as graphics. Content includes: * Five Divine Services * Morning Prayer * Evening Prayer * Matins * Vespers * Family Devotion * Luther's Small Catechism * 150 psalms * 636 hymns, songs, and canticles

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031170kin

Praying Luther’s Small Catechism (eBook edition)

Luther’s Small Catechism is the one you see stacked in church classrooms and tucked under teenage arms, filled with their scribbles and spiritual growth. Decades later, the same small book is often collecting dust on shelves in Christian homes around the world. Praying Luther’s Small

Written by: Pless, John
Item #: 124490kin

KJV Luther's Small Catechism - 1943 Translation (ebook Edition)

A handbook of Christian doctrine, this edition of the catechism includes the Six Chief Parts and a short explanation of Martin Luther's Small Catechism, with chapters on the Bible, and Law and Gospel. It uses the King James Version of the Bible when scripture references are included.

Written by: Luther
Item #: 221207kin

Catecismo menor sobre la vida humana (A Small Catechism on Human Life) (ebook edition)

…grabadas en madera. Examine topics such as abortion, bioethics, end-of-life, and sexuality—all through the biblical eyeglasses of Luther’s Small Catechism. Each chapter concludes with thoughtful discussion questions and key Bible references. This beautiful paperback edition features…

Written by: John T. Pless
Item #: 166605kin

Luther's Works, Volume 69 (Sermons on the Gospel of John 17-20) (ebook Edition)

…translated all of Luther's sermons on John 20:19–31, where Jesus breathes on His disciples, gives them the Holy Spirit, and bestows on them His authority to forgive and retain sins. This passage, which is quoted and explained in many editions of the Small Catechism, as well as in the…

Item #: 155169kin

The Lord Will Answer (ebook Edition)

…Prayer Catechism includes: * Questions about faith, life, and eternal life * Answers drawn from God’s Holy Word * Prayers of the Bible * Prayers and meditations from great Christian teachers The devotions are arranged by the seasons of the Christian calendar and Luther’s Small Catechism

Item #: 124229kin

Historical Introductions to the Lutheran Confessions (ebook Edition)

Overview The history of the Lutheran Confessions is the story of men and women who risked everything, and in some cases died, for the sake of the truth of God's Word. Friedrich Bente tells the dramatic story of their joys and sorrows, their defeats and victories, their fear and their courage, with a…

Written by: Bente, Gerhard
Item #: 531142kin

The Lutheran Difference (ebook Edition)

…well as a high school or college religion class text. This resource would be handy for anyone looking for an additional resource beyond Luther's Small Catechism. The Lutheran Difference contributors: General Editor: Rev. Edward A. Engelbrecht, STM Senior Editor for Professional and Academic Books…

Written by: Various
Item #: 124374kin

That I May Be His Own

…of Luther's catechisms. Arand explores critical issues on the church's catechetical tradition, the purpose and setting of Luther's Small and Large Catechism, the heart of the Catechism's content, and the ways the Catechism shapes God's people in faith and life. Also available as an eBook (ePub)

Written by: Arand, Charles
Item #: 531022
Price $25.99

This Faith Is Mine (ebook Edition)

…from the English Standard Version (ESV) and text from the 1986 catechism. It is designed to help teens develop a fuller understanding of God's Word and Luther's Catechism. Each brief devotion uses phrases from the catechism to teach and reinforce the confessions of the church. Topics discussed…

Written by: Meyer, Richard
Item #: 124233kin

The Lutheran Difference - Reformation Anniversary Edition (ebook edition)

…for an additional resource beyond Luther's Small Catechism. Special Features: * 500-year anniversary cover art featuring the likenesses of the great Lutheran reformers: Martin Chemnitz, Jacob Andreae, Philip Melanchthon, and of course, Martin Luther. * A preface essay on how American churches…

Written by: Engelbrecht, Edward
Item #: 124443kin

That I May Be His Own (ebook Edition)

…history, theology, and significance of Luther's catechisms. Arand explores critical issues on the church's catechetical tradition, the purpose and setting of Luther's Small and Large Catechism, the heart of the Catechism's content, and the ways the Catechism shapes God's people in faith and life.

Written by: Arand, Charles
Item #: 531022kin

Blessings and Prayers for Confirmation (ebook Edition)

…and Prayers for Confirmation contains: * Order of Holy Baptism * Rite of Confirmation * Prayers for each day of the week * Psalms * Hymns and canticles * Scripture readings * A brief summary of the Christian faith * Luther's Small Catechism A great gift to give in remembrance of confirmation.

Item #: 124325kin

Lutheranism 101 for Kids (ebook Edition)

…Lutheran teachings * Word Alert! - Words and phrases quickly defined This book introduces readers to three other books: the Bible, the Small Catechism by Martin Luther, and the hymnal Lutheran Service Book. In these pages, you’ll find out how important each of these books can be for growing in…

Written by: Stiegemeyer, Julie & Scott
Item #: 562500kin
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