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The Middle School Survival Manual

…product for? Middle school: a fun, sometimes chaotic existence where students discover who they are, what they want, and how to survive. This survival manual with a strong Christian emphasis is a must read for every student entering middle school, along with their parents and youth group leaders.…

Written by: Cassel, Katrina
Item #: 124342
Price $9.99

Authentic Youth Ministry: Straight Talk About Working with Kids, Teens and In-betweens (ebook Edition)

…adult in charge of the youth on their next retreat! Nick Moss DCE, Lakeland, FL In Authentic Youth Ministry, Cassie Moore draws on her experience as DCE in youth ministry to provide a realistic and optimistic view of the critical importance of youth ministry. Volunteer youth workers and those just…

Item #: 223179kin

Time to Pray - Daily Prayers for Youth

…Prayer to balance the devotional time of each day. Time to Pray is composed of prayers on a large variety of subjects chosen from lists given by youth. It is by no means complete but includes: * Prayers About Myself * Prayers About My Work * Prayers About My Life of Prayer * Prayers About God *…

Written by: Witt, Elmer
Item #: 124387
Price $9.99

Authentic Youth Ministry: Straight Talk About Working with Kids, Teens and In-betweens

…adult in charge of the youth on their next retreat! Nick Moss DCE, Lakeland, FL In Authentic Youth Ministry, Cassie Moore draws on her experience as DCE in youth ministry to provide a realistic and optimistic view of the critical importance of youth ministry. Volunteer youth workers and those just…

Written by: Moore, Cassie
Item #: 223179
Price $14.99

Running the Race of Faith

Teens often struggle to find meaning and a sense of purpose. This eight-week devotional journal guides teens step-by-step through Hebrews 12:1-2, offering practical applications to real life. Daily readings include relevant Scripture passages, questions for reflection, and a challenge for action.…

Written by: Ausenhus, Pam
Item #: 124028
Price $10.99

Thrive: Devotions for Students

…Program. Each devotion has a suggested Bible reading and prayer. These devotions will strengthen Christian young people as they face challenges in today's world or could be used as an outreach tool to reach youth that do not know Jesus as their Savior. For more information visit

Written by: various
Item #: 124317
Price $9.99

I Believe: A Student Devotional Journal

Overview The pages of I Believe contain faith stories. Some are funny, some are tragic, and some are very ordinary. But in every story, you see how our Heavenly Father works through the power of the Holy Spirit to bring us each to saving faith in Christ. This devotional was designed to work…

Item #: 124355
Price $10.99

Blessings and Prayers for Confirmation

For the recently confirmed young person who is constantly on the move, it's comforting to carry along a compact, pocket-size devotional resource that helps them meditate on God's Word and His forgiveness and grace through Christ Jesus. Blessings and Prayers for Confirmation contains: * Order of Holy…

Item #: 124325
Price $6.99

The Christian Babysitter's Handbook, 3rd edition

Overview This resource helps babysitters process anything they may face on the job, such as common questions and situations that come up. Be ready and confident with a response or action that is appropriate for the circumstance! This book includes 15 chapters that offer important information to…

Written by: Fletcher, Sarah
Item #: 124273
Price $10.99

Invasion from Planet X - Willie Plummet (ebook Edition)

…center at a nearby air base. Eighth-grader Willie Plummet and his friends are sure surprised when they realize there’s been a big mix-up…and they’re right in the middle of it! Read the hilarious results and learn with Willie that God always has the best answers to problems.

Written by: Buchanan, Paul
Item #: 561865kin

Ballistic Bugs - Willie Plummet (ebook Edition)

Thirteen-year-old Willie develops his own “insect attractor” to catch a prize-winning locust for the Glenfield Bug-Off contest. His plan isn’t the only thing with a few bugs. When Willie stores his concoction in an old shampoo bottle, the results are hair-raising. Read along as…

Written by: Buchanan, Paul
Item #: 561868kin

Battle of the Bands - Willie Plummet (ebook Edition)

To win a local Battle of the Bands contest, 13-year-old Willie persuades Carl Montana, a great guitar player, to join his band, The Screaming Idiots. But Carl has a few conditions that jump-start a chain reaction of crazy mix-ups. Can Willie and his friends straighten everything out in time? Read…

Written by: Buchanan, Paul
Item #: 561870kin

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better - Willie Plummet (ebook Edition)

Thirteen-year-old Willie meets his match when a new kid comes to his school. He’s great at everything he does, he makes great inventions, and he’s popular. Even Willie’s friends are beginning to like him a lot…actually, too much! Willie challenges the new boy to a contest,…

Written by: Buchanan, Paul
Item #: 561867kin

Submarine Sandwiched - Willie Plummet (ebook Edition)

Overview Thirteen-year-old Willie and his friend Felix invent a model submarine with a video camera to find where the big fish are in Lunker Lake. Instead they make a surprise discovery that puts them in a lot of trouble. Willie tries to do the right thing, but will he be able to outsmart some…

Written by: Buchanan, Paul
Item #: 561866kin

Hindsight: Advice from Those Who Have Been There

…college students concerning issues that challenge students on the college campus. The devotions are college students speaking to graduating high school seniors and college freshmen concerning challenges that lie ahead—a sort of “what I wish I had known.” This collection of devotions is intended to…

Written by: various authors
Item #: 124180
Price $10.99

This Faith Is Mine

Overview Help your teens see how their faith is a relevant and vital part of their daily life with This Faith Is Mine. This popular favorite has been revised with Scripture from the English Standard Version (ESV) and text from the 1986 catechism. It is designed to help teens develop a fuller…

Written by: Meyer, Richard
Item #: 124233
Price $11.99

Hero of Faith - Dorothea Craemer

A young woman sets out with her son to find a new life in America. During a challenging journey she meets Pastor August Craemer, who would become her husband. Their family traveled to the wilds of Michigan to share the love of Christ with the Chippewa people. Included in these One in Christ Teacher…

Written by: Stiegemeyer, Julie
Item #: 630652
Price $8.19

Confirmed In Christ

Overview Confirmation is a big step, but it's also just the beginning.This revision of a classic bestseller is filled with inspiration, encouragement, and reflections for teens to ponder. Inside this book is a straight-forward picture of what living life in Christ means. Topics include: * the…

Written by: Gesch, Roy
Item #: 124469
Price $9.99

Living on Nothing Atoll - Aloha Cove (ebook Edition)

…roof as her new stepsister, Tabitha? A new family, a new school, a new life . . . it was all just too much! Will Cass ever figure out what God has planned for her life? Read along as she takes on the challenge of trusting God—in the middle of a brand-new life. Book 1 in the Aloha Cove series.…

Written by: Kelly, Theresa
Item #: 561946kin

Inside the Reformation

…book, it communicates the same information throughpictures, illustrations, and short articles in a fun way. This bookmakes a great addition to school libraries, classrooms, and personalcollections. The People Learn all about the people and everyday life during the time of the Reformation * You…

Item #: 124392
Price $16.99

God's Action Plan Teacher Guide - One in Christ ESV

This Bible survey includes thirty Bible stories focused on God's unfolding plan of salvation as revealed in Holy Scripture. The Teacher Guide includes lesson plans that contain: * Background reading for the teacher* A classroom devotion* Central Truth* Teaching Objectives* Materials Listing* Bible…

Item #: 630907
Price $39.99

Life's Big Questions, God's Big Answers

Who is this product for? Youth who want straight answers about faith. Seventy percent of church youth left home after high school and then left the Church according to a 2002 Barna poll. When asked for the reason for leaving the church, 32 percent (in an open ended question) listed intellectual…

Written by: Alles, Brad
Item #: 203486
Price $9.99

Hero of Faith - Martin Luther

…Luther came to eat lunch with you and group of your friends at school. What would he share with you? In this book, Martin Luther shares details of his life and ministry over lunch with a group of middle school kids at a Lutheran school in "Table Talk" fashion. Included in these One in Christ Teacher…

Written by: Grube, Edward
Item #: 630650
Price $8.19

The Messengers: Discovered

Overview The Message worth dying for . . . The government tells fifteen-year-old Simon Clay everything he needs to know. Except what really happened to his mom. And why no one can go out at night. And why the Darkness is so dangerous. By day, Simon pushes against every boundary there is. And by…

Written by: Clark, Lisa
Item #: 562518
Price $12.99
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