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Fundamentals of Organ Playing

A compilation of basic information, exercises, techniques, and repertoire for the beginner. Lessons progress from the simplest manual exercise to the playing of three- and four-part contrapuntal compositions. Much attention has focused on organ performance practice prior to the late 19th century.…

Item #: 991277
Price $30.95

My First Hymnal

This heirloom quality hymnal contains lyric hymns favored by grandparents, godparents, and parents with beautifully conceived illustrations presenting the colors, seasons, and symbols of the Church Year and the life of Jesus. Ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, baptism birthdays. Audio recordings…

Written by: David A. Johnson, editor
Item #: 992268
Sale price $16.99

Music in Lutheran Worship

Outlines principles of Lutheran worship as Luther and his co-workers practiced.

Written by: Schalk, Carl
Item #: 991253
Price $5.00

Key Words in Church Music

Definition Essays on Concepts, Practices, and Movements of Thought in Church Music Edited by Carl F. Schalk This revised and enlarged collection of 99 essays by 42 contributors is a valuable resource for church musicians, pastors, teachers, and students. Each entry provides: the term or topic, the…

Written by: Schalk, Carl
Item #: 991689
Price $60.00

A Handbook of Church Music

Presents a comprehensive overview of the role of church music in the liturgical life of the church. Everything from a historical review to an appraisal of today's music.

Written by: Halter, Carl
Item #: 991231
Price $35.00

Majestic Music Passalong CD & DVD - VBS 2017

Keep kids singing and dancing long after VBS. This CD and DVD set includes all of the Majestic Music, song-action videos, early childhood music, memory-verse songs, and bonus skit videos. Give these as keepsakes or offer them for purchase. Buy one for every family! Notreproducible. Sample in Starter…

Written by: Robinson, Robby
Item #: 321785
Price $5.99

God Loves Life Sheet Music


God Loves Life sheet music – This is the theme song in LFL’s For Life video/DVD. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Item #: LFL1502pdf
Price $1.00

The Theological Character of Music in Worship

Leaver has prepared a lively conversation regarding a theological understanding of music in the church. Given our culture's view of music as primarily entertainment, this essay makes an urgent call on our pastors, parish musicians, and laymen. Reprinted

Written by: Leaver, Robin
Item #: 991296
Price $10.00

Majestic Music Guide (CD & DVD) - VBS 2017

…automated music PowerPoints, scores, lyrics, lead sheets, music CD, and song-action DVD with on-screen, follow-along lyrics. Included in Starter Kit. TIP: Be sure to send kids home with the Majestic Music Passalong, which includes all of the Majestic Music and song action videos, including early…

Written by: Robinson, Robby
Item #: 321735
Price $24.99

The Gospel Preached through Music: The Purpose and Practice of Lutheran Church Music

…to this book about church music is the premise that music itself is never neutral, that music always carries meaning—an idea that has been denied in certain quarters of the church for at least the past three decades. Prompted by the ongoing debates on worship and music and by the attitude that…

Written by: Zager, Daniel
Item #: 992281
Price $12.99

See This Wonder (Full Music Edition)

Full music and text edition of a congregational supplement of the best-loved hymns of Jaroslav Vajda. Its 6" X 9" size fits inside most hymnals.

Written by: Vajda, Jaroslav
Item #: 991528
Price $4.00

River Riffs Music Guide (CD & DVD) - VBS 2018

…or interweave music throughout all of your sites. Our River Riffs Music Leader Guide (with 2-Disc Set) makes the music happen! Included in the Starter Kit. Includes:* 6 theme songs* Guitar/chords* 6 early childhood songs* Lyrics and scores* 5 memory verse songs* Song-action videos* 2 hymns* Hymn…

Written by: Countryman, Adam
Item #: 321835
Price $24.99

Music in the Service of the Church: The Funeral Sermon for Heinrich Schütz

The sermon prepared and preached by Rev. Martin Geier based on Psalm 119:54, is a detailed working out of the implications of Luther's attitude toward music, set within the context of the late 17th century in which Schütz worked. Also contains a primary

Written by: Leaver, Robin
Item #: 991261
Price $6.75

Rock 'n' Riffs Music Passalong CD & DVD - VBS 2018

Overview Includes all of the River Riffs Music, early childhood music, memory verse songs, and bonus song-action and skit videos. Give as keepsakes for every family or offer for purchase. It’s a fun way to share God’s Word even after VBS is over. Sample in the Starter Kit. 2018 VBS…

Written by: Countryman, Adam
Item #: 321885
Price $5.99

Pulse 063: Christmas Can


Using the music video for Straight No Chaser’s “Christmas Can-Can” participants will focus on what should be the real focus of our Christmas celebration. Visit to learn more or Click Here to download a free sample. Downloadable Bible studies are quick and budget friendly. There are no…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 203917
Price $4.99

Pulse 052: Half of Our Hearts


Participants study music videos from John Mayer (“Half of My Heart”) and La Roux (“Bulletproof”) as they explore difficult relationships. Often we find ourselves struggling with relationships. Lost in the emotions of the moment, only willing to give half our heart for fear of what will happen if we…

Written by: Hanke, Will
Item #: 203906
Price $4.99

Splash Canyon Starter Kit - VBS 2018

…includes music videos and scores, lesson and decorating posters, decorating tutorials, volunteer training materials, and access to the VBSMate online registration tool. Starter Kit Contents: Director Guide* Program Overview DVD Pastor’s Overview Guide Early Childhood Guide* Music Guide, plus…

Written by: Nummela, Pam
Item #: 321843
Price $169.99

Pulse 011: Going Through the Motions


…the motions” without really making a difference. This can be especially dangerous if you are just going through the motions of faith. Using the music video of Matthew West’s The Motions ( this study looks at what it means to live a life of faith that makes a difference. Visit…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 203809
Price $4.99

Pulse 022: More Beautiful You


The music video for the song More Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz Young serves to begin discussing the intense pressure young women face from the media, peers, and other sources concerning appearance. In this study participants explore what it means to be truly beautiful, and how our Savior makes all…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 203820
Price $4.99

Pulse 047: All the Right Faces


Just how fake has our world become? Using the music video for One Republic’s All the Right Moves, this study will have participants face the various “masks” they wear as teens or young adults. Participants are encouraged to live humbly before one another and the Lord. Visit to learn…

Written by: Liefer, Todd
Item #: 203901
Price $4.99

Pulse 051: Count Down


The music video for Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying” serves as the discussion starter for this study. What are you counting down? Are you counting down the days untill something great happens, or until something is over and done with? What are you waiting for? Are you thankful for the blessings…

Written by: Becker, Jeremy
Item #: 203905
Price $4.99

Pulse 059: Right Words, Wrong Place


This study begins with a somewhat unusual music video of the song Dogs of Glory by Jim Steager. Sometimes even the right words lead to the wrong application. In this study students examine how false teachers misuse the Word of God to support their personal agendas, and how as Christians we can work…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 203913
Price $4.99

Pulse 089: Shine


Using the music video and lyrics for “SMS (Shine)” by David Crowder Band, this study explores how Christ’s death and resurrection gives us hope in the midst of death. Participants are encouraged to bring the light of Christ to those living in darkness. Visit to learn more or Click Here…

Written by: Liefer, Todd
Item #: 204147
Price $4.99

Mighty Fortress Digital Starter Kit - VBS 2017 – Digital Edition


…access to stream all the music and videos, our FREE VBSMate online registration tool, and more. Valued at more than $400. Starter Kit Contents: Director Guide* Program Overview DVD Pastor’s Overview Guide Early Childhood Guide* Music Guide, plus song-action videos* Opening/Closing Guide, plus…

Item #: 321713DCR
Price $149.99
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