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Pulse 023: Free to Be Me (Downloadable)

What am I going to do with the rest of my life? More importantly, who am I going to be? These questions aren’t just important for the future, but matter right now as teenagers struggle to find their identity. This lesson explores some of these struggles, questions, and anxieties about who God has…

Written by: Peterson, Ryan
Item #: 203821
Price $4.99

Pulse 044: Care Enough (Downloadable)

As Christians we sometimes hesitate to share our faith with others. In this study participants will experience a unique look through the eyes of the atheist entertainer Penn Gillette at how sharing their Christian faith an expression of ultimate care for the non-believer. Visit to…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 203898
Price $4.99

A Year in the Old Testament: Meditations for Each Day of the Church Year

A Year in the Old Testament guides you through reading the major stories of the Old Testament in the course of a year, and does it in a way that is encouraging and manageable. Along the way readers gain an understanding of the message of God’s Word. Each Day Includes * Main Psalmody *…

Written by: Pulse, Jeffrey
Item #: 124367
Price $30.99

Pulse 082: Does it Really Get Better (Downloadable)

The It Gets Better Project seeks to support young people struggling with suicidal thoughts related to their sexual identity. While we certainly encourage young people to choose life, as Christians we need to make a clear statement concerning God’s plan for sexual identity. Visit to…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 204140
Price $4.99

Pulse 002: My, My, My (Downloadable)

Based on the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s “Mary’s Song” this lesson encourages students explore God’s plan for marriage and how they can make wise choices concerning their future mates. Visit to learn more or Click Here to download a free sample. Downloadable Bible studies are quick and…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 203800
Price $4.99

Pulse 074: Only One Save (Downloadable)

Everyone needs a save in life. Whether it’s video game “continues”, test “retakes”, or the “Judge’s Save” on American Idol, we’ve all grown accustom to second chances. In the life or death reality of heaven and hell, there is only one great save. Visit to learn more or Click Here to…

Written by: Paavola, Ashley
Item #: 204132
Price $4.99

Pulse 96: Glory in the Highest (Downloadable)

Using Chris Tomlin’s “Glory in the Highest,” participants will discuss the true glory of the Christmas season. Visit to learn more or Click Here to download a free sample. Downloadable Bible studies are quick and budget friendly. There are no shipping charges and no more waiting for…

Written by: Liefer, Todd
Item #: 204157
Price $4.99

Pulse 100: Top of the List (Downloadable)

Each year Time magazine comes out with a list of the top 100 people who have influenced the world. This lesson will examine how one becomes influential in sharing their faith. Visit to learn more or Click Here to download a free sample. Downloadable Bible studies are quick and budget…

Written by: Grube, Aaron
Item #: 204161
Price $4.99

Pulse 051: Count Down (Downloadable)

The music video for Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying” serves as the discussion starter for this study. What are you counting down? Are you counting down the days untill something great happens, or until something is over and done with? What are you waiting for? Are you thankful for the blessings…

Written by: Becker, Jeremy
Item #: 203905
Price $4.99

Pulse 054: Whose Name Is On You? (Downloadable)

Names are important. In Toy Story 3, Andy writes his name on his toys as a mark of love. In each case, Andy is saying the toy belonged to him, he would take care of it, and the toy is important enough to claim it as his own. When Andy's toys doubt and reject his ownership, their lives are filled…

Written by: Lehmann, Charles
Item #: 203908
Price $4.99

Pulse 104: False Factions - Downloadable

Overview This single session downloadable youth Bible study is based on the best-selling book and movie, Divergent. It uses the plot as a starting point as it delves in to look at the gifts and talents we are each granted. They lead on to help participants discover how they might be used to benefit…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 204193pdf
Price $0.00

Pulse 078: Knock Out! (Downloadable)

The devil desires nothing more that to separate the Christian from Christ. Lies and deceptions are his tools of the trade. In this study participants learn to identify Satan’s lies as they study the reassurance of Christ’s victory over sin, death, and hell. “Dirty Money-Coming Home” by Diddy serves…

Written by: Hanke, Will
Item #: 204136
Price $4.99

Pulse 072: Strong Enough (Downloadable)

Have you ever felt like you were not strong enough to make it through a difficult part in your life? Ever wonder if God gave you too much to handle? Do you wonder if God will lead you through the storms in life or just let you fend for yourself? Using the song “Strong Enough” by Matthew West this…

Written by: Becker, Jeremy
Item #: 204130
Price $4.99

Pulse 057: The B-I-B-L-E (Downloadable)

Young people often want to know if the Bible is reliable, does it really do what it says? Students begin by viewing a portion of an interview on The Cobert Report with author Bart Ehrman. Through this study participants will explore the reliability of Scripture, and understand that “Every word of…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 203911
Price $4.99

Pulse 011: Going Through the Motions (Downloadable)

Sometimes people feel like they are “going through the motions” without really making a difference. This can be especially dangerous if you are just going through the motions of faith. Using the music video of Matthew West’s The Motions ( this study looks at what it means to live…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 203809
Price $4.99

Pulse 039: OMG! (Downloadable)

The Lord’s name gets quite a workout among teens and adults, unfortunately in all the wrong ways. Through The Texting Song by Slumber Party Girls participant take a look at their own text messaging habits while exploring the Second Commandment and learning ways to truly honor God’s name. Visit…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 203893
Price $4.99

Pulse 083: Creation and Evolution (Downloadable)

Candidate Mike Huckabee answered questions concerning creation during a televised debate. Students face challenges to their faith in school each day. The sciences present more challenges than any other area as students face the conflict between creation and evolution. Build up students in their…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 204141
Price $4.99

Pulse 024: One Day (Downloadable)

What is the purpose our lives as Christians? Why do we yearn for eternity? We explore these questions through this study based on the song One Day by Matisyahu. Visit to learn more or Click Here to download a free sample. Downloadable Bible studies are quick and budget friendly. There…

Written by: Trinklein, Sarah
Item #: 203822
Price $4.99

Pulse 93: Halleluiah (Downloadable)

In the book of Revelation the saints and angels sing the praises of the risen Christ. G.F. Handel attempts to capture these praises in his “Hallelujah Chorus.” As we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ we too can join in singing and saying “Hallelujah.” Visit…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 204154
Price $4.99

Pulse 99: Who I Am (Downloadable)

So many people in our world feel lost and rejected, put down by society and life circumstance. Using the Jason Gray song “Remind Me Who I AM” participants will discuss how in God’s eyes we are His beloved creation, and so greatly loved that He gave His own Son for our salvation. Visit…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 204160
Price $4.99

Pulse 92: ttyl (Downloadable)

Texting while driving has become a serious issue in our culture. The dangerous consequences of texting while driving can include extreme guilt, pain, loss, injury, and even death. Have teens send out the message ttyl (talk to you later) before heading out on the open road. Phones have become an idol…

Written by: Grube, Aaron
Item #: 204153
Price $4.99

Pulse 049: Biggest Temptation (Downloadable)

In this study participants take a look at a CPH exclusive video as people on the street respond to the question, “What’s your biggest temptation?” God’s Word gives direction and comfort for students who struggle with temptations every day of their lives. Visit to learn more or Click…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 203903
Price $4.99

Pulse 014: Daylight (Downloadable)

The hit song Daylight from Remedy Drive serves as the media connection for this study of darkness and light. The light of Christ has come to shatter the darkness of sin and lead us into His light. As Christ shines in our lives, we reflect His light to our friends who themselves are lost in darkness…

Written by: Erb, Nathan
Item #: 203812
Price $4.99

Pulse 005: Milk (Downloadable)

The film, Milk, a biopic about the first openly gay American elected to public office, serves as the starting point for a study on how Christians can respond to the issues surrounding homosexuality. Visit to learn more or Click Here to download a free sample. Downloadable Bible studies…

Written by: Salzberg, Josh
Item #: 203803
Price $4.99
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