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The Tree Of Life

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Twenty-Four Hymn Introductions for Reformation

Another large set of hymn introductions from John Eggert, this time focused on hymns with Reformation themes. Not just for Reformation Day, these introductions span the Church Year, including Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Pentecost. Use these settings to encourage meaningful and wholehearted…

Written by: John Eggert
Item #: 977737
Price $26.00

Salvation unto Us: Twelve Easy Organ Preludes for Reformation

Twelve new settings of hymns by Kevin Hildebrand from the Reformation era and for the observance of this festival. His easy-medium approach lies in the hands and feet for the average church organist—simple without being simplistic. These elegant arrangements are a must-have for every church…

Written by: Kevin Hildebrand
Item #: 977738
Price $26.00

Chorale Preludes of Harald Rohlig, Set 1

Harald Rohlig, Professor of Music Emeritus of Huntingdon College, Montgomery, Alabama, is in a direct student-teacher line to J. S. Bach. This collection is based on some of the newer or lesser known hymn tunes from Lutheran Service Book.

Written by: Rohlig, Harald
Item #: 977363
Price $23.00

Musica Sacra: Easy Hymn Preludes for Organ, Vol. 10

The latest in the popular series of easily mastered hymn preludes for organ. Composed by Jacob B. Weber, this huge collection of 16 easy preludes will find use again and again throughout the Church Year. Musica Sacra has been an extremely well-received series of easy hymn preludes by renowned…

Written by: Weber, Jacob
Item #: 977700
Price $36.00

Concordia Pulpit Resources - Dec Pt 1

…pear tree in the courtyard of the Wittenberg cloister, Staupitz ventured that Luther should become the regular preacher for the order. Luther proceeded to advance argument after argument against his ever preaching. Finally, in desperation, he pleaded that Dr. Staupitz was as good as taking his life.

Written by: CPH
Item #: 131449
Price $29.99

Fusion: Trees

…deeper understanding of the Bible. In Fusion: Trees, students learn how trees are used throughout the Old Testament and in the New Testament to communicate the message of salvation. See how tress take root in the Bible with these topics: * Two Trees in Paradise * The Burning Bush * The Staff of…

Written by: Bird, Chad
Item #: 223034
Price $14.99

With High Delight (CD)

With High Delight was recorded by the Children's Choir of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The choir, comprised of volunteer singers from grades five through eight, exists primarily to proclaim the Word of God through music in the services at St. Paul’s…

Written by: Children's Choir of St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Ft. Wayne, IN
Item #: 991707
Price $14.95

Tree of Life Green Banner 3' x 6'

This green "Tree of Life" banner depicts a deeply rooted fruit tree in the shape of a cross, reminding us that Christ’s cross is the tree from which true life comes. This economically priced banner features symbols silk screened on durable cotton canvas. Banners may be hung on a wall or used…

Item #: 900111
Price $190.00

The Tree of Life (Eithun)

Level II+ handbell piece on the tune TREE OF LIFE for Lent and General use.

Written by: Eithun, Sandra
Item #: 977312
Price $4.00

The Tree of Life (Hobby)

Another in the series of inventive sounds to accompany congregational song as found in Lutheran Service Book. This edition provides creative organ accompaniments that interpret the various stanzas of the hymn.

Written by: Hobby, Robert
Item #: 977204
Price $15.00

The Tree of Life (von Kampen)

A truly inspirational setting of a familiar text by Stephen Starke, scored for SATB choir, piano, and soprano descant. David von Kampen once again captivates us with his brilliant writing style. For use anytime during Lent or Easter.

Written by: von Kampen, David
Item #: 984019
Price $1.85

Family Trees & Olive Branches: Creating a Culture of Grace in Your Family

…—Rebekah House, counselor for families and children “If you desire to create new life, mend broken relationships, train your children, honor your parents, and bring Glory to God through your family, Family Trees and Olive Branches is an instrumental book.” —Melissa Brignac

Written by: Hergenrader, Christina
Item #: 124519
Price $14.99

Piano Stylings, Set 2: Hymns for the Church Year

…first set. Several settings of newer melodies, difficult to find for piano, are included, such as GLORIOUS TREASURE, SHADES MOUNTAIN, TREE OF LIFE, and UNION CITY. The hallmark of her music is accessibility for the church musician and beautifully displayed melodies for the congregation—a…

Written by: Valerie A. Floeter
Item #: 977725
Price $24.00

We Praise You and Acknowledge You, O God (CD)

…See 4. Lift Up Your Heads, You Everlasting Doors 5. Lord, Support Us All Day Long 6. In the Shattered Bliss of Eden 7. O Sing of Christ 8. The Tree of Life 9. Water, Blood, and Spirit Crying 10. There Is a Time for Everything 11. All the Earth with Joy Is Sounding 12. We Praise You and Acknowledge…

Written by: Starke, Stephen
Item #: 992270
Price $15.99

Hymn Tune Innovations: Seven Settings for the Church Year

…setting of LINSTEAD for 4' flute, an energetic toccata on SHADES MOUNTAIN, a majestic trumpet tune on REX GLORIAE, and a gentle trio on RYBURN that places the tune in a 2' pedal stop. This collection also includes creative settings of the new hymn tunes NORTHCROFT, SARAH-ELIZABETH, and TREE OF LIFE.

Written by: Culli, Benjamin
Item #: 977686
Price $20.00

Libros Arco bilingüe: La historia de la creación (Bilingual Arch Books: The Story of Creation)

Resumen Este Libro Arco® es un resumen de Genesis 1-2. Anima a los lectores, corona de la creación de Dios, a cuidar de su mundo. Acerca de la serie Los Libros Arco® bilingüe cautivan a los niños con sus ilustraciones coloridas y rimas creativas, en dos idiomas. El…

Written by: Atchinson, Beth
Item #: 166584
Price $3.49

Seven Hymn Preludes, Set 6

Continuing the Seven Hymn Preludes series, this collection of easy-medium difficulty arrangements by Donald Rotermund utilizes a variety of treatments, including trio, bicinium, trumpet tune, and a triptych grouping. Using selective use of key changes, several settings have harmonies that reflect…

Written by: Rotermund, Donald
Item #: 977688
Price $27.00

Even the Sound Waves Obey Him

…14:22—36) Story: Peter walks to Jesus on the water Activity: Cornstarch Sea Zacchaeus Climbs a Tree (Luke 19:1—10) Story: Zacchaeus climbs a tree to see Jesus Activity: Celery Trees Jesus Dies and Rises (Matthew 27:11—28:10) Story: Women go the Jesus' grave after His death…

Written by: Kennedy, Nancy
Item #: 124272
Price $11.99

My Keepsake Bible - For Baby Boys (Blue)

…journey in Christ and early life as a child of God. By God's design, parents are the first faith teachers. As they read these stories with their children, they teach precious lessons about Jesus and nurture their child's faith in Him. This book includes: * a family tree * “about me” baby…

Written by: Ribbons, Lizzie
Item #: 562501
Sale price $11.99

My Keepsake Bible - For Baby Girls (Pink)

…journey in Christ and early life as a child of God. By God's design, parents are the first faith teachers. As they read these stories with their children, they teach precious lessons about Jesus and nurture their child's faith in Him. This book includes: * a family tree * “about me” baby…

Written by: Ribbons, Lizzie
Item #: 562502
Sale price $11.99

With Angels and Archangels (CD)

Recorded in Kramer Chapel on the campus of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana, under the direction of Richard C. Resch.

Written by: The Seminary Kantorei; Richard C. Resch, Director
Item #: 991714
Price $9.99

The Concordia Book of American Carols

This collection of American Christmas carols is derived from various ethnic origins including Hispanic, African, American, Native American, and Euro-American. Select carols include original text as well as English text. Background information introduces you to the history of the carols.

Written by: Schalk, Carl
Item #: 976579
Price $7.50

Jubilate, Vol. 2

This acclaimed series unites the compositional gifts of different composers who have striven to provide creative textures for primarily manuals, interspersing the use of pedal points, slow moving lines, and ostinato patterns. Substantive literature for those who have or have not mastered the use of…

Written by: Kosnik, James
Item #: 977073
Price $18.00

Thirty-Three Hymn Descants and Melodies for Reformation

Another reproducible collection of festive descants by Patricia D. Backhaus, this time focused on hymns with Reformation themes. Each descant is provided over the melody in both C and B-flat. While the descants were written to be idiomatic for trumpet, they may be played by other instruments. The…

Written by: Patricia D. Backhaus
Item #: 977739
Price $50.00
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