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Theology of the Lutheran Confessions

In this classic translation of Theologie Der Lutherischen Bekenntnisschriften, Schlink answers key theological questions as he points to Scripture as the basis of the Lutheran Confessions, which are more than historical documents or expressions of a philosophy. They remain the church's summary…

Written by: Schlink, Edmund
Item #: 155058
Price $35.99

The Structure of Lutheranism

…the writings of Martin Luther, investigating Luther's spatial concept of heaven; his definition of "the right hand of God" and "catholicity"; the reformer's thoughts on math, science, philosophy, and theology; and more. Includes: * The Impact of the Gospel * Dogma and the Church * Philosophy of Life

Written by: Elert, Werner
Item #: 151866
Price $26.99

Confessing the Gospel: A Lutheran Approach to Systematic Theology - 2 Volume Set

Confessing the Gospel: A Lutheran Approach to Systematic Theology is the culmination of a project that began over three decades ago to present the gospel taught in Scripture and confessed in the Lutheran Confessions in light of ecclesiastical developments of both the past and the present. The first…

Item #: 155220
Price $89.99

A Theology to Live By: The Practical Luther for the Practicing Christian

This book assumes that Luther's doctrine, however "abstract" some might consider parts of it to be, is practical in its entirety. From creation, to the fall, to the life under the cross, Preus shows that the story of salvation is knit together as one garment, so that we rejoice in the fullness of…

Written by: Preus, Herman
Item #: 124262
Price $16.99

A Summary of Christian Doctrine NKJV

…ages. Now updated and based on the New King James Version, this classic statement of Lutheran doctrine explores all the major topics of Christian theology and offers university and seminary students a solid foundation for advanced study. Also available in Spanish: Compendio de la Doctrina Cristiana…

Written by: Koehler, Edward
Item #: 124127
Price $29.99

Outlines of Doctrinal Theology (ebook Edition)

…at the seminary master the basics of theology. The key focus of Graebner's work is providing the Biblical foundation of all of Lutheran theology, doing so, as he says in his preface, "With an emphatic refusal to apologize for having nowhere progressed beyond the theology of our orthodox fathers."

Written by: Graebner, A.
Item #: PD0019kin

Theological Commonplaces: On the Nature of Theology (ebook Edition)

In this first volume (of Seventeen) of the Theological Commonplaces series, Johann Gerhard presents a brief introduction on the nature of theology, then addresses the source of all Lutheran doctrine: Holy Scripture. In 28 chapters, Gerhard explores the efficient cause of Scripture and the subject…

Written by: Gerhard, Johann
Item #: 531161kin

Christian Dogmatics, Volume 1

A translation of Christliche Dogmatik, Volume 1 addresses * Nature and character of theology * Holy Scripture * Doctrine of God * Creation * Divine providence * Angelology * Doctrine of man * Sin and evil * and more

Written by: Pieper, Francis
Item #: 151001
Price $39.99

A Lutheran Primer for Preaching: A Theological and Practical Approach to Sermon Writing

…and experienced alike, will benefit from this first-published proposal for a theology of preaching from a distinctly Lutheran perspective. Rev. Dr. Edward Grimenstein outlines this uniquely Lutheran theology for preaching, while at the same time offering a scriptural model for sermon construction…

Written by: Grimenstein, Edward
Item #: 155219
Price $12.99

Pastoral Theology

This book stands as the authority on pastoral responsibility and practice in the parish. Seminary students and pastors in the field learn how to apply both Law and Gospel to specific situations in the church. The topics addressed are * the pastor, the office and the church * the pastor and the Word…

Written by: Mueller, Norbert
Item #: 531007
Price $30.99

The Theology of the Cross for the 21st Century

…available in digital formats, click "Other Formats" above. This book is a collection of essays that explore the significance of Martin Luther's theology of the cross within the context of the various world religions and philosophies. Each contributor describes and interprets this distinctive…

Written by: various authors
Item #: 124101POD
Price $22.99

The Lutheran Difference: God's Word (Downloadable)

…assumptions used in interpreting the Bible, and an appendix of orthodox Lutheran teaching. Author info: Dr. Michael Middendorf is professor of theology at Concordia University, Irvine, CA. The Lutheran Difference series identifies how Lutherans differ from other Christian denominations and shows…

Written by: Middendorf, Michael
Item #: 203572
Price $32.00

Outlines of Doctrinal Theology

…at the seminary master the basics of theology. The key focus of Graebner's work is providing the Biblical foundation of all of Lutheran theology, doing so, as he says in his preface, "With an emphatic refusal to apologize for having nowhere progressed beyond the theology of our orthodox fathers."

Written by: Graebner, A.
Item #: PD0019
Price $31.99

God Words: Intro to Classic Christian Theology

Overview God Words: Intro to Classic Christian Theology helps readers grow in their knowledge and understanding of God's Word. Previously titled Wings of Faith, this book features a series of essays written by various authors including John Johnson, Dean Wenthe, Paul Raabe, and more. Essays include…

Written by: Anthology
Item #: 142129
Price $14.49

Confession and Mission, Word and Sacrament: The Ecclesial Theology of Wilhelm Löhe (ebook Edition)

This book explores the life and theology of Johann Konrad "Wilhelm" Löhe (1808–1872), a German Lutheran pastor who spearheaded mission work in America. Löhe exerted considerable influence on Lutheranism in America through his writings and his recruitment of clergy and missionaries.…

Written by: Ratke, David
Item #: 155048kin

Law and Gospel and the Means of Grace - CLD, Volume 8

In the newest addition to the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics Series, Dr. David Scaer takes up a topic traditional in Lutheran theology – Law and Gospel. His treatment of the topic, though containing nothing new in the way of doctrine, presents the Lutheran understanding of Law and Gospel in a…

Written by: Scaer, David
Item #: 177416
Price $35.99

Law, Life, and the Living God

…of the role of the Law in the Christian's life. The book touches on classic points of discussion in 20th century American theology, such as scriptural authority, theological method, doctrine of the Law and Gospel, and the impact made by existentialism. Download a glossary of terms used in this book…

Written by: Murray, Scott
Item #: 531048
Price $28.99

Luther and His Times

This product is available in digital formats, click "Other Formats" above. Enhanced by illustrations and line drawings, Luther and His Times examines the early years and development of the great reformer of the church. The author examined available primary and secondary source materials in America…

Written by: Schwiebert, Ernest
Item #: 151164
Price $24.99

Teología de la santificación, La espiritualidad del cristiano (The Theology of Sanctification, Christian Spirituality) (ebook Edition)

…en español. This book’s themes are prayer and vocation. It is a part of the Spanish Concordia Theological Library series, which deals with Lutheran systematic theology. The themes on prayer and vocation are analyzed as the result of our justification in Christ and how Christians…

Written by: Sánchez, Leopoldo
Item #: 166387kin

Walther's Works: Pastoral Theology

…and other early books of pastoral theology, Walther’s Pastoral Theology is like a “mutual conversation and consolation of the brethren” in print, dealing with situations that people face in every generation. Walther lays a strong theological foundation for the pastor’s…

Written by: Walther, C.F.W.
Item #: 531217
Price $39.99

History of Theology (ebook Edition)

This book traces the movements and counter-movements of theological thought through the centuries from the New Testament to the present. This work is divided in three parts: * Part 1 addresses the age of the church fathers * Part 2 covers the Middle Ages from Augustine to Luther * Part 3 moves from…

Written by: Hagglund, Bengt
Item #: 155100kin

Theology and Practice of Prayer – CTCR

This report from the Commission on Theology and Church Relations of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod provides a Lutheran perspective of prayer.

Written by: CTCR
Item #: 092623
Price $3.49

The Theology of Post-Reformation Lutheranism Volume II

…Gerhard, Quenstedt, and Hollaz. Because of his focus on doctrine and methodology, Preus is able to give a fair picture of classical Lutheran theology as a whole. The first section of the book on the doctrine of God explores the knowledge of God, His existence and essence, His attributes, and…

Written by: Preus, Robert
Item #: 152123POD
Price $34.99

The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology

…America in the 1800s, proves that the debate over preserving confessional Lutheranism is anything but new. The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology gives you a picture of the definitive nineteenth-century statement of confessional Lutheranism as researched and explained by Charles Krauth, one…

Written by: Porterfield Krauth, Charles
Item #: 155079
Price $38.99
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