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Reading the Lessons: Guidelines for Reading Gods Words in the Worship Service - Free Download

So you've been asked to read the lessons. You are probably familiar with reading the Bible; you may even be comfortable reading aloud in class or Bible study. But reading God's words in the worship service in more than reading the Bible aloud. You, as the lector, have the duty to ensure that the…

Written by: Maschke, Timothy
Item #: 101790
Price $0.00

Hello! It's Halloween (Pack of 50)

Treat Bags sold in packs of 50 This product affords the opportunity to share two gifts with little visitors. Not only can you give them a treat but you can share the gift of Jesus Christ, too. A place is provided for your church to stamp the bags with the name and address on the back. Ideal for home…

Item #: 101329
Price $4.99

An Introduction to the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

The purpose of this booklet is to present: (1) a brief overview of the history, mission, and ministry of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod; (2) a discussion of the foundational Lutheran beliefs as held and taught by the Missouri Synod; and (3) the Missouri Synod's understanding of the nature and…

Written by: Nafzger, Samuel
Item #: 101788
Price $1.99

What about Abortion? - Tract (pack of 25)

…issue from the perspective of our culture's standards. Christians want to be informed about abortion based on the Word of God." To that end, this tract was developed to answer a number of questions about abortion. The questions addressed are * What does God's Word say about abortion? * If abortion…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101728
Price $4.99

Divorce and Remarriage: An Exegetical Study - CTCR

This report from the Commission on Theology and Church Relations of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod was written as an aid for LCMS pastors to use in counseling, with special emphasis on principals provided by Scripture on the subject of divorce and remarriage. View all available CTCR documents

Written by: CTCR
Item #: 092524
Price $3.49

Welcome to the Lord's Table

Welcome to the Lord's Table helps Lutheran confirmands discover the joy and purpose of the Lord's Supper. This objective presentation of the Lord's Supper discusses the Lutheran position on the purpose and nature of this sacrament and encourages its joyful and continued use. Its distinctive Lutheran…

Written by: Melheim, Richard
Item #: 142030
Price $4.99

The Creator's Tapestry - CTCR

This report from the Commission on Theology and Church Relations of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod provides Scriptural Perspectives on Man-Woman Relationships in Marriage and the Church.

Written by: CTCR
Item #: 092620
Price $3.49

Welcome to Our Church: A Handbook for Greeters and Ushers

Overview This handbook for greeters and ushers helps church members learn how to welcome visitors and parishioners in a way that creates a lasting impression of your church and congregation. It's a one-stop, comprehensive guide to the important tasks of church greeters and ushers. This guide enables…

Written by: Schroeder, Annette
Item #: 142158
Price $4.99

Smile! God Loves You (Pack of 50)

Sold in packs of 50 As you hand out those Halloween treats this year, why not add something extra to their bags. This tract provides a means of sharing some good will and a lot of Good News. Share the love of Jesus Christ and invite your little visitors (and their parents) to come to your church or…

Item #: 101328
Price $4.99

Guidelines for Participation in Civic Events - CTCR

Pastors, teachers, and other officially recognized church workers are often asked to participate in activities outside of their own and other LCMS congregations. Some of these are civic events, public gatherings sponsored by a governmental, community or interest agency or group for the temporal good…

Written by: CTCR
Item #: 092613
Price $2.49

Memorial/Thanksgiving Cards

Memorial/Thanksgiving Cards – These attractive cards are great for tract racks To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Item #: LFL1602
Price $0.00

Brief Statement Doctrinal - Position of LCMS

This pamphlet presents the doctrinal position adopted by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in 1932.

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 131121
Price $1.99

Luther's Small Catechism - 1986 Tract Edition (Pack of 12)

These tract size edition of Luther's Small Catechism contains the Six Chief Parts and Daily Prayers. Text is taken from the 1986 translation, which also appears in the 1991 edition of Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation. 4" x 6 1/2". Sold in packages of 12.

Written by: Luther
Item #: 223074
Price $4.99

Individual Confession and Absolution - Tract (rev) (pack of 25)

…and Absolution include: * What Happens in Private Confession and Absolution * Do I Really Need Confessional Absolution * Must I "Tell All"? The Tract also includes a rite of Individual Confession and Absolution based on the Rite in Luther's Small Catechism. A sample copy is contained in the Pastor's…

Item #: 101779
Price $4.99

What about the New Millennium? - Tract (pack of 25)

…consternation and confusion. How fortunate we, as Christians, are that we have God's Word, the Bible, as a source of information and comfort. This tracts answers a number of questions on this subject, such as * Will the world come to an end in the third millennium? * What are the signs of the end…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101722
Price $4.99

What about Christian Stewardship? - Tract (pack of 25)

This tract addresses the subject of stewardship as more than just raising money to meet the church's budget. "To fully appreciate the privilege we have of being Christian stewards, we need to return to those bedrock truths of the Christian faith so that we will continually live in appreciation of…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101714
Price $4.99

How to Meditate on the Passion of Christ - Tract (Pack of 10)

This tract is taken from Martin Luther's writing "A Sermon Concerning Meditation on the Holy Sufferings of Christ". Topics include:* Wrong Ways to Meditate on Christ's Passion * The Right Way to Think about Christ's Passion * The Comfort of Christ's Suffering On April 5, 1519, Martin Luther sent a…

Item #: 101769
Price $4.99

Condoms: The Problem with That Answer - Tract (pack of 25)

Adults of all kinds - parents, teachers, counselors - have accepted the idea that the answer to all the problems related to teenage sexual activity is the condom. But it's the wrong answer! The truth is that the answer to the epidemic of teenage pregnancy and AIDS is not birth control, but…

Written by: Garton, Jean
Item #: 101669
Price $4.99

What about Death and Dying? - Tract (pack of 25)

Death is something we all must deal with at one time or another. This tract "is intended to help you, or someone you know, face death and understand what death is, and how Christians face death and deal with grief." It look at topics such as * What is death? * Is Death Natural? * Why must Christians…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101715
Price $4.99

Same Sex Marriage: Right or Wrong? - Tract (Pack of 10)

Same-sex marriage is one of the most controversial issues facing our society today. Rev. Todd Wilken, host of the nationally-syndicated radio program, Issues, Etc., tackles this topic head-on and in a timely way. Wilken shows from the Bible how God instituted marriage for one man and one woman for…

Written by: Wilken, Todd
Item #: 101772
Price $4.99

What about the Differences between the ELCA and the LCMS? - Tract (pack of 25)

"All Lutherans have a wonderful opportunity to wrestle with the question of what it means to be a confessional Lutheran church in this day and age." Not all Lutheran church bodies have the same view of this question. This trace was prepared to discuss the differences between two branches of American…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101718
Price $4.99

CTCR Response to Expressions of Dissent

The CTCR has received a number of letters and statements from members of the Synod expressing dissent from doctrinal resolutions adopted by the Synod. Some of these letters and statements contain expressions of dissent from more than one doctrinal position and/or resolution of the Synod. Others…

Item #: 092619
Price $2.49

Ministry: Offices, Procedures and Nomenclature - CTCR

This CTCR document studies the scriptural and confessional teachings on the public ministry and other church offices. Includes practical suggestions about procedures and nomenclature. Includes Walther's Theses on the Ministry. View all available CTCR documents

Written by: CTCR
Item #: 092424
Price $3.49

Second Thoughts about Living Together

Overview Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous. (Hebrews 13:4 ESV) If there is one thing that all parish pastors have in common that proves time and again to be a persistent and vexing problem, it is the…

Written by: Harrison, Matthew
Item #: 101773
Price $3.99
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