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Stepping Out: To a Life on the Edge

…one's personal reading, and it is a great book for a small group Bible study. The questions at the end of each chapter are perfect for initiating heartfelt conversations and further Bible study. Why not step out, invite some women to your home, and start a book discussion? This is the perfect book…

Written by: Burma, Deb
Item #: 124412
Price $15.99

Great Women of the Bible: lll

…four-session, small-group Bible study series, participants will look at the lives of only the most familiar women in God's Word. From Eve, the first woman, to those women who helped Jesus' apostles, participants will see God's grace in action as He calls and leads these women in their daily lives.…

Item #: 203400
Price $7.99

A New Song Book: Save Me, O My God!

…individual (five per week) and weekly group Bible studies, prayers, hymn stanzas, and journaling space. Contributors include: Jane Fryar, Jane Wilke, Rose Adle, Judith Meyer, Carla Fast, Terry Kieschnick, and Cynda Strong. Learn more about these women and their experiences in A New Song! Visit…

Written by: Fryar, Jane
Item #: 203440
Price $9.99

The Life You Crave: It's All About Grace

…* Discussion questions for each chapter * Accessible to all people of all faiths * Anecdotes from contemporary everyday life, history, and the Bible * Directs reader to apply Scripture to his or her life About the Author Michael Newman has served in pastoral ministry for over twenty-five years…

Written by: Newman, Michael
Item #: 124444
Price $12.99

Living a Chocolate Life

…a Bible verse to memorize, chocolate trivia, and suggestions for group activities. Answers are provided in the back. Created for women 18 years and older, this study is ideal for women who have never attended a Bible study, or for women who are looking for a different type of Bible study. Savor…

Written by: Burma, Deb
Item #: 204192
Sale price $8.99

Servants of the Lord: Bible Enrichment Guide for Women

As you study what God reveals to us in His Word about these six servants of the Lord—Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Esther, Mary Magdalene, and Dorcas—the Holy Spirit will work* to assure you of the forgiveness and eternal life Jesus won for you on the cross* to affirm your service to God and…

Written by: Baden, Marian
Item #: 202601
Price $8.99

The God of All Comfort

Overview Eight Lessons about Hope in Christ: A Women's Small-Group Bible Study "For as we share abundantly in Christ’s sufferings, so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too." 2 Corinthians 1:5 Life is hard. And really hard for some of us. We suffer, grow discouraged, and struggle with…

Written by: Pyle, Donna
Item #: 203998
Price $14.99

Mirror, Mirror

…of the cross, in the reflection of His Son, with the eyes of love. This Bible study will encourage you to see yourself this way, too. Designed as a women’s small group study, Mirror, Mirror not only delves into the Bible, it also asks you to make personal applications to your own life. Lessons…

Written by: Senechal, Susan
Item #: 204194
Price $9.99

God Is in the Laundry Room

…Room is a reminder that when we seek the Lord with our whole heart, we find Him everywhere . . . even in the laundry room. This eight-session Bible study takes you beyond merely filling in the right answers. Instead, it challenges you to dig a little deeper, explore a little further, and make…

Written by: Senechal, Susan
Item #: 203939
Price $9.99

Coffee with the Savior

Who is this product for? Women spend time with those they love and want to get to know better. They drink coffee with them, share stories, and study God’s Word together. And God invites us to do the same with Him. So grab your latte, your friends, and your Bible and spend time with your Savior. What…

Written by: Myers, Kristen
Item #: 203485
Price $9.99

Heroes of the Faith: Inquiring Heroes of the Faith

…Eunuch As you progress through the 6-session study, you will learn how God chooses ordinary people – people like you – to do His extraordinary work. This study is part of the Heroes of Faith Bible study series that highlights men and women in the Bible who overcame extraordinary difficulties.…

Written by: Dunker, Gary
Item #: 203600
Price $8.99

You and Me, Lord - Downloadable

…included at the end of the study. Suitable for group or individual use. About CPH Downloadable Bible Studies Downloadable Bible studies are available immediately for download after purchase. They are also reproducible so you can make as many copies as you need for your study group. To view your…

Written by: Sims, Carolyn
Item #: 202603pdf
Price $32.00

Heroes of the Faith: Quiet Heroes of the Faith (Downloadable)

…people like you – to do His extraordinary work. This study is part of the Heroes of Faith Bible study series that highlights men and women in the Bible who overcame extraordinary difficulties. Leaders guide is included. Downloadable Bible studies are quick and budget friendly. There are no shipping…

Written by: Borst, Steven
Item #: 203558
Price $32.00

Christian Life Today: Men, Women, and Relationships - Downloadable

…Downloadable Bible studies are quick and budget friendly. There are no shipping charges and no more waiting for them to be delivered. Each study is available immediately after purchase. The studies are also reproducible which allows you to make as many copies as you need for your Bible study group.…

Written by: Bartlett, Linda
Item #: 204035
Price $32.00

A Work in Progress

Overview How do I make myself better? To strive for personal betterment is a common and noble mission. Designed for small groups, high-school age and up, A Work in Progress: A Scriptural Course toward Self-Improvement addresses the desire for self-improvement and puts God’s Word at the center…

Written by: Krazl, Carla
Item #: 204184
Price $14.99

Life of Jesus: Parables

…teachings. Each study includes 12 stand-alone lessons. Each book includes teacher notes and student sheets which include an opening activity, related Scripture, discussion and application questions. Parables is a 12-session study which gives participants the opportunity to study the parables Jesus…

Written by: Mueller, Steven
Item #: 203225
Price $9.99

LifeLight: Ruth/Esther - Study Guide

…This study is part of the LifeLight Bible study series of in-depth studies of Bible books. The goal of LifeLight is that through a regular program of in-depth personal and group study of Scripture, more and more Christian adults may grow in their personal faith in Jesus Christ. Session 1: Women of…

Written by: Dunker, Gary
Item #: 203659
Price $9.99

Ruth: More Than a Love Story

…Naomi, and Boaz * Intended for personal or group study * Seven chapters; Appendix A gives answers to Bible study questions; Appendix B is the author’s translation of the Book of Ruth; Bibliography features books for reference or further study About the Author Deaconess Elizabeth Ahlman…

Written by: Ahlman, Elizabeth
Item #: 204179
Price $14.99

Divine Design DVD Kit

…robe of righteousness and eternal life with God. He has begun a spiritual makeover in you! For individuals and small groups, this eight-week Bible study contains true stories and encouragement that will change you, transform you, and make you new! Kit contains: 1 Divine Design DVD 5 Divine Design…

Item #: 203765
Price $79.99

Love's Priceless Gift

Love's Priceless Gift, based on John 3:16, recounts God's pursuit of us in love. This four-lesson Bible study offers incredible insight and fresh clarity into one of the most well-loved passages in all of Scripture. Fall in love all over again through the One who first loved us.

Written by: Pyle, Donna
Item #: LWML68941POD
Price $5.00

Our Hope and Future

Our Hope and Future, based on Jeremiah 29:11-12, brings us this question: are you concerned about the future? This four-week study helps us walk through Scripture to gain insight by replacing worries of the world with God's truth and reassurance. Discover God's plans for a life of hope, faith and…

Written by: Pyle, Donna
Item #: LWML68940POD
Price $5.00

A New Song: Planted By Streams of Water - Small Group DVD Kit

…individual (five per week) and weekly group Bible studies, prayers, hymn stanzas, and journaling space. Contributors include: Jane Fryar, Jane Wilke, Rose Adle, Nicole Dreyer, Rachel Hoyer, Julie Stiegemeyer, and Ruth Koch. Learn more about these women and their experiences inside A New Song! Visit…

Item #: 203434
Price $59.99

Your Strong Suit DVD Bible Study with Workbook

NEW LOWER PRICE! This eight week, verse-by-verse study of the armor of God details the incredible protection that God has provided to His children. Even though we may not like discussing spiritual warfare, it is necessary because it is real. Spiritual warfare has the potential to rob us of peace and…

Item #: LWML68930
Price $40.00

Pew Sisters

This 12-session Bible study for women “goes and tells what God has done” in the lives of real women in the church today. From alcoholism to postpartum depression to cancer, twelve different women generously share the story of God’s faithfulness in their lives for the consolation of their sisters in…

Written by: Schuermann, Katie
Item #: 204152
Sale price $10.99
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