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Starck's Prayer Book

Overview Since 1921, the Concordia Edition of Starck's Prayer Book has encouraged thousands of Christians in their personal prayer lives. This updated edition provides a comprehensive collection of prayers and meditations that speak to contemporary Christians while preserving the richness and depth…

Written by: Starck, Johann
Item #: 124306
Price $20.99

Concordia Gospel Outreach Children's Simply Christmas Donation

…items. It’s about the birth of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross and rose again to give you everlasting life! When you donate $5 to the Simply CHRISTmas campaign during November and December, you will provide an at-risk child with a book about this amazing Christmas story.…

Item #: CGO1005
Price $5.00

Spanish Mission Bundle (Set of 47)

…tenga planeado un viaje misionero para las vacaciones de primavera? Si el promedio de un equipo misionero es de unas 15 personas ¡serian $5 c/u para hacer una diferencia significativa en la vida de 50 niños al compartirles el Evangelio de su Salvador Jesucristo! Includes 50 Spanish…

Item #: 166527
Price $140.53

Isaiah 2 - People's Bible Commentary

Overview Christ-centered Bible truths unfold as you read this complete series of commentaries designed for spiritual growth and reading enjoyment. These trustworthy commentaries help you comprehend what you've read in Scripture as well as apply it to your life. These commentaries offer: *…

Item #: 128055
Price $13.99

Casiodoro de Reina, Patriarca del Protestantismo Hispano (Casiodoro de Reina, Patriarch of Hispanic Protestantism)

Hasta donde se sabe, este libro es el primer intento de tener en un solo documento algunos escritos en lengua castellana del reformador español Casiodoro de Reina. En esta obra se describen los acontecimientos más importantes de su vida, y su colosal esfuerzo de poner a disposición de los pueblos…

Written by: Rosales, Raymond
Item #: 166496
Price $12.99

The Visit of the Wise Men

Through gentle verse and rich illustrations, children hear an accurate portrayal of the Magi, dispelling misunderstandings that put three Wise Men at Jesus' birthplace. This wonderful read-to-me book explains that the Magi were educated men who recognized that divine signs of the Messiah's birth.…

Written by: Jander, Martha
Item #: 562427
Price $14.99

Prime Time Preaching

A collection of eight sermon outlines with suggested Bible readings, children's messages, bulletin ideas, and other worship helps including a chancel drama, choral reading and Bible study. This book addresses today's "prime time" topics including prejudice, violence, unemployment, divorce, helping…

Written by: Weisheit, Eldon
Item #: 123327
Price $12.99

Today's Light Journal

Document your Bible discoveries in the Today's Light Journal, a spiral-bound notebook that helps you personalize and meditate on the daily Scriptures. Each lined page includes a devotional thought to help you get started.

Item #: 011941
Price $12.99

What about Homosexuality? - Tract (pack of 25)

This tract is intended to help Christians answer some questions about homosexuality. Those questions include * What does God say about homosexuality in His Word, the Bible? * What is the church's message to persons who are homosexual? * What can Christians do for the families of homosexuals? * How…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101710
Price $4.99

What about Islam? - Tract (pack of 25)

“The word ‘Islam’ comes from an Arabic word, salama, that has a double meaning: ‘to surrender’ and ‘to be at peace.’ A ‘Muslim’ is a person who surrenders his entire life to the will of Allah.” In witnessing to members of other religious…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101724
Price $4.99

What about the Jehovah's Witnesses? - Tract (pack of 25)

In witnessing to member of other religious groups, it is important to approach them with facts, as well as compassion and love. This tract offers some basic information about the Jehovah's Witnesses and some practical suggestions for witnessing to them. This offering contains information on * Who…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101726
Price $4.99

What about Abortion? - Tract (pack of 25)

"Abortion is one of the most significant moral issues of our day. Emotions run very deep when it comes to this issue. It is tempting to consider this issue from the perspective of our culture's standards. Christians want to be informed about abortion based on the Word of God." To that end, this…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101728
Price $4.99

What about the Sacrament of the Altar? - Tract (pack of 25)

The Sacrament of the Altar is a gift from God to help us through our earthly journey. This tract uses traditional hymns, Biblical references and a number of questions to explore the Sacrament of the Altar, Holy Communion, or the Lord's Supper * Why do we need the Lord's Supper? * What is Jesus…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101735
Price $4.99

Visiting the Sick and Distressed (Pack of 10)

This laminated card contains the order of service for Visiting the Sick and Distressed as presented in the LSB Pastoral Companion This is meant to be left with the patient and/or the family.

Item #: 101786
Price $4.99

Running the Race of Faith

Teens often struggle to find meaning and a sense of purpose. This eight-week devotional journal guides teens step-by-step through Hebrews 12:1-2, offering practical applications to real life. Daily readings include relevant Scripture passages, questions for reflection, and a challenge for action.…

Written by: Ausenhus, Pam
Item #: 124028
Price $10.99

Play, Pray and Hooray

This resource features 40 Christ-centered devotions organized for classroom use during the various months of the school year—September through June. Songs, enrichment activities, and patterns are also included. The devotions and activities bring repeated emphasis to Christ as the Savior who…

Written by: Friedrich, Elizabeth
Item #: 124146
Price $11.99

50 Bible Activities for Creative Minds

This book features 50 activity starters for teachers in Sunday School and day school settings that will help children see the application between Bible characters and events and topics of faith. Included are bookmarks, puzzle grids, riddles, travel brochures, film strips, T-shirts, board games,…

Written by: Hosch, Jenifer
Item #: 124153
Price $11.99

The Christian Babysitter's Handbook, 3rd edition

Overview This resource helps babysitters process anything they may face on the job, such as common questions and situations that come up. Be ready and confident with a response or action that is appropriate for the circumstance! This book includes 15 chapters that offer important information to…

Written by: Fletcher, Sarah
Item #: 124273
Price $10.99

Luke - People's Bible Commentary

Christ-centered Bible truths unfold as you read this complete series of commentaries designed for spiritual growth and reading enjoyment. These trustworthy commentaries help you comprehend what you've read in Scripture as well as apply it to your life. These commentaries offer: * Easy-to-read…

Written by: Prange, Victor
Item #: 128228
Price $15.99

When Addictions Threaten

Written from a Biblical perspective, the booklet discusses the addictive nature of sin and offers practical suggestions for those threatened. It provides brief, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use Christian presentations of various destructive substances and behavior addictions and the help available…

Written by: Knippel, Charles
Item #: 142123
Price $6.99

Sígueme, Preparando luteranos para la confirmación y el discipulado (Follow Me, Preparing Lutherans for Confirmation and Discipleship)

15 lecciones para instruir a nuevos miembros en la Iglesia Luterana. Ideal también para cursos de confirmación. Sólo disponible en español. 15 lessons for the instruction of new members in the Lutheran Church. It is also ideal for confirmation. Only available in Spanish.

Written by: Brondos, David
Item #: 165011
Price $7.99

Respondiendo a religiones seudo-cristianas (Responding to Pseudo-Christian Religions)

Respondiendo a nuevas religiones "cristianas", los Testigos de Jehová y a los Santos de los Últimos Días. Brevemente y en forma sencilla esta obra expone la historia de estos grupos y sus actividades de hoy en día. Este libro le ayudará a conocer a estos grupos no…

Written by: Lochhaas
Item #: 166077
Price $8.99

Los Pentecostales y Carismáticos (The Pentecostals and Charismatics)

Basándose en las Escrituras, el autor muestra cómo estos movimientos no siguen la verdad bíblica básica de justificación por la fe. También presenta la teología bíblica del Espíritu Santo. Sólo disponible en español. Basing all conclusions upon Scripture, the author shows how these popular movements…

Written by: Clement, Arthur
Item #: 166141
Price $8.99

El Salvador que Dios envió (The Savior That God Sent)

"Éste es el niño Jesús, calentito y abrigado estaba envuelto con todo amor, por sábanas pobres y rasgadas. Él es el Salvador que el buen Dios nos enviara." Este creativo libro presenta la historia de Navidad en una forma singular. Repitiendo frases en rima, la historia se va edificando agregando…

Written by: Rainbolt, Kelly
Item #: 166269
Price $7.99
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