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Pew Sisters

This 12-session Bible study for women “goes and tells what God has done” in the lives of real women in the church today. From alcoholism to postpartum depression to cancer, twelve different women generously share the story of God’s faithfulness in their lives for the consolation of their sisters in…

Written by: Schuermann, Katie
Item #: 204152
Sale price $12.99

The Life You Crave: It's All About Grace

Overview Do you ever wonder what your next step should be? If there is more to life? Do you crave something better? More than security or wealth success or popularity, what we really need is to be loved, to matter. But with all our inner strength and the world’s create-your-own destiny…

Written by: Newman, Michael
Item #: 124444
Price $12.99

Living a Chocolate Life

Overview Living a Chocolate Life is a women's Bible study that warmly invites all to savor God’s rich and endless supply of grace in Christ. Whether you're sampling bitter nuggets of pain to sweet morsels of joy, this study reminds you that the Holy Spirit fills us with sweet faith in our…

Written by: Burma, Deb
Item #: 204192
Sale price $8.99

Mirror, Mirror

Overview Do you like what you see in the mirror? If you said no, you aren’t alone. Many of us just see the wrinkles or muffin top or bony elbows. We try to cover it up with makeup or just don’t look in the mirror at all. But the truth is that we don’t see ourselves the way God sees…

Written by: Senechal, Susan
Item #: 204194
Sale price $8.99

Bless These Lips

Oops. A mouth mishap. The words just slipped out, and there is no taking them back. Words are powerful. They can build up or tear down. They can affirm and teach or criticize and condemn. By God’s grace, a mouth makeover can improve our relationships and affect our attitude toward life. Our words…

Written by: Fritz, Sharla
Item #: 203999
Sale price $12.99

Joyfully Aging: A Christian’s Guide

…anatomical, not musical version—when the only polite answer to that query is 'Fine,” however great the fib. For all who have a hard time dealing with years that should truly be golden in the best sense, Rich Bimler comes to the rescue in these pages with his trademark blend of wit,…

Written by: Bimler, Richard
Item #: 124408
Price $15.99

The God of All Comfort

Overview Eight Lessons about Hope in Christ: A Women's Small-Group Bible Study "For as we share abundantly in Christ’s sufferings, so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too." 2 Corinthians 1:5 Life is hard. And really hard for some of us. We suffer, grow discouraged, and struggle with…

Written by: Pyle, Donna
Item #: 203998
Sale price $12.99

Casiodoro de Reina, Patriarca del Protestantismo Hispano (Casiodoro de Reina, Patriarch of Hispanic Protestantism)

Hasta donde se sabe, este libro es el primer intento de tener en un solo documento algunos escritos en lengua castellana del reformador español Casiodoro de Reina. En esta obra se describen los acontecimientos más importantes de su vida, y su colosal esfuerzo de poner a disposición de los pueblos…

Written by: Rosales, Raymond
Item #: 166496
Price $12.99

The Real Story of the Flood

Overview Paul L. Maier gives children a biblical, historically accurate description of the Flood. Illustrations by Robert T. Barrett add realism and perspective to the story of faithful believer Noah and his family who obeyed God and were preserved from death and destruction. In eloquent,…

Written by: Maier, Paul
Item #: 562408
Price $17.99

The Real Story of The Exodus

God cares for His people and provides for our needs, great and small. Share the story of God's faithful followers and discover how Moses leads the Israelites out of slavery and into the Promised Land. This newest book in The Real Story series portrays the journey of the flight, the Passover, and the…

Written by: Maier, Paul
Item #: 562409
Price $17.99

God Made It for You!: The Creation Story

From beginning to end, God has a perfect plan for His creation. Whether He was creating light, plants, animals, or man and woman, He did it knowing that His highest creation would need a Savior. God Made It for You! ties the creation and salvation stories together, helping children see how God…

Written by: Lehmann, Charles
Item #: 562414
Price $15.99

The Visit of the Wise Men

Through gentle verse and rich illustrations, children hear an accurate portrayal of the Magi, dispelling misunderstandings that put three Wise Men at Jesus' birthplace. This wonderful read-to-me book explains that the Magi were educated men who recognized that divine signs of the Messiah's birth.…

Written by: Jander, Martha
Item #: 562427
Price $14.99

The Wonder of Christmas

By posing open-ended questions, The Wonder of Christmas draws young readers into the events of the night Jesus was born. From the heavenly Father's determination that the time was just right to the angel's announcement to the shepherds, this graceful poem appeals to children's unquenchable…

Written by: Daley Mackall, Dandi
Item #: 562445
Price $14.99

Letters From a Pastor's Heart

Overview What does it mean to be pastoral? Throughout his twenty-five years immersed in congregational life and the inner workings of the The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison learned a humbling thing or two about ministering to the people of God. Being a pastor…

Item #: 124505
Price $12.99

The Very First Christians

Like most 12-year-olds, Chris has a lot of questions. When his grandfather visits, Chris turns to him for answers. This book presents an overview of the book of Acts, featuring events and characters such as Pentecost, Peter, Stephen, the conversion of Saul, and Paul's missionary journeys. The third…

Written by: Maier, Paul
Item #: 562153
Price $16.49

Best-Loved Parables of Jesus

Overview Teach children Jesus' parables with the Best-Loved Parables of Jesus Arch Book, a 50th anniversary edition that includes six complete Arch Book favorites: * The Wise and Foolish Builders * The Parable of the Talents * The Parable of the Lost Sheep * The Lost Coin * The Story of the Good…

Written by: Various
Item #: 592272
Price $9.99

Praying Luther's Small Catechism

Overview That little book called Luther’s Small Catechism is the one you see stacked in church classrooms and tucked under teenage arms, filled with their scribbles and spiritual growth. Decades later, the same small book is often collecting dust on shelves in Christian homes around the world.…

Written by: Pless, John
Item #: 124490
Price $8.99

Amazing Tales and Strange Stories from the Bible

Who is this product for? Kids can discover incredible adventure and extreme accounts that seem beyond imagination right in the pages of God’s true Word. Parents and teachers looking to capture kids imaginations with all the possibilities of God’s power and wonder will especially appreciate this…

Written by: Doyle, Christopher
Item #: 562466
Price $15.99

Bible Birds and Beasties

Overview Did you hear about the donkey who talked? Or the man who lived inside a big fish? Children will love this collection of best-loved Bible stories featuring all kinds of animals. Explore the stories of Noah, Jonah, Daniel, and Jesus, plus some fun surprises! Featured Stories Creatures Great…

Written by: Lane, Leena
Item #: 562473
Price $14.99

Hope Notes: Devotions for Women

Overview Because our hope is in the Lord, who never changes and never abandons us, we can “abound in hope” (Romans 15:13). We are not alone! This collection of 45 devotions offers words of hope and encouragement from six past presidents of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.…

Written by: LWML Past Presidents
Item #: 124455
Price $6.99

Godly and Girly

Overview “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? ... For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.” 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17b Preteen girls are so caught up in how they look, who they are, and what others think of them. Through…

Written by: Marsh, Lacy
Item #: 124433
Price $10.99

Quenched: Christ’s Living Water for a Thirsty Soul

Overview What quenches your thirst? Wealth or health? Career or activities? Or do these things still leave you with a certain level of dehydration? Perhaps right now you’re experiencing a detour through a spiritual desert. Perhaps you see the dry, cracked road ahead and feel like giving up.…

Written by: Pyle, Donna
Item #: 124441
Price $15.99

Large Print Bible Word Search – Volume 1

Down time becomes Bible time with over 125 Bible-based word searches. Work out your brain and strengthen your soul, but take it easy on your eyes with the large print. Using language from the King James Version, each puzzle focuses on a Bible story or set of verses, pulling out important words for…

Item #: 124484
Price $9.99

Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare in America

Overview A fascinating and unnerving book, Afraid is a must-read that equips Christians to recognize the devil’s influence in our society. Robert Bennett describes real events and actual confessions people have shared with him of demonic encounters—in America, in our modern age.…

Written by: Bennett, Robert
Item #: 124463
Price $14.99
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