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Defending the Right to Choose?

…to choosing an abortion—the killing of an unborn child for any reason or no reason at all. Defending the “right to choose” requires knowledge of abortion. The purpose of this booklet is to help people understand what defending the “right to choose” involves. (Warning: contains graphic images.) To…

Item #: LFL124T
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Abortion Is...the "Greatest Threat..."

Abortion Is . . . – Linda Bartlett explores how, according to Mother Teresa, abortion is "the greatest destroyer of peace" in our world today. She also encourages support for Lutherans For Life. A contribution form is included as part of the brochure To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please…

Written by: Bartlett, Linda
Item #: LFL119T
Price $0.00

Word of Hope

Word of Hope – Abortion. It’s so painful. It’s an experience that goes beyond our physical and emotional being. It penetrates deep into the heart of our spiritual life. The pain just doesn’t go away. This brochure offers information on LFL’s Word of Hope post-abortion ministry, which offers…

Item #: LFL404T
Price $0.00

Memorial Service for the Victims of Abortion

A Memorial Service for the Pre-born Killed Since 1973 is a somber but meaningful service remembering the victims of abortion. Best suited as a separate service apart from Sunday morning worship—perhaps on the eve of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit…

Item #: LFL1830
Price $0.50

A Love for Life

…on the abortion question. It will also take a critical and biblically-based look at the arguments and theologies of today's most prominent pro-choice clergy. And it will determine if abortion really fulfills the will of God, as many pro-choice Christians believe, or whether abortion is a clearly…

Written by: Di Mauro, Dennis
Item #: LFL215B
Price $16.00

No More Weeping

This booklet is written for those who are suffering from an abortion decision. Author Linda Bartlett says, “Only God can heal the sin of abortion. As the Creator of life, only He can forgive the wrongful taking of a life. The Creator of life is also our Father and, unlike our earthly father…

Written by: Bartlett, Linda
Item #: LFL408
Price $2.00

Real Love/Real Life

Real Love / Real Life - This unique 30" x 6" 10-panel fold out brochure covers fetal development, abortion facts, love and friendship, teen pregnancy, STDs, purity/chastity and sexuality, and safe choices. Full color! To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Item #: LFL615T
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Discrimination and Abortion

Discrimination and AbortionAbortion discriminates against children in the womb. It denies them their civil rights, and it denies them the basic right to life. Are African-American babies at greater risk of such discrimination? Some of the data would suggest that they are! By Rev. Dr. James I.…

Item #: LFL116T
Price $0.50

Grandparents and Abortion

Grandparents and Abortion – Grandparents of preborn children can make a difference when they respond in love. By Linda D. Bartlett. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Written by: Bartlett, Linda
Item #: LFL117T
Price $0.50

The Annunciation and Abortion

The Annunciation and Abortion – A review of the Annunciation and Visitation of Mary and the Incarnation of Jesus Christ offers historical witness of the Church and helps us answer the question, “When does life begin?” By Rev. Edward Fehskens. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit…

Written by: Fehskens, Rev. Edward
Item #: LFL202T
Price $0.50

Is Abortion an Election Issue?

Is Abortion an Election Issue? – So often we hear people who oppose abortion still talk about it as if it is no different than tax cuts or Social Security. It is much different. It is not even on the same plane! Abortion is a sin. Abortion is a sin against the Author and Giver of Life. That makes…

Item #: LFL118T
Price $0.50

The Soul Wound of Abortion

…our society, for those who have had an abortion or have been affected by an abortion decision, there is a Word of Hope—Lutherans For Life’s healing ministry. Word of Hope connects men and women “soul wounded” through the act of abortion to the forgiveness and healing that…

Written by: Schroeder, Diane
Item #: LFL408T
Price $0.00

Women, Abortion and the Church

Women, Abortion, and the Church: Responsibilities and Rights – Using situation ethics, even some Christians conclude that abortion is the compassionate solution—the lesser of two evils. Why, asks author Dr. Jean Garton should we offer a woman an evil of any sort? To learn more about Lutherans For…

Written by: Garton, Jean
Item #: LFL201A
Price $0.50

Abortion in Perspective - CTCR

…prepared by the Social Concerns Committee of the Commission on Theology and Church Relations of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod studies the abortion issue from medical, legal and theological perspectives. It reflects on spiritual care and responses in the political sphere and makes suggestions…

Written by: CTCR
Item #: 092450
Price $3.49

A Lutheran Catechism on Abortion and Life

A Lutheran Catechism on Abortion and Life – A question and answer primer on abortion and life in the format of Luther’s Small Catechism. Unlimited educational use! Written by David A. Kaufmann, Ph.D., F.A.C.S.M. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Written by: David A. Kaufmann PH.D.F.A.C.S.M.
Item #: LFL104B
Price $1.00

Is Abortion Allowed in Cases of Rape or Incest?

Is Abortion Allowed in Cases of Rape or Incest? – Dr. Jean Garton, co-founder and President emeritus of Lutherans For Life, takes a look at abortion in cases of rape and incest through this brief study of 2 Kings 14:6. Section headings include The Child of Rape, The Godless Act of Rape, Abortion vs.…

Written by: Garton, Jean
Item #: LFL132T
Price $0.50

Abortion and the Message of the Church: Sin or Salvation

Abortion and the Message of the Church: Sin or Salvation? – Dr. James Lamb shows that throughout history the Church has called abortion sin. Only recently have some started calling abortion salvation—a way out of a difficult situation (but it is not a way out). It only creates guilt and despair to…

Item #: LFL205T
Price $0.50

Making Abortion Unthinkable: The Art of Pro-Life Persuasion Video & CD-ROM

Making Abortion Unthinkable: The Art of Pro-Life Persuasion (Video & CD-ROM) with Gregory Koukl and Scott Klusendorf. This interactive resource, produced by Stand to Reason, is an engaging, easy-to-follow, well-reasoned, “plug and play” seminar with all you need to train a group in the art of…

Item #: LFL104AV
Price $49.95

After the Abortion, There Is Hope in His Healing

After the Abortion There is Hope in His Healing – This booklet offers hope to those who are struggling with an abortion decision. “Today can be a new beginning for you. God doesn’t want you to carry around the baggage of your sins. He doesn’t desire that you be anxious or angry. He wants to lift you…

Written by: Bartlett, Linda; Fehskens, Rev. Edward
Item #: LFL405B
Price $1.00

What about Abortion? - Tract (pack of 25)

…say about abortion? * If abortion is legal in the United States, how can the church oppose it? * Why is the church involving itself in a personal decision? * Has the Christian church always been opposed to abortion? * Why do some churches take a weak position on abortion? * Isn't abortion acceptable…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101728
Price $4.99

Hope for Broken Hearts - The Gospel and Post-Abortion Syndrome DVD

…with Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, examines how the Gospel of Jesus Christ speaks so powerfully to women and men struggling in the aftermath of an abortion. It offers ways for congregations to create an "atmosphere of hope" so those who carry this burden will feel safe and welcomed. "Hope for Broken…

Item #: LFL1407DVD
Price $5.00

For Men Only: Reflecting on the Meaning of Life Choices

For Men Only - Many babies could be saved if the father would realize that his unborn baby about to be aborted is a living, growing human being. This brochure explains all of the current abortion methods and complications. A Scriptural insert (by Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb) from Lutherans For Life is…

Item #: LFL303T
Price $0.50

Broken Walls

…opposed to abortion, but . . .” A lack of understanding of what abortion is and what abortion does leads to such thinking. One of the reasons for the lack of understanding is that many in the Church whitewash the truth about abortion. Some do it actively and whitewash abortion with religiously…

Item #: LFL209T
Price $0.50
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