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The Reason I Believe: The Basics of Christian Apologetics

…defence of biblical faith.” —Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Director, International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism, and Human Rights, Strasbourg, France “The word apologetics scares a lot of people, because they think that refers to an exceedingly intellectual treatment of…

Written by: Quist, Allen
Item #: 124517
Sale price $10.99

Why I Am a Lutheran

Through a blend of understandable explanations and real-life stories, Why I Am a Lutheran explores the foundational teachings of the Christian church. In each chapter, Daniel Preus calls upon more than twenty years of pastoral experience to reveal Jesus as the center of the Christian faith. As he…

Written by: Preus, Daniel
Item #: 124194
Sale price $15.99

Making the Case for Christianity: Responding to Modern Objections

…carefully reasoned and clearly written defense of some of the central truth-claims of historic Christianity. This collection of helpful and timely apologetics essays responds specifically to some of the popular and controversial claims made by various current critics of Christianity. This volume…

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 531208
Price $21.99

The Defense Never Rests - Second Edition

…Alvin J. Schmidt, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Illinois College, Jacksonville, Illinois About the Author Craig A. Parton is a trial lawyer in California. A popular conference speaker in the field of apologetics, Parton teaches in France each year at the International Academy of Apologetics.

Written by: Parton, Craig
Item #: 124470
Price $12.99

Faith That Sees Through the Culture

…graduate of Concordia University, Irvine (BA), and Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana (MDiv). He received an MA in Christian apologetics from Biola University (2001) and a PhD in theology from the University of Birmingham (England) in 2009. His most cherished service is being a…

Written by: Espinosa, Alfonso
Item #: 124547
Price $14.99

Life's Big Questions, God's Big Answers

Who is this product for? Youth who want straight answers about faith. Seventy percent of church youth left home after high school and then left the Church according to a 2002 Barna poll. When asked for the reason for leaving the church, 32 percent (in an open ended question) listed intellectual…

Written by: Alles, Brad
Item #: 203486
Sale price $8.99

Faith on the Edge: Science and the Savior: Advancing to the Future

(6 Sessions) Science and the Savior explores how scientists may serve their Creator through understanding and explaining the wonders of His creation. Chapters include: * God’s Intentions for Science * Science as Sub-creation * How Theology Gave Birth to Modern Science * Science Serves Our…

Written by: Menuge, Angus
Item #: 203284
Price $9.99

The Reason I Believe: The Basics of Christian Apologetics


…defence of biblical faith.” —Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Director, International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism, and Human Rights, Strasbourg, France “The word apologetics scares a lot of people, because they think that refers to an exceedingly intellectual treatment of…

Item #: 124517kin

One Word, many writings

A Study of the Origins of Religious Writings. In a culture where it doesn’t seem to matter what you believe, it is imperative that Christians can recognize His Word over the many other writings available. This Bible study digs into the source and origins of other popular holy writings and…

Written by: Francisco, Adam
Item #: 203973
Price $16.99

Why Should I Trust the Bible?

…the truth with our family, friends, and neighbors in truth and love whether online or offline. I pray that this is the first in a series of apologetic books.” —Seth R. Hinz, Assistant to the President—Web/Media Director, LCMS Michigan District About the Author A. Trevor Sutton…

Written by: Sutton, A. Trevor
Item #: 124476
Sale price $9.99

One Christ, Many Creeds

It's easy to think all Christians believe the same doctrine, but the differences are astounding. Baptism, Communion, and free will are all examples of some of the major differences among Christian denominations. In One Christ, Many Creeds, the teachings of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and…

Written by: Rottmann, Erik
Item #: 223096
Price $16.99

Faith on the Edge: The Quest For Spirituality

(6 Sessions) The Quest for Spirituality discusses some of the most popular and growing "alternative" spiritual pursuits today. Topics include: * Extrasensory Perception (ESP) * Paranormal and psychic phenomena * Astrology * Meditation and contemplation * Wicca * Health practices such as yoga and…

Written by: Francisco, Adam
Item #: 203281
Price $9.99

5 Things You Can Do to Witness Christ

About The Series The You Can Do It Series encourages and equips believers to live out life as a disciple of Jesus Christ, being formed and shaped by God’s Word. Written in a clear and encouraging style, each of these topical books gives Christians achievable goals for strengthening their faith…

Written by: Sias, John
Item #: 155202
Price $7.99

Starting at the End

FREE discussion guide available here. Worldview, God’s Word, & Your Future People have great interest in defending their faith as well as knowing what the future holds, and for good reason. Is there any more intriguing topic than the future? Will humankind exterminate itself, come together…

Written by: Alles, Brad
Item #: 203997
Price $9.99

One God, many gods

Know what your religion means in today's world. Christianity and fourteen other religious faiths are examined and compared, with a goal of identifying the central teachings of each and providing some tools for Christians who encounter people of other faiths in their daily lives. This Bible study…

Written by: Francisco, Adam
Item #: 203406
Price $16.99

One Truth, Many Lies

A Study of Heresies in the Church Heresies and false teachings have plagued the Christian Church from her earliest days, but few realize how these false teachings still impact the Church today. This Bible study explores significant false truths in the history of the Church and exposes them to the…

Written by: Rottmann, Erik
Item #: 203972
Price $16.99

Faith on the Edge: Off the Edge: Faith, Science, and the Future


(6 Sessions) Off the Edge looks at the creation of the universe, the end of the universe, and the possibility of life on other planets. Topics include: * The relationship between faith and science * Scientific cosmologies * The origin of life * Extraterrestrial life * Contact with aliens * The…

Written by: Francisco, Adam
Item #: 204002
Price $32.00

Which Way Is the Right Way? - Student Book

Which Way is the Right Way is designed for eleventh grade students, but may be used in grades nine, ten, or twelve. It provides an overview of the Christian faith, the major non-Christian world religions, and of various movements within Christianity. This is a 45 session course.

Written by: Frederickson, Bruce
Item #: PD0003
Price $17.99

How to Respond to The Lodge - 3rd edition

Christians need to openly share with others what we have learned of the love of God in Christ Jesus our Savior. We will play no games with the truth, nor will we hold secrets about what the truth is. On the surface, the Masonic Lodge promotes many positive moral values. But a deeper look reveals…

Written by: Rongstad, L.
Item #: 124329
Price $7.99

Lutheran Pastors and Politics: Issues in the Public Square

Pastors serve their parishioners' spiritual needs and often address community and social issues, including politics. While much is known about how the public views politics, what about pastoral opinion? Based on two recent surveys of LCMS pastors, the authors examine how these men view politics and…

Written by: Walz, Jeff
Item #: 531104
Price $31.99

This I Recall - Revised Edition

During his 56-year ministry as pastor and President of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, John W. Behnken saw the church grow from a rural, foreign-language body concentrated largely in the Midwest to one of the three major Lutheran bodies in North America, with a mission and ministry…

Written by: Behnken, John
Item #: 151907POD
Price $20.99

Worldviews: A Christian Response to Religious Pluralism


Author Anthony Steinbronn examines the postmodern perspective that views the Christian church as only one of many brands in the ideological supermarket. He critiques the position that Christianity no longer has ultimate truth but must take its place alongside numerous other religions. How should…

Written by: Steinbronn, Anthony
Item #: 124211kin

5 Things You Can Do to Witness Christ


For all the baptized, witnessing Christ is supposed to be part of our way of life. We are given to share our greatest gift, Jesus Christ, with anyone God allows us to meet. Yes, it can be intimidating. Surprisingly, it gets easier as you do it more often. This volume will equip you to: * Witness…

Written by: Sias, John
Item #: 155202kin

How to Respond to Jehovah's Witnesses - 3rd edition


The two Jehovah’s Witnesses at your door are a God-given opportunity to witness to Jesus. The next time Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on your door, will you be prepared to explain your religious beliefs? This book gives you the necessary knowledge and insight to defend your faith and clearly…

Written by: Kern, Herbert
Item #: 124330kin
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