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The Baptism of Your Child - Milestones

…a child's Baptism. Pastors will want to give a copy of this book to every family having a child Baptized, and parents will want this book in order to more fully understand the gift of Holy Baptism. Inside is useful information such as the Scripture's teaching about Baptism, a look at the Baptism

Written by: Fast, Thomas
Item #: 142133
Sale price $7.99

God Makes Me His Child in Baptism (rev)

…the concept of infant Baptism. Through simple language and child-friendly illustrations, this practical and time-tested book captures a young child's attention as it explains the rite and purpose of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. Children learn what happens during a Baptism through the words of the…

Written by: Wittenback, Janet
Item #: 562419
Price $7.99

Growing in Christ Nursery Roll Packet with The Baptism of Your Child

…Four postcards o Use these to celebrate special birthday and baptism milestones. • The Baptism of Your Child book o Includes useful information for parents such as the Scripture's teaching about Baptism, a look at the Baptism service, and everyday activities that can be done with a child.…

Item #: 411051
Price $15.49

Parchment Baptismal Certificate

…recognizing each Baptism in your congregation. Non-denominational. Each package contains 12 certificates. The child baptism certificate includes spaces for the names of the child, parents, and sponsors. Preview inside > The adult baptism certificate explains the necessity of Baptism and the free…

Starting at $12.95

Baptismal Napkin with Silk-Screened Shell

Cotton blend weaver's cloth with a silk-screened shell and serged hem. 10-1/4" x 10-1/4".

Item #: 902913
Price $6.00

Lutheranism 101 - Holy Baptism

Baptism is not a mere symbol of rebirth. It is not a choice or a prize for attaining a certain amount of faith. Lutheranism 101: Holy Baptism gives an overview of what Baptism is, what it does, how it does it, and what it means for our lives now and into the future. Throughout, it emphasizes that…

Written by: Lehmann, Charles
Item #: 124398
Sale price $7.99

Welcome to the Family

Baptism is God's gift of acceptance and belonging. This booklet is a short study of the meaning, power, acceptance, and grace of Christian Baptism. It helps parents prepare for the baptismal ceremony and reinforces the Lutheran understanding of infant Baptism. Ideal gift for the parents.

Written by: Melheim, Richard
Item #: 142022
Price $4.99

The Means of Grace

…of God's acting in grace by using the "ordinary" things of this world. Session 1: God's Fondness for the Ordinary Session 2: The Water in Baptism Session 3: The Bread and Wine in the Lord's Supper Session 4: The Language in the Gospel About the Series The Insight Series consists of short…

Written by: Rossow, Francis
Item #: 203731
Price $5.99

My Gifts from God (Boxed Set of 4)

Overview Developed for age one through preschool, this Christian board book boxed set of four helps very young children discover God's beautiful creation and His gifts for us. With charming illustrations, simple words to learn, colors to get to know, and sounds to practice and repeat, each board…

Item #: 562521
Sale price $12.99

The Lutheran Difference: Baptism


…you believe. Contents * About This Series* Student Introduction* An Overview of Christian Denominations* Lutheran Facts* What Is Baptism? * What Baptism Bestows* What Baptism Does* Why Bapize Infants?* Living the New Life* * Leader Guide Introduction* Answers* Appendix of Lutheran Teaching* Glossary…

Written by: Rossow, Robert
Item #: 203564
Price $32.00

God's Own Child, I Gladly Say It

…am baptized into Christ!” While singing this beloved hymn, follow along as a baby boy is born of water and the Spirit and grows in his baptismal grace until he receives the crown of life. Children and adults alike will delight in these colorful scenes of Christians living the truths of…

Written by: Neumeister, Erdmann
Item #: 562538
Price $14.99

Follow and Do Boxed Gift Set (Pack of 6)

…in the catechism with practical application for all aspects of daily life. The Follow and Do Gift Set includes six paperback books housed in a full-color gift box. The titles in this set are The Ten Commandments The Apostles' Creed The Lord's Prayer Holy Baptism Confession The Lord's Supper

Written by: Walker, Joni
Item #: 562416
Price $14.99

Holy Baptism - Follow and Do

…Catechism with practical application for all aspects of daily life. This book explains the sacrament of Holy Baptism, the washing and renewal of water and the Word. Children will learn how baptism in the name of Jesus Christ brings them—and us—to new life. A letter to children tells them…

Written by: Walker, Joni
Item #: 562334
Price $8.99

Infant Baptism

…and Department Chair Augsburg College Minneapolis, MN Luther wanted Christians to have no doubt that in their baptisms, God had made them his own, and this faith, received at baptism, was to be exercised each day in repentance and trust. Dr. Scaer shows how that confident confession was eroded…

Written by: Scaer, David
Item #: 531188
Price $37.99

The Three Bs of When Life Begins

…anyone really know when life begins? Is it really all that complicated? Let’s get back to some basics. If the “3Rs” are the basics of education, the “3Bs” are the basics of when life begins—Biology, Bible, and Baptism. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Item #: LFL1004T
Price $0.50

The Baptism Carol

This practical and artistic work celebrates Baptism. Compliments Baptism renewal themes throughout Lent and Epiphany!

Written by: Busarow, Donald
Item #: 983223POD
Price $10.00

Baptismal Candle

The joy of Baptism is brightened with this lovely candle depicting the baptismal font and shell. The seven drops of water represent the seven gifts of the Spirit. This candle can be given as a gift to the baptized from the church or from the sponsors. Sold individually or in packs of 50.

Starting at $2.50

This Child of Ours (Jeffrey)

Gentle piano and woodwind accompaniment envelop this attentive text intended to be sung at an infant's baptism.

Written by: Jeffrey, Richard
Item #: 983730
Price $1.65

Artwork from Luther's Small Catechism

…displaying in your classroom, school, church, or home! 12" x 12". Posters include: Martin Luther, The Jerusalem Cross, The Ten Commandments, Prayer, Baptism, Confession, The Sacrament of the Altar, Daily Prayer, The Crown of Life, Jesus Our Good Shepherd, Luther's Rose, Christian Symbols, and The…

Item #: 885630
Price $29.99

My Keepsake Bible - For Baby Boys (Blue)

Overview A thoughtful gift for birth or Baptism, My Keepsake Bible provides 60 complete Bible stories that are retold for very young children. This Bible features beautifully illustrated pages where parents can record baby's milestones and chronicle his/her unique journey in Christ and early life as…

Written by: Ribbons, Lizzie
Item #: 562501
Sale price $11.99

My First Bible

This collection of 114 Bible stories capture children's attentionwith colorful, detailed illustrations. Kids also learn the significanceof people, places and events of the Old and New Testaments. My First Bible tells storiesin language that is appropriate to read aloud to young children.Stories are…

Written by: Lane, Leena
Item #: 562364
Sale price $12.99

Awake, O Sleeper, Rise and See

The German tune KOMM, GOTT SCHOPFER is combined with a vigorous confessional text by Stephen P. Starke. Baptismal and Christ-centered language are woven throughout. Full Score and Instrumental parts available separately (97-7251).

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 983935
Price $1.75

Luther's Works, Volume 57 (Sermons IV)

…this theme in a way that could be understood by Christians for generations to come. Luther’s preaching during these years also addressed Baptism, ordination to the preaching office, marriage, Christ’s return, the end of the world, the confession of the Trinity in the creeds, and the…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 155157
Price $54.99

God's Own Child, I Gladly Say It

An enjoyable, lively melody characterizes this choral hymn setting, set for children's voices and optional congregation. This is the second title in the Concordia Children's Series.

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 983981
Price $2.25
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