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Hero of Faith - Dr. Bessie Rehwinkel

Bessie Rehwinkel did a lot of brave things: she became a doctor in the early 1900s when female doctors were rare, she took in three nieces to raise alone, and she also left everything behind to homestead in Wyoming. On her own, Dr. Bessie Efner was able to serve God and others in her medical…

Written by: Sutton, Trevor
Item #: 630653
Price $8.19

Hero of Faith - Johann Sebastian Bach

Included in these One in Christ Teacher Kits: Grade 5 Basic Kit Grade 5 Complete Kit In a life extending from the later years of the 17th to the middle of the 18th centuries, Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) sought to serve His Savior with the talents and abilities God had given him. Orphaned…

Written by: Bobb, Barry
Item #: 630552
Price $8.19

Luther: Echoes of the Hammer

…Seal and an extensive history timeline that gives broad context to Luther's life. This Luther biography provides an education and appreciation of Luther and the Reformation in a fun format. It's perfect for adults, children, and classroom use. About the Author Author Susan K. Leigh is an editor and…

Written by: Leigh, Susan
Item #: 562478
Price $13.99

Luther Biography of a Reformer

…life of a man of God. He became one of those great men who affected all he met and many thousands he never met. Martin Luther still lives on today, for his thoughts and words and actions have helped to shape our modern world. Topics Include Martin Comes and Grows St. Anne’s Monk The Sound of a…

Written by: Nohl, Frederick
Item #: 124423
Price $10.99

Hero of the Faith Biography Set (8 books)

…south. That's what makes these stories a must-read for children. Each book in the series shows how God worked in the lives of these ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Each book includes colorful illustration and historical detail. Biographies included in the set are: Johann Sebastian Bach…

Item #: 630914
Price $63.92

Katie Luther: Mother of the Reformation

…curious, she is perhaps the only woman who could have been Martin’s match. Katie blazed her own trail at a time when there were very few options for women. She risked her life to escape the nunnery and stood her ground in the face of opposition to her role as Mrs. Luther. Hardworking, fiercely…

Written by: Leigh, Susan
Item #: 562511
Price $12.99

Hero of Faith - C.F.W. Walther

…God and sought to follow him faithfully. But life for Ferdinand held sickness, disillusionment, and a series of other challenges in a strange new land far from home. Still, God never abandoned Ferdinand and He continued to teach and provide for him throughout Ferdinand’s long and highly…

Written by: Pershbacher, Gerald
Item #: 630551
Price $8.19

Hero of Faith - Rosa Young

…As an African American woman, few things seemed easy. Yet Rosa knew that Jesus understood her struggles, for He had known persecution and poverty too. Jesus had given her important work to do for Him, and she set about finding a way to do it. In the poorest, rural regions of the American South, Rosa…

Written by: Weerts, Christine
Item #: 630553
Price $8.19

Hero of Faith - Katharina Von Bora

…to serve her Savior in the life that unfolded before her. Her story inspires young readers as they consider the challenges and opportunities God has in store for them. One in Christ Users: Included in Grade 5 Basic Kit Included in the Grade 5 Complete Kit Review questions/quizzes available here.

Written by: Fryar, Jane
Item #: 630550
Price $8.19

Reformation Journal

Overview This beautiful spiral bound journal offers 64 pages for personal reflection. Select journal pages feature Bible verses, quotes from What Luther Says, and short biographies of historical figures. For those who are taking a trip associated with the Reformation, this book provides a place to…

Item #: 223176
Price $14.99

The Life of Martin Luther

This lively pop-up book tells the story of Martin Luther, a humble monk who went on to lead the Protestant Reformation. Colorful illustrations detail his life story—from living as a Catholic monk to nailing his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the church. A whimsical retelling of…

Written by: Traini, Agostino
Item #: 562539
Price $19.99
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