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Biblioteca teológica Concordia: El oficio pastoral, Exposición bíblica e histórica del ministerio público de la iglesia (The Pastoral Office, A Biblical and Historical Exposition)

Esta obra comprende un vasto análisis de la función del pastor en la congregación cristiana. Analiza las características del “pastorado” en el Antiguo y Nuevo Testamentos, y su desarrollo a lo largo de la historia eclesiástica. Propone lineamientos…

Written by: Fritzler, Sergio
Item #: 166291
Price $18.99

The Messengers: Concealed

…where in the first book he stood up for his faith at the cost of his safety. The second book finds him both navigating a world of betrayal - where friends aren't always what they seem - and his first love interest, a very welcome addition to the series. While the first book delivered high on the…

Written by: Clark, Lisa
Item #: 562527
Sale price $10.99

Family Faith Walks

Walk this way to discover great devotional ideas for families. A collection of devotions and related activities for families, this bookencourages parents and children to grow in faith together. Building onexcursions in the neighborhood and community, games, projects and avariety of other active…

Written by: Haack, Kelly
Item #: 124135
Price $13.99

Through Faith Alone

Overview Freshly translated from the original German into today's English, this book contains devotionals taken from Martin Luther's writings and sermons between 1513 and 1546. Conveniently divided into daily readings, this devotional will point you to Christ and a deeper understanding of faith.

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 124055
Sale price $14.99

A Year with the Church Fathers: Meditations for Each Day of the Church Year

…that one expects for the lessons appointed for particular Sundays and festivals of the Church Year. Customer Testimonial I've been reading your book "A Year with the Church Fathers" since January, and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how wonderful it is. Between your insightful commentary,…

Item #: 124366
Price $30.99

Martin Luther's Christmas Book

…in need. Nine elegant illustrations by Luther's contemporaries—including four by noted engraver Albrecht Durer—capture timeless scenes from the Christmas story. And two of Luther's beautiful Christmas carols are included on the final pages of the book. From Augsburg Fortress Publishers.

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 177236
Price $10.99

The Reason I Believe: The Basics of Christian Apologetics

…scares a lot of people, because they think that refers to an exceedingly intellectual treatment of complex matters. Such is not the case with this book. Allen Quist offers us an extremely readable, biblical presentation in clear and accessible language.” —Dr. Joel Heck, Professor of…

Written by: Quist, Allen
Item #: 124517
Sale price $10.99

C.F.W. Walther Books and Bust Gift Set

Dig into his essays about predestination and Lutheran doctrine giving “all glory to God,” as recorded in Walther’s Works: All Glory to God, while drawing inspiration from a stone-resin bust perfect for your office.

Item #: 362056
Price $59.98

Lutheran Service Book: Altar Book

Overview The Lutheran Service Book: Altar Book is a thorough rubric that guides pastors in leading corporate worship, featuring:* Introits, Graduals, Verses, and Collects for the Three-Year Lectionary* One-Year Lectionary, Feasts, Festivals, and Occasions* Over 200 topical prayers of intercession…

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 031176
Price $75.99

Libro de actividades para cien historias bíblicas (Activity Book for One Hundred Bible Stories)

…100 Bible Stories (Spanish 16-6064). This activity book in Spanish helps students apply what they've learned from the Bible. Each lesson includes engaging and relevant questions, multiple choice, numbering and fill-in-the-blank review items. This book is ideal for a variety of settings including: *…

Item #: 166105
Price $14.99

The Great Works of God Part One and Two: The Mysteries of Christ in The Book of Genesis, Chapter 1-15

…translator's preface). The Great Works of God Parts One and Two: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 1-15 The Great Works of God Parts Three and Four: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 16-50 What Others Are Saying In our day so starved for a religion of…

Written by: Herberger, Valerius
Item #: 531178
Price $46.99

The Life of Christ - Revised 3rd edition

Overview The Life of Christ takes us on a fascinating journey into the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. You’ll learn what Palestine was like in the days of Jesus Christ, why His enemies so vehemently opposed Him, what impact He made on the people around Him, and…

Item #: 012109
Sale price $24.99

The Reformation

…Church and helps the reader sort through the complex chain of events that shook both church and state to their very foundations. You’ll want to display this exquisite book on your coffee table, in your church library, or anywhere you can easily flip through this informative and beautiful book.

Written by: MacKenzie, Cameron
Item #: 124462
Sale price $19.99

Study Guide to the Apocrypha

…of The Apocrypha: The Lutheran Edition with Notes. It provides a systematic and structured way to study the books of the Apocrypha which are new to many people. This 7 session resource will help participants pull out the unique background, history, and traditions of the books between the testaments.

Written by: Burgland, Lane
Item #: 204167
Sale price $5.99

Expressions in Faith Set

…adults! When God speaks to you through His Word, respond with beautifully colored designs, doodles, and anything else your heart brings forth. Included in this bundle:* The Lutheran Study Bible—Journal Edition* The Garden of Eden coloring book for adults* Prang 36-Count Colored Pencils

Item #: 012143
Price $85.98

Celebrating the Saints

…nineteen centuries of the Church’s life. Historical sketches and devotional writings in step with the liturgical calendar in Lutheran Service Book reveal these saints not as great exceptions, but great examples of our heavenly Father’s faithfulness. Each section also features a prayer,…

Written by: Weedon, William
Item #: 124474
Sale price $16.99

En el nombre de Jesús: Oraciones para toda ocasión bilingüe (In Jesus' Name: Prayers for Every Occasion - Bilingual)

…such as worry, intercession, feelings, church, family, friends, suffering, giving thanks, and one’s relationship with God. The goal of this book is not to turn prayer into a strict routine, but instead to be a guide which leads people into closer and closer contact with their heavenly Father.…

Written by: Weber, Omar
Item #: 166464
Price $9.99

You Can Do It Series (Set of 9)

…and shaped by God’s Word. Written in a clear and encouraging style, each of these topical books gives Christians achievable goals for strengthening their faith and relationships. Each book features a consistent presentation of a topic in five parts with each part consisting of a presentation,…

Item #: 155212
Price $49.99

El apóstol Pablo, vida y estrategia misionera (The Apostle Paul, His Life and Missionary Strategy)

…the way Paul lived and preached • Applications for today’s life from Paul’s life and mission. What is it? The Spanish Life and Mission of Paul is a book that analyzes Paul’s mission message and strategy. It describes the context in which Paul lived and preached and makes applicable suggestions for…

Written by: Valleskey, David
Item #: 166390
Price $8.99

The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal

…field of hymnology, discusses the history and origin of the texts and tunes of all 660 hymns and songs of The Lutheran Hymnal. The second half of the book is devoted to biographical and historical notes on the authors, composers, and translators. Includes bibliography; index of biblical references;…

Written by: Polack, W.
Item #: 031113POD
Price $49.99

Sígueme, Preparando luteranos para la confirmación y el discipulado (Follow Me, Preparing Lutherans for Confirmation and Discipleship)

15 lecciones para instruir a nuevos miembros en la Iglesia Luterana. Ideal también para cursos de confirmación. Sólo disponible en español. 15 lessons for the instruction of new members in the Lutheran Church. It is also ideal for confirmation. Only available in Spanish.

Written by: Brondos, David
Item #: 165011
Price $7.99


This collection of devotions answers questions about heaven with texts from the Bible. Each meditation provides a comforting reassurance for bereaved families as they deal with the inevitable questions about where their loved one is. This booklet makes a wonderful alternative to sympathy cards.

Written by: Beiderwieden, George
Item #: 741008
Price $3.99

Worshiping with Angels and Archangels

…glossary that gives concise definitions of many terms featured in the Lutheran Divine Service. Whether used in church, school, or in the home, this book will help the reader learn and appreciate what takes place in the Divine Service as we joyfully and reverently respond to God’s call to…

Written by: Kinnaman, Scot
Item #: 223094
Price $10.29

The Gospel Preached through Music: The Purpose and Practice of Lutheran Church Music

…role of Gospel proclamation. This book is a valuable resource for Lutheran pastors and church musicians as together they make choices for music in their parishes. Mark Bender Minister of Music St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School Des Peres, Missouri Many books about the nature and purpose of…

Written by: Zager, Daniel
Item #: 992281
Price $12.99
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