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Inside the Reformation

…the Reformation is a visual journey through the Reformationwith concise text and richly designed pages. While not laid out as atraditional history book, it communicates the same information throughpictures, illustrations, and short articles in a fun way. This bookmakes a great addition to school…

Item #: 124392
Price $16.99

The Reason I Believe: The Basics of Christian Apologetics

…scares a lot of people, because they think that refers to an exceedingly intellectual treatment of complex matters. Such is not the case with this book. Allen Quist offers us an extremely readable, biblical presentation in clear and accessible language.” —Dr. Joel Heck, Professor of…

Written by: Quist, Allen
Item #: 124517
Sale price $9.99

The Songs of Christmas - Arch Books

…reminding the reader that we sing about Jesus at Christmas. Additional Christmas Arch Books are available. About the Series Arch® Books captivate children with colorful pictures and creative poems. Each book presents a complete Bible story in a fun-to-read way children ages 5–9 will…

Written by: Clark, Lisa
Item #: 592268
Price $2.99

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions-A Readers Edition of the Book of Concord - 2nd edition

Overview "The Book of Concord should be in every Lutheran home. If a person isn't familiar with this book, he'll think, 'That old book is just for pastors. I don't have to preach. After working all day, I can't sit down and study in the evening. If I read my morning and evening devotions, that's…

Written by: McCain, Paul T, General Editor
Item #: 531154
Sale price $24.99

The Essential Lutheran Library - Ultimate Package

…days of the Reformation, certain key books have been a part of the life of Lutherans: the Bible, the hymnal, the Catechism. In addition, Lutherans have treasured prayer books and the Book of Concord as essential texts to keep their eyes fixed on Christ. The books in The Essential Lutheran Library…

Item #: 012057
Price $483.91

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions - Pocket Edition

…presents all the official texts of the Book of Concord, plus three appendixes of historic Lutheran writings, a "Book of Concord Reading Guide," a Scripture index, and a subject index. For this pocket-size edition, we have presented just the text of the Book of Concord, plus the reading guide,…

Item #: 531167
Sale price $14.99

My Happy Birthday Book - Arch Books

book tells of a number of children from the Bible [Moses (Exodus 2:1-10), Samuel (1 Samuel 1), Jesus (Luke 2:1-20) and the children He blessed (Mark 10:13-16)] and how they were special and relates them to how God thinks all children are special, especially on their birthdays. The Arch® Book

Written by: Truitt, Gloria
Item #: 591562
Price $2.99

Knitted Together

For knitters who also go to Bible study, for Bible study participants who also knit, this resource meets women where they find community. Based on Psalm 139: 13–14, "You knitted me together in my mother's womb," this eight-session study focuses on how God's love for us through Christ gives value and…

Written by: Stiegemeyer, Julie
Item #: 203948
Price $19.99

Making the Case for Christianity: Responding to Modern Objections

…suicidal faith is one that cannot stand the test of critical objections and inquiry when put to the test. This book demolishes both of these theses. This is an exceptional book that I enthusiastically endorse." —Khaldoun A. Sweis, PhD, Chair and Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Olive-Harvey…

Written by: Maas, Korey; Francisco, Adam; Editors
Item #: 531208
Price $21.99

Book of Concord

…parts of the book, new knowledge of the history and theology of these very documents, and the occasional error in Tappert's translation. Kolb and Wengert's team of leading Reformation historians was augmented by consultation with one hundred other scholars and teachers who use The Book of Concord…

Written by: Kolb, Robert; Wengert, Timothy J editors
Item #: 177083
Price $49.00

Hope Notes: Devotions for Women

Overview Because our hope is in the Lord, who never changes and never abandons us, we can “abound in hope” (Romans 15:13). We are not alone! This collection of 45 devotions offers words of hope and encouragement from six past presidents of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.…

Written by: LWML Past Presidents
Item #: 124455
Price $6.99

My Prayer Book

Overview This book contains more than 200 prayers for Christian living, including special prayers for* each day of the week* preparation for worship* family situations* vocations* national affairs* times of illness* table prayers. It includes a presentation page and a section of tips on searching…

Item #: 061184
Price $11.99

House of Living Stones

The first book in the Anthems of Zion series! Overview In the small Illinois town of Bradbury, change doesn’t come often, and it certainly doesn’t come easily. So when Pastor Fletcher hires Emily Duke as the new choir director at Zion Lutheran Church, he unknowingly sets in motion a…

Written by: Schuermann, Katie
Item #: 124465
Sale price $9.99

Reading the Psalms with Luther

…150 psalms and a suggested schedule for reading the Psalter. The introductions demonstrate how Luther understood the Psalter as a Christ-centered book and how he used the psalms as the model for Christian prayer. Luther classifies each psalm as a psalm of prophecy, instruction, comfort, prayer, or…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 124304
Price $17.99

Blessings and Prayers for Men

Overview A pocket-size devotional resource for men to use when meditating on God's Word and His forgiveness and grace through Christ Jesus. Blessings and Prayers offers a suggested order for devotions based on the Daily Office. Blessings and Prayers for Men contains: * Daily prayers * Psalms * Hymns…

Item #: 124271
Price $5.99

Anthems of Zion Series

…The memorable and lovable characters struggle, rejoice, and grow together as they live out God’s mission to love and serve their neighbor in the county where God has placed them. The set includes all three books in the series: House of Living Stones, The Choir Immortal, and The Harvest Raise.

Written by: Schuermann, Katie
Item #: 124544
Price $38.97

120 Bible Stories

…Extra features include maps, a time line, and a glossary with explanatory notes on key words and phrases. 120 Bible Stories is the perfect resource to increase your child’s familiarity with God’s Word both in the home and the classroom. Buy the 120 Bible Stories Activity Book >

Written by: Weinstock, Dawn
Item #: 012053
Sale price $14.99

Introduction to the Books of the Bible

…of every book in the Bible. The author provides comments on the language, composition, writer, and authenticity, and an outline of each book in the Bible. It also includes simple directions on how to read God's Word, and offers a useful, sturdy analysis and keys to understanding the Biblical books

Written by: Drewes, Christopher
Item #: PD0054
Price $21.99

A Day with Samuel Big Book

A Day with Samuel gives children a glimpse of Samuel's daily activities and allows children to compare their lives with Samuel's. This 15 x 18 Big Book is included in the Voyages Preschool Teacher's Kit and is also available for purchase separately.

Item #: 571131
Price $15.99

My Happy Easter Book - Arch Books

This book retells the story of Jesus' burial through the encounter with Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus after his resurrection (Matthew 27:57—28:10). The Arch® Book series tells popular Bible stories through fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations. This well-loved series captures the…

Written by: Truitt, Gloria
Item #: 591564
Price $2.99

Zacchaeus - Arch Books

This book tells the story of Zacchaeus meeting the Lord (Luke 18:35—19:9). The Arch® Book series tells popular Bible stories through fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations. This well-loved series captures the attention of children, telling scripturally sound stories that are enjoyable…

Written by: Kolbrek, Loyal
Item #: 591599
Price $2.99

Samson - Arch Books

This book retells the story of Samson (Judges 13—16). The Arch® Book series tells popular Bible stories through fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations. This well-loved series captures the attention of children, telling scripturally sound stories that are enjoyable and easy to remember. This…

Written by: Kolbrek, Loyal
Item #: 591600
Price $2.49

Afraid Books Bundle

This bundle of two books, both written by Pastor Robert H. Bennett, offers chilling first-hand accounts of demon possession and how we can handle this very real battle with darkness. In I Am Not Afraid, explore the frightening world of spiritual warfare in the Lutheran Church of Madagascar. In…

Item #: 124504
Price $24.99

King Josiah and God's Book - Arch Books

This book retells the story of Josiah, king of Judah, and the Book of Laws (2 Kings 22—23:5). The Arch® Book series tells popular Bible stories through fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations. This well-loved series captures the attention of children, telling scripturally sound stories that are…

Written by: Nelson, Kristin
Item #: 592216
Price $2.99
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