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LWML Brochure (Pack of 50)

Tri-fold brochure explaining the mission, ministry, and focus of the LWML. Free for postage. In packages of 50.

Item #: LWML11915
Price $0.00

For Those Who Have Been Abused

…of childhood abuse. They desperately struggle with hidden trauma that interferes with their spiritual growth and relationships with others. This brochure offers information on LFL's Word of Hope, a special ministry that can help overcome the pain of abortion and abuse. To learn more about Lutherans…

Item #: LFL909T
Price $0.00

In Vitro Fertilization: Moral or Immoral

…dish) fertilization is a process involving issues within issues there is often confusion resulting from attempts to answer that question. In this brochure, Dr. Richard C. Eyer attempts to identify the separate issues and their moral standing so that the reader can evaluate the moral acceptability or…

Written by: Eyer, Dr. Richard C.
Item #: LFL1002T
Price $0.50

Word of Hope

…beyond our physical and emotional being. It penetrates deep into the heart of our spiritual life. The pain just doesn’t go away. This brochure offers information on LFL’s Word of Hope post-abortion ministry, which offers confidential post-abortion referral, counseling, and…

Item #: LFL404T
Price $0.00

Planned Parenthood: It's Not What You Think!

Planned Parenthood: It’s Not What You Think! – Here’s the inside scoop on Planned Parenthood’s shocking agenda for our children. This brochure exposes the truth by using excerpts from the organization’s own material. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Item #: LFL129T
Price $0.50

A Life Not Like Any Other

In A Life Not Like Any Other, Roberta Bandy shares how many new parents talk about counting the fingers and toes—carefully checking all the outward signs of normalcy. With all accounted for, the parent breathes a sigh of relief—and hopefully gives thanks. But there are other parents whose only sigh…

Written by: Bandy, Roberta
Item #: LFL1622
Price $0.50

The Three Bs of When Life Begins

The 3 Bs of When Life Begins “When does human life begin?” Physicians, scientists, politicians, philosophers, and theologians offer a variety of complex and differing answers. Does anyone really know when life begins? Is it really all that complicated? Let’s get back to some basics. If the “3Rs” are…

Item #: LFL1004T
Sale price $0.25

LifeMarks (Set of 7)

…right into the catechism itself! This is a wonderful resource for confirmation, congregational, Sunday school, and home use! View the LifeMarks Brochure Comments on LifeMarks: "Very attractive and easy to understand." "[C]atchy, succinct and with relevant messages. I know my seventh and eighth…

Item #: LFL1632
Sale price $0.06

Life Before Birth

Life Before Birth is a full color, pocket-size brochure with beautiful photographs of the pre-born child developing through the first nine months of life. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Item #: LFL108T
Price $0.50

The Handiwork of God

The Handiwork of God brochure tells us that the value of human life comes from what God has done and continues to do! Life is His handiwork! He creates life with His hands. He redeemed life with His hands. He holds His children by the hand. When we understand these answers, then, as we confront…

Written by: Lamb, Dr. James I.
Item #: LFL1007T
Sale price $0.25

Tips for Teens: How to Say 'No'

Tips for Teens On How to Say “No” – Topics include: making a commitment, things to avoid, planning ahead, dating someone with the same values, breaking off a relationship, waiting to date, dating someone your own age, and being friends first. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit…

Item #: LFL602T
Price $0.50

Travel Brochure


Use them one at a time. Downloadable teacher resources are ideal for use as a classroom time filler, an activity to reinforce a Bible story lesson, or a take-home page to encourage family devotion time. These resources are reproducible, allowing you to easily print as many copies as you need for…

Written by: Hosch, Jenifer
Item #: 331538
Price $0.99

How Luther Nailed It on Life Issues

Life issues didn’t arise overnight. Their frequent connection to medical technology can make them seem like recent developments, and advances in understanding physiology and pharmaceuticals have made abortion and euthanasia more efficient and available of late. But these circumstances have…

Written by: Salemink, Michael
Item #: LFL207T
Price $0.50

Is Abortion Allowed in Cases of Rape or Incest?

Is Abortion Allowed in Cases of Rape or Incest? – Dr. Jean Garton, co-founder and President emeritus of Lutherans For Life, takes a look at abortion in cases of rape and incest through this brief study of 2 Kings 14:6. Section headings include The Child of Rape, The Godless Act of Rape, Abortion vs.…

Written by: Garton, Jean
Item #: LFL132T
Price $0.50

Questions and Answers Concerning the End of Life

The public promotion of physician-assisted suicide will lead to more pressure on states to enact pro-assisted-suicide legislation. This can lead Christians to ask questions. To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit

Written by: Lamb, James
Item #: LFL810T
Price $0.50

The Right to Die

The Right to Die – The brochure examines the rhetoric and reality of euthanasia, while outlining what our response should be as Christians. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Item #: LFL802T
Price $0.50

Life Issues and the Pew

…It was an effort to help people in the pew encourage their pastor to address the life issues from the pulpit. Some time ago I authored a brochure with a similar goal called ‘Life Issues and the Pulpit’ ... One year, during the discussion following our workshop, a pastor spoke…

Written by: Lamb, James
Item #: LFL1635T
Price $0.50

2017 Arch Book Brochure (T)

Make your process of ordering Arch® Books quicker and easier! This brochure displays the entire Arch Book series in one place—single titles, companion volumes, compilations, and treasuries. The books are sorted topically and the Scripture references are listed for each, so you can easily…

Item #: 752145
Price $0.00

Lutherans for Life Membership Brochure

This resource is a combination informational bulletin insert, membership form, and return envelope. This is a perfect supplement to other Life Sunday materials. It provides a wonderful opportunity to share the For Life message and help Lutherans For Life. To learn more about Lutherans For Life,…

Item #: LFL1600
Price $0.00

Honor/Memorial Cards

One offering card for use as a memorial and one observance of a special occasion.

Item #: LWML18100
Price $0.00

Donation Remittance Envelope

Donor remittance envelopes - convenient for submitting your contributions to the LWML.

Item #: LWML18102
Price $0.00

Watch Me Grow - Spanish

Watch Me Grow – This beautifully illustrated full color brochure documents the growth stages of a baby for nine months in the womb. Using the artwork from the popular Watch Me Grow poster Series, these brochures make an excellent teaching tool for pregnancy centers, schools, or doctors' offices.…

Written by: Brenegan, Linda
Item #: LFL125TS
Price $0.50

Watch Me Grow

…full color brochure documents the growth stages of a baby for nine months in the womb. Using the artwork from the popular “Watch Me Grow” poster series, these brochures make an excellent teaching tool for schools, pregnancy centers, and doctors' offices. This brochure is appropriate…

Written by: Brenegan, Linda
Item #: LFL125T
Price $0.50

Growing in Christ Nursery Roll Packet

…give thanks before a meal. • Bible story booklet o Contains 14 Bible stories along with helpful parent tips and prayers. • Twelve brochures for parents o Full of information for mom and dad about their child at various ages. • Four postcards o Use these to celebrate special birthday…

Item #: 411050
Price $12.49
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