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The Story Bible

…to children that the Bible stories are pretend rather than real. Our intent was to keep the focus on Christ by presenting stories with Old Testament prophecies about Christ so we could present one story for all of Scripture - God’s gift of the Savior. Instead of paraphrasing each story, they…

Written by: Engelbrecht, Edward; Pawlitz, Gail
Item #: 012049
Price $29.99

Best-Loved Christmas Stories

Overview Teach children the Christmas story with the Best-Loved Christmas Stories Arch Book, a 50th anniversary edition that includes six complete Arch Book favorites: * Mary's Christmas Story * Joseph's Christmas Story * Baby Jesus Is Born * The Shepherds Shook in Their Shoes * The Star of Wonder *…

Written by: Various
Item #: 592271
Price $9.99

Little Visits with Jesus: 25th Anniversary Edition


…Perfect for children ages 4 and up, this best-seller offersrelevant, biblical, and engaging devotions to help a new generationdevelop a strong faith foundation. Each "little visit" includes: a Bible verse a story, a life-related devotion ways to involve children in the story a prayer starter…

Written by: Simon, Mary
Item #: 061331kin

Best-Loved Easter Stories

…God’s Word with generations of readers. This set is a great gift for the children in your life, or a wonderful addition to your family’s Arch Book library. Share the stories of Easter with the Best-Loved Easter Stories Arch Book, a 50th anniversary edition that includes six complete Arch…

Written by: Various
Item #: 592274
Price $9.99

One Hundred Bible Stories

Overview This collection of Bible stories has long been a favorite for children, teachers, and parents and has proven to be of lasting value to help make teaching the Bible a memorable experience. Each story is illustrated with a beautiful full-color picture, designed to catch the attention of young…

Item #: 562512
Price $14.99

120 Bible Stories

…of Bible stories presents the history of God’s grace-filled interactions with His people. Told through the words of Holy Scripture, children ages 8 to 12 learn God’s many Old Testament promises to send a Savior and see how these promises have been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Each story

Written by: Weinstock, Dawn
Item #: 012053
Price $19.99

Choose! - Phonetic Bible Stories

…His love, and a list of the words used in the book. The books are great tools for home and classroom. In this retelling of the story of Ruth (Ruth 1:1-4:12), children are encouraged to learn more about God and His love while building reading confidence. This book emphasizes a special phonetic sound…

Written by: Courtney, Claudia
Item #: 562023
Price $4.99

120 Bible Stories Activity Book

…each story included in 120 Bible Stories. Each activity has three sections: * Reviewing God's Word * Thinking About God's Word * Applying God's Word The activities and questions help students recall facts about the Bible story, dig deeper into the who, what, when, where, why and how of each story,

Item #: 223134
Price $12.49

Search and Find Bible Stories

…for images hidden throughout these forty colorful Old and New Testament Bible story scenes. Each Bible story is shared through simple language and bright illustrations. The whole family can get involved with Family Faith Talk suggestions that incorporate Bible story truths into everyday activities.

Item #: 223173
Price $10.99

My Stories about Jesus - Chinese

My Stories about Jesus, New Testament Stories for small children . Full color children's book tells 15 important stories about Jesus. It covers Jesus' birth, baptism, ministry, his entry into Jerusalem, trial, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. This makes a useful gift while visiting church…

Written by: Fletcher, Sarah
Item #: 166014
Price $1.95

A Child's Garden of Bible Stories (HB)

…in 1948, this book has enjoyed a popular readership for more than fifty years. Today's classic version offers sixty Old and New Testament Bible stories in updated language. Read to your children the timeless biblical accounts of God's faithfulness, grace, and mercy as He interacts with His people.

Written by: Gross, Arthur
Item #: 562353
Price $12.99

One Hundred Bible Stories Activity Book

…apply what they have learned from One Hundred Bible Stories. Each lesson includes engaging life-application questions that help students connect the Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments to their lives. Answers can be found in the Answer Key to One Hundred Bible Stories and Activity Book.

Item #: 223166
Price $10.99

Bible Stories with Jake and Jenna

…a Portion of Scripture and a summary of the Bible story are listed, followed by a brief Prayer. This versatile resource can be used in the classroom, for Sunday School, children's church, for children's chapel services, a children's message, or adapted for use in other children's ministry settings.

Written by: Bergt, Carolyn
Item #: 570017
Price $11.49

Answer Key for 100 Bible Stories and 100 Bible Stories Activity Book

This resource contains suggested answers to the reflection questions found in 100 Bible Stories and also the activities contained in 100 Bible Stories—Activity Book.

Item #: 223167
Price $15.99

Child's Garden of Bible Stories Old Testament Workbook

Children learn best through interactive lessons and activities. This age-appropriate workbook complements A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories. Thirty-six Old Testament stories and activities teach children how to apply to their lives what they learn.

Written by: CPH
Item #: 223030
Price $11.49

Child's Garden of Bible Stories New Testament Workbook

Children learn best through interactive lessons and activities. This age-appropriate workbook complements A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories. Thirty-six New Testament stories and activities teach children how to apply to their lives what they learn.

Written by: CPH
Item #: 223031
Price $11.49

Amazing Tales and Strange Stories from the Bible

…Many exciting Old Testament stories are included, which leads to the birth of our Savior, Jesus. Children learn about Jesus’ life, ministry, and death and resurrection. The final story centers on Jesus’ ascension and asks children to share the amazing and wonderful story about Jesus with others.

Written by: Doyle, Christopher
Item #: 562466
Price $15.99

La historia de Jesús (My Stories about Jesus)

…* ¡Jesús está vivo! * Jesús va al cielo 15 New Testament stories for small children tell the story of Jesus' life. Ideal for mission trips, Sunday School classes and outreach projects. Full-color illustrations by Don Kueker. 32 pages. Stories included are: * The First Christmas * The Shepherds * The…

Written by: Fletcher, Sarah
Item #: 166013
Price $2.99

Answer Key to 120 Bible Stories Activity Book

Overview This book contains the answers to the "For Reflection" discussion questions found in 120 Bible Stories, and the answer key for activities featured in 120 Bible Stories Activity Book. The Answer Key provides not only answers, but also the theological context for the response. View sample…

Item #: 223135
Price $15.49

Family Time: A Collection of 98 Bible Stories and Devotions

…Through Bible stories and related devotions, families can spend time together sharing Bible learning, praying, and reflecting on life connections. From Genesis to Paul’s Missionary Journeys, travel together to learn about God’s plan of salvation for you! Bible stories and devotions for…

Item #: 223139
Price $24.99

Historias bíblicas con títeres (Bible Stories with Puppets)

…puppets, Ana and Agustín, that introduce 45 Bible stories organized as a chronological survey of Old and New Testament stories. Each lesson includes a reproducible coloring page based on the Bible story. Each lesson uses four "P"s to teach the story. The Purposeprovides a key point to focus on, the…

Written by: Bergt, Carolyn
Item #: 166238
Price $16.99

Jesus and the Children


Use them one at a time. Downloadable teacher resources are ideal for use as a classroom time filler, an activity to reinforce a Bible story lesson, or a take-home page to encourage family devotion time. These resources are reproducible, allowing you to easily print as many copies as you need for…

Written by: Giampa, Linda
Item #: 331647
Price $0.99

God, I Need to Talk to You: Stories about God’s Love and Forgiveness

God invites His children to pray about everything, including their sins and temptations—and He promises to hear! This 24-book collection presents extra special prayers about common concerns young children encounter in their daily lives. From sharing, to paying attention, to talking back, the…

Written by: Leigh, Susan
Item #: 562542
Price $14.99

Cien historias bíblicas - bilingüe (One Hundred Bible Stories - Bilingual)

…reflexionar. Los dos textos lado a lado. Recurso excelente para maestros o familias. One Hundred Bible Stories, Bilingual — With beautiful illustrations, this book tells important Bible stories. Includes questions and reflection material. Texts side by side. It’s an excellent resource…

Item #: 166577
Price $16.99
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