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What Child Is This?

…right-side up by fulfilling the Law and bringing peace. The Word made flesh. What a child this was! This beautiful book illustrates a favorite Christmas carol to help families worship with the shepherds and rejoice with the angels. Help children make the connection between all areas of Advent…

Item #: 562548
Price $3.49

When Was Jesus Really Born? Early Christianity, the Calendar, and the Life of Jesus

About the Book When was Jesus born? When did he die and rise from the grave? What does the timing of these events have to do with Christian theology and practice for the last 2,000 years? When Was Jesus Really Born? explores the issues faced by early Christians as they sought to proclaim and…

Written by: Ware, Steven
Item #: 531203
Price $51.99

The Christmas Story: Drawn directly from the Bible

This easy to read text is drawn directly from the Bible and accompanied by beautiful realistic illustrations to captivate young readers. Adults will appreciate the discussion helps and prayer summaries that connect the event of Jesus' birth with the lives of young readers today. The book covers the…

Item #: 562475
Price $14.99

The Night Before Jesus

…stirring for a new baby’s birth. Set to the familiar rhythm of the classic Christmas rhyme, The Night before Jesus tells the true story of Christmas. This beautifully illustrated book combines tradition with truth, helping your family stay focused on the true meaning of the Christmas season.

Written by: Brokering, Herbert
Item #: 562541
Price $12.99

Martin Luther's Christmas Book

…that keeping Christmas is a year-around mission of caring for those in need. Nine elegant illustrations by Luther's contemporaries—including four by noted engraver Albrecht Durer—capture timeless scenes from the Christmas story. And two of Luther's beautiful Christmas carols are included…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 177236
Price $10.99

The Songs of Christmas - Arch Books

…temple (“let your servant depart in peace …”), and concludes by reminding the reader that we sing about Jesus at Christmas. Additional Christmas Arch Books are available. About the Series Arch® Books captivate children with colorful pictures and creative poems. Each book…

Written by: Clark, Lisa
Item #: 592268
Price $2.99

Bethlehem's Rose

Most of these preludes use easy pedal parts or none at all and thus are useful for lessons as well as service playing. Many lend themselves to being hymn introductions as well as service preludes.

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 977260
Price $18.00

Sacred Songs of Christmas

…gift of music may be appreciated more at Christmas than at any other time of the year. At parties and church services, at concerts and quiet times at home, music is a thread that weaves through it all and binds us together. The songs of Christmas take many forms. They are soft and contemplative.…

Item #: 562526
Price $14.99

The Story of Christmas Coloring and Activity Book

Overview Make this Christmas a colorful one with The Story of Christmas Coloring and Activity Book! This 96-page journey takes kids through the entire story of Christmas—from the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary, the journey to Bethlehem, and baby Jesus being set in the manger to how we…

Written by: Wonder Kids
Item #: 562517
Price $4.99

The Very First Christmas

Christmas books are long on fancy and short on fact. Most of them ignore the themes of the first Christmas and opt instead for fairy tale settings or winter tableaus. The Very First Christmas, a Gold Medallion Book Award winner, fills the gap by presenting fresh insights into the Christmas story…

Written by: Maier, Paul
Item #: 561888
Price $16.99

Born on Christmas Morn - Arch Books

The birth of our Savior at Christmas is but a part of the most wonderful story that continues with the servant sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Christmas is indeed a time for joy and celebration. By retelling the story of Jesus’ birth (Luke 2:1-20), this book reminds children that in that…

Written by: Kay Busch, Melinda
Item #: 591553
Price $2.99

Counting to Christmas: Family Advent Devotions and Calendar

…angels what to do? Who led the Wise Men to Jesus? Children ask a lot of questions. That’s why each day’s Advent devotion in Counting to Christmas is centered around a question. Each short devotion is followed up with something to say, something to do, and something to pray. There is also…

Written by: Pawlitz, Gail
Item #: 562532
Price $9.99

On Christmas Night (Wonacott)


A graceful setting of the Sussex Carol with new melody for smaller choirs. Rhythms are spirited and varied.

Written by: Wonacott, Glenn
Item #: 983860pdf
Price $2.00

The Christmas Promise - Arch Books

This Arch Book begins with God's promise to send a Savior for His people after the first sin in the Garden of Eden to the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. (Luke 2) Arch Books tell popular Bible stories through fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations. This well-loved series captures the attention…

Written by: Bohnet, Eric
Item #: 592225
Price $2.99

Mary's Christmas Story - Arch Books

This book retells the Christmas story from Mary's viewpoint (Luke 1:5—2:18). The Arch® Books series tells popular Bible stories through fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations. This well-loved series captures the attention of children, telling scripturally sound stories that are…

Written by: Olive, Teresa
Item #: 591499
Price $2.99

The Christmas Connection - Arch Books

…both the beginning of the story and the end! This Arch Book ties together Luke 2 and Matthew 28 to help children learn the parallels between Christmas and Easter. About the Series Arch® Books captivate children with colorful pictures and creative poems. Each book presents a complete Bible…

Written by: Lukasek, Karyn
Item #: 592286
Price $2.99

The Old Testament Collection: Preaching Christ in the Old Testament during the Church Year

…ending with Malachi, over a year’s time. These sermons mesh with appropriate Church Year themes. Generally, sermons during the Advent and Christmas seasons are based on texts from Genesis; sermons in the Epiphany season are from the rest of the Pentateuch; sermons in Lent derive from texts in…

Written by: Schurb, Ken
Item #: 155096
Price $36.99

Acclamation Series C Christmas 1


…Hymn of the Day) for choirs and congregations. This product is based on the English Standard Version translation of the Bible as used in Lutheran Service Book. This set of propers is designated for the First Sunday after Christmas in Series C for those congregations using the Three-Year Lectionary.

Item #: AC3C07
Price $10.00

Silent Night, Holy Night Children's Christmas Service


Overview This program helps children share the joyful story of Christmas through word and song using imagery of the Silent Night, Holy Night hymn. This Christmas service provides a variety of ways to involve children in a Christmas service. With a program for all ages and one for early childhood,…

Written by: Wheeler, Cindy
Item #: 351351pdf
Price $24.99

Christmas Jubilee


Christmas Programs to Involve Children in Your Christmas Celebrations Our newest Christmas program helps children share the joyful story of Christmas through word and song. This classic Christmas worship service centers on the Old Testament concept of the jubilee year—which includes…

Written by: Dittmer, Terry
Item #: 351350pdf
Price $24.99

Gentle Mary Laid Her Child


An easy setting of the Christmas hymn for SAB choir and organ. When you purchase downloadable choral music, you will receive a single copy of the music saved as a PDF. You will have permission to reproduce the printed PDF up to, but not exceeding, the total number of copies you have purchased.…

Written by: Busarow, Donald
Item #: 982448pdf
Price $1.50

Sing with Joy Glad Voices Raise


Set for two choirs (SS or SA and SSATB), this piece may well be performed by two solo voices and five-part choir. The use of appropriate instruments to reinforce voice parts or substitute for them at the discretion of the director or to accommodate the musical forces at his disposal is clearly in…

Written by: Praetorius, Michael
Item #: 974883pdf
Price $2.00

From Realms of Glory

Versatile collection of pieces on familiar and multi-ethnic Christmas tunes. Delightful articulate counterpoint is used frequently to give fresh interpretations to these carols.

Written by: Powell, Robert
Item #: 977276
Price $16.00

The First Christmas

…This festive little book explores the Bible story of Jesus’ birth and features fun activities that will keep children busy as they learn about the very first Christmas. There are coloring pages, puzzles, more than 50 stickers, seasonal decorations to make, and more! For children ages 4 to 7.

Item #: 177439
Price $6.99
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