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Church History: The Basics

…In 2011, Church in History explorers were given the content of the six volumes in one book, featuring fresh content that moved into the twenty-first century. Church History: The Basics offers a smaller abridged version that’s widely accessible to anyone looking for an entry into Church history

Item #: 124480
Price $19.99

The Church from Age to Age: A History from Galilee to Global Christianity

…also served as a council member for the American Society of Church History. * Walter Oetting † (MA) served as professor of Church history at Concordia Seminary. He died young, just after completing his book for the Church in History series, which was reissued in 1992 due to its continuing…

Written by: Engelbrecht, Edward A - General Editor
Item #: 124370
Price $38.99

History of Theology - Fourth Revised Edition

…theological thought through the centuries from the New Testament to the present. This work is divided in three parts:* Part 1 addresses the age of the church fathers * Part 2 covers the Middle Ages from Augustine to Luther * Part 3 moves from the Reformation thru the 20th century. Also available as…

Written by: Hagglund, Bengt
Item #: 155100
Price $38.99

The Search for the Twelve Apostles (rev ed)

…By traveling to the places they once knew, by studying the Scriptures and biblical history, by listening to local tradition and engaging in original research, the author has uncovered the fascinating untold histories of Christ's Apostles and their activities. —From Tyndale House Publishers

Written by: McBirnie, William
Item #: 177415
Price $14.99

How the Church Grew Student Guide (Revised)

In studying the history of the Christian church, students learn about and appreciate God's abundant grace to His people. The easy-to-use format encourages students in their emerging understanding of God's love and grace to His church from Pentecost to the present day. The seventeen-lesson Student…

Item #: 223029
Price $13.49

The Church Takes Shape: A Study of Church History Teachers Guide Lutheran High School Religion Series

…Activities* The Church and Social Issues* 19th-Century Threats to Christianity* Fundamentalists Battle Evolutionism Unit 4: Christianity in the 20th Century* Lutherans Come to America* Growth of the Missouri Synod* Kierkegaard, Barth, and Lewis* Vatican II* Historical Criticism* Church Unions* The…

Written by: Sauer, Robert
Item #: 222278POD
Price $18.49

The Church Takes Shape - Student Book

…Bible history and life-relatedapplications of basic Bible doctrines. The curriculum includes onesemester course and two quarter courses for each grade. The courses donot need to be complete in straight 45 or 90 sessions. The materials canbe broken into smaller 5- or 10-session courses for church

Written by: Sauer, Robert
Item #: 222277POD
Price $9.99

Concordia's Bible History Student Book

…Small Catechism are just a few of the features found in this collection. Concordia's Bible History is divided into seven Old Testament periods and five New Testament periods. Old Testament * Primeval History * The Patriarchs * Moses and Joshua * The Time of the Judges * The First Three Kings * From…

Item #: 223164
Sale price $21.99

The Church Through the Ages

This classic work provides a broad overview of salvation history, down to and including the twentieth century experiences of Lutheran Christians in America. The emphasis on God's grace in Christ Jesus our Lord helps the reader to realize that we owe our entire existence to God and it is therefore…

Written by: Roth, S.J.
Item #: PD0012
Price $43.99

The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology

…identity, the relationship of the Lutheran Church to the broader Christian tradition, and more. This edition features a new introduction that addresses the historical context of Krauth's work. Krauth's articulate wisdom equips pastors, seminarians, church leaders, and members for promoting orthodoxy…

Written by: Porterfield Krauth, Charles
Item #: 155079
Price $38.99

Church History: The Basics


…In 2011, Church in History explorers were given the content of the six volumes in one book, featuring fresh content that moved into the twenty-first century. Church History: The Basics offers a smaller abridged version that’s widely accessible to anyone looking for an entry into Church history

Item #: 124480kin

Infant Baptism

…centuries. —Rev. Martin R. Noland, Ph.D. Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Evansville, IN Former Director of the Concordia Historical Institute This is a controversy that is erupting again and again. . . . Because the Church grows through Baptism and exists through it as a community in the Body…

Written by: Scaer, David
Item #: 531188
Price $37.99

From Abraham to Paul: A Biblical Chronology

…this. We should be grateful, because God made history and history matters. Apart from the conviction that our faith is a historical faith, we are left only to cast about. But, when we are fully persuaded that sacred history meshes with the history in which we live and move and have our being, that…

Written by: Steinmann, Andrew
Item #: 531185
Price $81.99

Voyages - Grade 7 Church History Teacher Guide

Our spiral-bound Church History Teachers Guide includes coordinating student pages and an appendix containing 30 black line masters.

Item #: 570722
Price $75.99

Zion on the Mississippi: The Settlement of the Saxon Lutherans in Missouri, 1839-1841

…Author Walter O. Forster received a bachelor's degree from Concordia Seminary and a doctorate in history from Washington University, both in St. Louis, Mo. He served as professor and chair of the history, government, and philosophy department at Purdue University. His work on Zion on the Mississippi…

Written by: Forster, Walter
Item #: 123143
Price $38.99

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions-A Readers Edition of the Book of Concord - 2nd edition

…aid your reading and comprehension. Encounter the dramatic history and heroic persons associated with the various documents in the Lutheran Confessions. The Book of Concord is the authoritative collection of the Lutheran Church’s statements of faith. It contains documents which Lutheran…

Written by: McCain, Paul T, General Editor
Item #: 531154
Sale price $19.99

The Idea and Practice of a Christian University

…Lutheran Christian education is oriented toward the students' cultivation of wisdom and vocation for freedom to serve society, nature, and the Church. Discussion questions are included at the end of each chapter. Endorsements “This is an extremely illuminating book that will be of great help…

Written by: Ashmon, Scott
Item #: 531219
Price $39.99

The Lutheran Difference: The Lord's Supper

…Teaching* Glossary Study includes leader guide, glossary of terms, comparison sections showing the beliefs of various denominations and church bodies, a brief history of a Polish Lutheran congregation that rejected forced intercommunion with non-Lutherans, and an appendix of orthodox Lutheran…

Written by: Seltz, Gregory
Item #: 203258
Price $8.99

Broken: 7 "Christian" Rules That Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible

…There is a cultural perfect storm shredding the spiritual landscape of the United States. It travels on the wind of a growing ignorance of both history and the Bible. Christians are losing faith because the kind of Christianity they are trying to believe is BROKEN This book examines seven of the…

Written by: Fisk, Jonathan
Item #: 124389
Sale price $15.99

Traveling with Martin Luther

…fledgling printing industry, Luther worked to reform the church according to God’s Word, and in the process changed the world. View Sample Pages (Click Here) Join Dr. Cornelia Dömer as she explains Luther’s fascinating history, uncovering the many stories that make up this complex…

Written by: Domer, Cornelia
Item #: 124362
Price $23.99

Heritage in Motion


…significance of the people, events, and text of LCMS history. This book offers a valuable collection of the primary sources for church professionals and students of history. Chapters focus on * Theological issues * Interchurch relations * Church polity * Society * Missions and evangelism * Education

Written by: Suelflow, August R , editor
Item #: 531026kin

Deacons and Deaconesses Through the Centuries

…the service activities related to Christian churches or performed by Christians whether the title “deacon” was used. In addition, commentary is included that covers what is actually happening in churches today that may not yet be part of recorded history, thus providing a thoroughly contemporary…

Written by: Olson, Jeannine
Item #: 124138
Price $43.99

Till the Night Be Past

Overview This biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer depicts the social and political world in which he matured, ministered, and died. Till the Night Be Past gathers many interesting details from the dozen or so books written by his family, friends, and former students in the years immediately following…

Written by: Kleinhans, Theodore
Item #: 124103
Price $17.99

Luther, Servant of God Student Guide (Revised)

Help youth eleven and older appreciate God’s work through Martin Luther in seventeen sessions. Age appropriate readings and activities are provided in the student version, while the instructor guide offers background information, worship ideas and memory passages for students.

Item #: 223024
Price $14.49
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