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Communion Wafers

These Communion hosts are baked of only whole wheat flour and water, made strictly without additives. The breads are sealed minutes after baking and are untouched by human hands.* Measure 1 3/8" diameter with an incised cross* Available in white and whole wheat varieties* Packaged in rolls of 100 to…

Starting at $19.38

Stainless Steel Bowl Paten

This bowl-style paten is made from beautiful, easy-care stainless steel and holds approximately 150 hosts. It is the perfect complement to any communion service. The paten is 1 3/8” deep and 6 1/4" across at its rim. Storage bag included.

Item #: 902973
Price $135.00


The corporal is the linen on which the communion vessels are placed. Available in fine 100% linen or easy care fabric in two sizes. An embroidered cross may be added for an additional charge. Call for more details: 800.325.3040.

Starting at $24.00

Communion Cup Filler

This uniquely designed communion cup filler is economical, lightweight and easy to clean. A button on top opens and closes the bottom plunger to fill cups. Wash and let drain on a tumbler or drying rack. Holds 8 ounces.

Item #: 882504
Price $12.00

Corrective Love: The Power of Communion Discipline


…church speaks in its own unrelenting ways to modern minds struggling with the follies and limits of modern consciousness." Discusses judgment and discipline, communion discipline, forgiveness and reconciliation, "tough love" ministry, admonition, lay and clergy discipline and corrective love.

Written by: Oden, Thomas
Item #: 123257kin

The Lord's Supper - Follow and Do

…the Six Chief Parts of the Christian faith, combining the teachings in the catechism with practical application for all aspects of daily life. This book deals with the Sacrament of Holy Communion. A letter from the author to the child reader explains the basis and the meaning of Holy Communion.

Written by: Walker, Joni
Item #: 562335
Price $8.99

LCMS Communion Registration Cards (Pkg of 500)

…contains 500 cards. ON BACK: Because those who eat and drink our Lord's body and blood unworthily do so to their great harm and because Holy Communion is a confession of the faith which is confessed at this altar, any who are not yet instructed, in doubt, or who hold a confession differing from…

Item #: 801205
Price $16.50

Lutheranism 101 - The Lord's Supper

Here you stand, wondering what the Lord’s Supper is all about. Well, let us introduce you to the latest addition to the Lutheranism 101 family! LUTHERANISM 101: THE LORD’S SUPPER examines what Scripture and the Confessions have to say about Jesus’ gift of His true body to eat and…

Written by: Wieting, Kenneth
Item #: 124396
Sale price $7.99

The Blessings of Weekly Communion

…a life of good works. They are formed in the image of Christ. In the Apostolic church, communion was celebrated every Sunday. During the period of the Reformation, the Lutheran churches practiced weekly communion. The influence of Protestantism in the United States has suppressed this practice. This…

Written by: Wieting, Kenneth
Item #: 155068
Price $26.99

Wonder Washer

Item #: RW512
Price $58.95

Silvertone Communion Tray

This communion tray serves as a humble vessel though which the blood of Christ may be received. The silvertone aluminum material offers a lightweight, inexpensive, no-polish-required alternative to precious metal, while still maintaining a distinguished appearance. This tray style is also available…

Item #: 881857
Price $68.15

Festival Setting of the Communion Liturgy (Hillert) - LSB Setting 1

This festival setting of the liturgy corresponds with: Lutheran Service Book Divine Service, Setting One Lutheran Worship Divine Service II, First Setting This is the choral descant edition only. See also the full score for congregation, choral descant, brass, oboe, timpani, handbells, and organ…

Written by: Hillert, Richard
Item #: 982755POD
Price $11.00

Linen Purificator / Baptismal Napkin

This white linen purificator has decorative frayed edges and an embroidered white cross on its corner, and is also great for use as a baptismal napkin. The linen measures 12" square and is folded twice. Sold individually or in packages of 12.

Starting at $10.00

Lessons from Luther (MP3)


…prayers, a table of duties for Christians in their various callings in life, and a guide for Christians to use as they prepare to receive Holy Communion. Luther intended the catechism to be a prayer book for individuals and families and a powerful tool for the Christian life because it provides a…

Item #: 790002
Price $5.49

Closed Communion? Admission to the Lord's Supper in Biblical Lutheran Perspective

…in Closed Communion? Admission to the Lord's Supper in Biblical Lutheran Perspective are both old and new. Taken together, they bear testimony to a common Lutheran conviction and serve to assist both pastors and laity in understanding the biblical and confessional basis for closed Communion.

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 155232
Price $34.99

This Is the Feast - Teacher Guide

…involved in their children's preparation for Communion. Designed to be used alone or as part of an instructional program with another series, This Is the Feast is written in an easy-to-read format and focuses on spiritual preparation for Holy Communion. Insightful questions and answers motivate…

Written by: Nadasdy, Dean
Item #: 223011
Price $12.99

Purificator with 1" Greek Cross Centered

This square linen is used to cleanse the chalice between uses during the celebration of the Lord's Supper. Each purificator is made of 100% linen with hemstitched edges and features a 1" white embroidered Greek cross with fleur-de-lis ends in its center. Each linen measures 11" x 11".

Item #: 881070
Price $22.00

The Lutheran Difference: The Lord's Supper

Real Presence. Weekly Lord’s Supper. Symbolism. Infant Communion. So many options. What do you believe? (6 Sessions) As Lutherans interact with other Christians, they often struggle to explain their beliefs and practices. Although many Lutherans have learned the “what” of Lutheran…

Written by: Seltz, Gregory
Item #: 203258
Price $8.99

Pocket Communion Boxes - Walnut

…Rick Foss, constructs this one-of-a-kind Pocket Communion Boxes. Perfect gifts for pastors who visit the elderly, sick or those shut-in. The communion set is practical and convenient as it fits into your jacket or sports coat. This communion box is handmade from walnut. It comes with a container…

Item #: 885627
Price $50.00

Pastor's Communion Disposable Cup Set

This portable communion set with disposable cups is ideal for pastoral visitation, combining convenience with regard for the sacramental elements. The kit includes a silvertone aluminum bread plate and host box, a plastic leak-proof bottle with silvertone lid, and a sleeve that holds up to 20…

Starting at $64.60

Economy Communion Cups (Box of 1000)

These one-time-use Communion cups fit standard trays and have a smooth, comfortable lip. Cups are made of 100% clear polystyrene and are recyclable. Sleeves of 50 help preserve cleanliness during service preparations. Each cup measures 19 mm x 32 mm x 35 mm. Made in China. Surpass FDA standards.Cups…

Item #: 885670
Price $13.99

Replacement Bottle with Brasstone Top

Has the bottle in your portable communion kit been broken or misplaced? No problem! This replacement leak-proof bottle matches a variety of brasstone portable communion sets. The bottle measures 3 5/8" high by 1 1/4" square with a brass-tone cap.

Item #: 881086
Price $12.00

Silverplate Mini Chalice

…elegant way to serve Communion to individuals. Each miniature chalice measures approximately 1 5/8" tall and holds about 1 ounce of liquid. Use them in compatible pastor’s communion sets, or with specially-designed miniature chalice trays for distributing Holy Communion. They also make great…

Item #: ASA0456
Price $45.00

White Communion Wafers 1-1/8 inch (Pack of 1000)

These white Communion hosts are baked of only whole wheat flour and water, made strictly without additives. The breads are sealed minutes after baking and are untouched by human hands.* Measure 1 1/8" diameter with an incised cross* Packaged in rolls of 100 to maintain freshness* Sold in boxes of…

Item #: 881000
Price $13.77
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