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Confessing the Gospel: A Lutheran Approach to Systematic Theology - 2 Volume Set

…taught in Scripture and confessed in the Lutheran Confessions in light of ecclesiastical developments of both the past and the present. The first dogmatics published by the Missouri Synod in nearly a century, this book seeks to demonstrate this Lutheran approach to confessing the gospel not only…

Item #: 155220
Price $89.99

Christian Dogmatics

A helpful handbook of doctrinal theology based on Francis Pieper's Christliche Dogmatik. This single volume presents the voluminous material in Pieper's work in a clear, concise, complete, and practical manner for the use of theology students. Sections include* Nature and concept of theology* Holy…

Written by: Mueller, John
Item #: 151071
Price $39.99

Brief Statement Doctrinal - Position of LCMS

This pamphlet presents the doctrinal position adopted by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in 1932.

Written by: LCMS
Item #: 131121
Price $1.99

Christian Dogmatics, Volume 1

A translation of Christliche Dogmatik, Volume 1 addresses * Nature and character of theology * Holy Scripture * Doctrine of God * Creation * Divine providence * Angelology * Doctrine of man * Sin and evil * and more

Written by: Pieper, Francis
Item #: 151001
Price $39.99

The Christian Faith

In this book, the author presents the basic teachings of the Christian faith from the Lutheran framework. This framework presents all the articles of faith in accordance with the Scriptures and also correctly distinguishes between Law and Gospel. Chapters focus on * God * Creator and creation *…

Written by: Kolb, Robert
Item #: 123190
Price $38.99

Worship, Gottesdienst, Cultus Dei

This examination of the texts of the Lutheran Confessions gathers together those references pertinent to the contemporary discussion of worship in the Lutheran church. This book also includes a brief overview of the historical worship traditions of the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican,…

Written by: Brauer, James L., editor
Item #: 531126
Price $41.99

On the Church - Theological Commonplaces

…Gerhard presents testimony from the Bible. . . . [It is] a work that deserves its recognition as the outstanding work of Lutheran (i.e. biblical) dogmatics. —John F. Brug, Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly Call 1-800-325-3040 or subscribe to the series online. Save 30% off the retail price! View…

Written by: Gerhard, Johann
Item #: 531168
Price $59.99

Called to Believe, Teach & Confess

Called by the Gospel is the title of a series of introductory theological textbooks written from a distinctly Lutheran perspective. Called to Believe, Teach, and Confess offers an overview of the major doctrines of Christianity in a comprehensive, but accessible way. Written from a Lutheran…

Written by: Mueller, Steven P. ed.
Item #: 177378
Price $55.00

Christology - CLD, Volume 6

…the two natures in Christ, the atonement and the resurrection, Scaer’s treatment is at the same time fresh and persuasive. Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics (CLD) Series is based upon the outline and thought pattern of the Lutheran Confessions. The series is strictly and consciously confessional in…

Written by: Scaer, David
Item #: 177029
Price $21.99

Church and Ministry (Kirche und Amt)

A translation of Walther's famous treatise on church and ministry, Die Stimme unserer Kirche in der Frage von Kirche und Amt (3rd edition) explains the theological foundation for the congregation and pastoral office. Walther offers 9 theses on the church and 10 theses on the Ministry, supported from…

Written by: Walther, C.F.W.
Item #: 152192
Price $26.99

Ezekiel 21-48 - Concordia Commentary

About the Volume This commentary expounds upon the later chapters of Ezekiel according to the book’s classic prophetic outline. After judgment falls on Israel, oracles against the Gentile nations bring them under God’s judgment too. But God’s purpose is to lead all people to…

Written by: Hummel, Horace
Item #: 156051
Price $54.99

Christian Dogmatics, Volume 2

Overview This translation of Christliche Dogmatik, Volume 2 addresses the saving grace of God; the doctrine of Christ, including His deity, humanity, attributes, humiliation, exaltation, and office; and the application of salvation, including saving faith, conversion, and justification by faith.

Written by: Pieper, Francis
Item #: 151002
Price $39.99

Law and Gospel and the Means of Grace - CLD, Volume 8

In the newest addition to the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics Series, Dr. David Scaer takes up a topic traditional in Lutheran theology – Law and Gospel. His treatment of the topic, though containing nothing new in the way of doctrine, presents the Lutheran understanding of Law and Gospel in a…

Written by: Scaer, David
Item #: 177416
Price $35.99

History of Theology - Fourth Revised Edition

This book traces the movements and counter-movements of theological thought through the centuries from the New Testament to the present. This work is divided in three parts:* Part 1 addresses the age of the church fathers * Part 2 covers the Middle Ages from Augustine to Luther * Part 3 moves from…

Written by: Hagglund, Bengt
Item #: 155100
Price $38.99

Christian Dogmatics, Volume 3

A translation of Christliche Dogmatik, Volume III addresses * Sanctification * Good works * Christian life * Means of grace * Law and Gospel * Baptism * Lord's Supper * Christian church * Public ministry * Eternal election * Eschatology

Written by: Pieper, Francis
Item #: 151003
Price $39.99

Christian Dogmatics


A helpful handbook of doctrinal theology based on Francis Pieper's Christliche Dogmatik. This single volume presents the voluminous material in Pieper's work in a clear, concise, complete, and practical manner for the use of theology students. Sections include* Nature and concept of theology* Holy…

Written by: Mueller, John
Item #: 151071kin

Abortion in Perspective - CTCR

This report prepared by the Social Concerns Committee of the Commission on Theology and Church Relations of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod studies the abortion issue from medical, legal and theological perspectives. It reflects on spiritual care and responses in the political sphere and makes…

Written by: CTCR
Item #: 092450
Price $3.49

Commentary on Luther's Catechisms, Ten Commandments

This product is available in digital formats, click "Other Formats" above. Volume One: Ten Commandments The German Edition of Commentary on Luther's Catechisms by Albrecht Peters has long been the gold standard of research on the catechetical texts of the great reformer. This translation makes the…

Written by: Peters, Albrecht
Item #: 155091
Price $44.99

Christian Dogmatics Index

Comprehensive index for the translation of Pieper's Christliche Dogmatik, Volumes one through three.

Written by: Pieper, Frances
Item #: 151000POD
Price $39.99

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions-A Readers Edition of the Book of Concord - 2nd edition

Overview "The Book of Concord should be in every Lutheran home. If a person isn't familiar with this book, he'll think, 'That old book is just for pastors. I don't have to preach. After working all day, I can't sit down and study in the evening. If I read my morning and evening devotions, that's…

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 531154
Sale price $24.99

The Theology of Post-Reformation Lutheranism Volume I


Overview This is an exhaustive, scholarly study of the age of Lutheran orthodoxy, the period from 1577 to 1713, in which Lutheran doctrine was developed, systematized, and defended by theologians such as Melanchthon, Chemnitz, Gerhard, Calov, Quenstedt, and others. Section 1: An analysis of the rise…

Written by: Preus, Robert
Item #: 152110kin

The Lonely Way: Selected Essays and Letters, Volume 1

This product is available in digital formats, click "Other Formats" above. Despite studying under Harnack, Holl, and old Liberalism, Sasse became a prominent figure in confessional Lutheranism by the time of World War I. A leader in the German ecumenical movement for years, he untiringly advocated…

Written by: Sasse, Hermann
Item #: 531049
Price $31.99

Meditations on Divine Mercy

Overview Meditations on Divine Mercy is a book of 45 prayers that Johann Gerhard wrote prior to 1612. Translated from the German by Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, this book is available for English readers to enjoy and appreciate. Additional features include a chapter on the purpose and benefits of…

Written by: Gerhard, Johann
Item #: 124183
Price $14.99

We Confess Anthology

Overview These essays define a Lutheran approach and understanding of the Gospel. The book is divided into three sections (previously published as separate volumes). * Section 1 includes essays on Jesus Christ, the theology of the cross, and church and confession. * Section 2 offers essays on the…

Written by: Sasse, Hermann
Item #: 531037
Price $33.99
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