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Easter Offering
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Dollar/Check Size Easter Offering Envelope

These Easter envelopes, designed to accommodate cash and personal checks, are perfect for celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord. * Dollar bills and checks fit easily in these 6 1/4" x 3 1/8" envelopes with easy open flap. * Back of envelope provides space for name, envelope number and address. *…

Item #: 861340
Price $4.50

Offering Envelope: My Offering for... (Pack of 100)

My Offering For: We are labourers together with God. 1 Corinthians 3:9 My Offering For: Check box for Tithe, Missions, Special Offering, Floral Gift, Christmas, Easter, Building Fund, Faith Promise Name (blank line) Address (blank line) Amount (blank line) Packaging: Shrink-wrapped package of 100…

Item #: 913101
Price $5.49

The Widow's Offering - Arch Books

This book retells the story of the widow who willingly gave her mites (Mark 12:41-44; Luke 21:1-4). The Arch® Book series tells popular Bible stories through fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations. This well-loved series captures the attention of children, telling scripturally sound stories…

Written by: Bader, Joanne
Item #: 592214
Price $2.99

Easter Letterhead: Jesus is Alive!

…and features a full-color visual on the front. Ideal for mailing special announcements to your congregation or friends. Sold in packages of 100. Use with our convenient window mailing envelopes (3-7/8" × 8-7/8") that offer a see-through panel for the letterhead design to show through. (Item U1800)

Item #: U3885LH
Price $8.50

John's Easter Story - Arch Books

…and offers background to the Bible story and suggestions for its application. John's Easter Story tells the Easter story from John's perspective, as revealed in the book of John. CLICK HERE to view all Easter Arch Books. For only $.99 cents, download this activity that supports John's Easter Story.…

Written by: Hinkle, Cynthia
Item #: 592248
Price $2.99

The Easter Surprise - Arch Books

Overview Children love surprises, and the Bible story of Easter is full of them! Some of the surprises in the days that lead to Easter seem sad and scary, but the most wonderful surprise is that Jesus rose from the grave and now promises us eternal life through faith in Him. About the Series…

Written by: Miller, Claire
Item #: 592275
Price $2.99

From Adam to Easter - Arch Books

Overview Based on the biblical Easter story, this title retells the Easter story in the context of the greater history of mankind, that is Adam’s original sin and how Jesus—the second Adam—reconciled us to God through His death and resurrection. Based on Paul's eloquent explanation in Romans…

Written by: Bohnet, Eric
Item #: 592265
Price $2.99

Journey to the Cross: An Easter Learning Experience CD-ROM

This powerful program invites families to experience the road to Calvary and the path to the empty Easter tomb. Journey to the Cross is an outreach and educational event for your congregation and community. Through activities based on Scripture, participants experience the joy of Palm Sunday, the…

Written by: McCray, Kelly
Item #: 290800
Price $39.99

Restore the Roar! - Resources for Lent and Easter Preaching and Worship

…resources for the pastor and musician, designed to lead the Christian congregation through the season of Lent in preparation for the Easter celebration. The CD offers complete text of sermons that work together with worship services, children's messages, Bible studies, and daily devotions, all…

Written by: Lessing, R.
Item #: 155179
Price $44.99

The Salutary Gift: Resources for Lent and Easter Preaching and Worship

…Calvary and offered in the Lord’s body and blood, truly makes this blessed Supper a “salutary gift.” About the Series Author Paul Beisel’s series provides pastors and worship leaders with a comprehensive set of preaching and worship resources for Lent and Easter. Centered…

Written by: Beisel, Paul
Item #: 155222
Price $44.99

Libros Arco: Mi libro de Pascua (Arch Books: My Happy Easter Book)

…This Arch® Book summarizes the resurrection story as recorded by Matthew (27:57-28:10). Children are encouraged to personalize it by writing an Easter poem and prayer on the lines provided at the end. About the Series Arch® Books captivate children with colorful pictures and creative poems.…

Written by: Falcioni de Fritzler, Sandra
Item #: 166051
Price $2.99

Lamb of God, Pure and Holy-Lent Preaching & Worship Resource with CD-ROM

…reflection, catechetical formation, and anticipation of Easter. Lamb of God, Pure and Holy, offers solid, Christ-centered materials for preaching, Bible study, and worship during the forty days of Lent, the services of Holy Week, and Easter Sunday. Based on the Lenten hymn "O Lamm Gottes," the…

Written by: various
Item #: 155107
Price $44.99

Words of Life from the Cross - Resources for Lent-Easter Preaching & Worship

…midweek plus Easter) • Nine children’s messages • Worship resources for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter • Rich Text files for personal adaptation* Bonus Congregational Reading Resource The theme of this series is based on the final words of Christ that He spoke from the cross as He offered up His life…

Item #: 155139
Price $44.99

Musica Sacra: Easy Hymn Preludes for Organ, Vol. 3

The acclaimed series continues with this finely tuned volume, offering a plethora of tune settings that are selected throughout all seasons of the church year.

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 977052
Price $18.00

Libros Arco: La historia de Semana Santa (Arch Books: The Week That Led to Easter)

…Gospel accounts. It guides readers as they reflect on Jesus’ path to the cross, but ends with His joyous resurrection three days later on Easter! About the Series Arch® Books captivate children with colorful pictures and creative poems. Each book presents a complete Bible story in a…

Written by: Schneider-Batallán, Marlene
Item #: 166067
Price $2.99

God's Gift of Forgiveness CD-ROM

God's Gift of Forgiveness is a complete resource for Lent and Easter preaching and worship, delivered on CD-ROM designed to quickly and easily assist with planning the many aspects of Lent and Easter worship. The CD offers complete text of sermons that work together with worship services, children's…

Written by: Peperkorn, Todd
Item #: 155147
Price $44.99

Family Faith Walks

…for parentsaccompany the devotions to help equip them in their roles as faithmentors for their children. Devotions are grouped by calendar year, offering six activities for eachmonth plus eleven special devotions to use throughout the year. Eachdevotion is divided into six sections: * God’s…

Written by: Haack, Kelly
Item #: 124135
Price $13.99

Engage Leader Leaflet (NT4)

…reading * Time to recognize birthday, baptism anniversaries or special occasions * A Bible story introduction * A faith word of the day * An offering and mission minute * A prayer * Song suggestions The Engage CD (sold separately) includes these materials for each week’s opening: * Preparing…

Item #: 480810
Price $14.99

Engage CD (NT4)

…reading * Time to recognize birthday, baptism anniversaries or special occasions * A Bible story introduction * A faith word of the day * An offering and mission minute * A prayer * Song suggestions One copy of the Engage Leader Leaflet and Engage CD is included in each quarter’s Cross…

Item #: 480811
Price $17.49


This new Requiem is inspired by Brahms' A German Requiem. Unlike the traditional Latin Mass for the Dead, this is a work serving to comfort the living and offer hope. Requiem is shaped conceptually by the Ordinary of the Latin Mass and the Divine Service.

Written by: Leavitt, John
Item #: 983583
Price $12.50

Jesus Christ Is Risen Today! - Arch Books

Overview The Easter hymn “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today!” beautifully expresses the Gospel in simple words. Using language from all four Gospel accounts, this Arch Book retells the story of our Lord’s resurrection and shows how it is the fulfillment of God’s promise in Genesis…

Written by: Bohnet, Eric
Item #: 592291
Price $2.99

Adult Bible Study (NT4)

…account. Because adults study the same Bible lesson as kids, the study also provides parents with ideas for family connections during the week, and offers ideas for personal reflection. The Adult Bible Study includes: * A background Bible commentary for the Bible study leader * A four-step weekly…

Item #: 460850
Price $31.99

Children Rejoice and Sing

A marvelous collection for the entire Church Year of traditional texts set for unison and two-part children's ensembles. Very attractive accompaniments and various instrumental timbres offer unique charm to each and every setting.

Written by: Blersch, Jeffrey
Item #: 977074
Price $10.00

Early Childhood Teacher Guide (NT4)

…New Testament Bible stories covered in the Jesus Dies and Rises to Save Us quarter are: Jesus and Zacchaeus The Triumphal Entry The Widow's Offering The Lord's Supper Peter Denies Jesus The Passion of Christ The Resurrection of Jesus The Empty Tomb Jesus Appears on the Emmaus Road Jesus Appears…

Item #: 460800
Price $13.49
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