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Lutheran Bible Companion Set

Overview Tap into the treasures of God’s Word with the Lutheran Bible Companion, the first-ever comprehensive guide to the Bible featuring commentary that reflects Lutheran theology. In this two-volume set, readers find new understanding for personal meditation or preaching in the expansive…

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 012112
Sale price $57.99

Lutheran Worship: Pew Edition

Features updated language; psalms with simple musical notations; larger, more readable type; revised orders of worship; two setting of the Divine Service; and Luther's Small Catechism–1986 Translation. Bound in royal blue cloth with gold stamped title and symbols.

Item #: 031141
Price $30.00

Authentic Youth Ministry: Straight Talk About Working with Kids, Teens and In-betweens

Overview Today, kids desperately need our support as they get their balance in this challenging world. On a daily basis, they struggle in a world that makes them second-guess everything about themselves, including their looks, technology, relationships, and young personalities. Through her own…

Written by: Cassie Moore
Item #: 223179
Price $14.99

Lutheran Worship, History and Practice

This companion volume to Lutheran Worship examines the roots of Lutheran worship practices. It studies present corporate worship practices and contemplates future developments. This volume is excellent for any church library.

Written by: Fred L Precht
Item #: 531015
Price $29.99

Luke - People's Bible Commentary

Christ-centered Bible truths unfold as you read this complete series of commentaries designed for spiritual growth and reading enjoyment. These trustworthy commentaries help you comprehend what you've read in Scripture as well as apply it to your life. These commentaries offer: * Easy-to-read…

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 128228
Price $15.99

Luther and His Times

This product is available in digital formats, click "Other Formats" above. Enhanced by illustrations and line drawings, Luther and His Times examines the early years and development of the great reformer of the church. The author examined available primary and secondary source materials in America…

Item #: 151164
Price $24.99

Luther and World Mission

This book provides a new interpretation of Luther and mission and serves to "rehabilitate" the reformer in modern missiological studies. Öberg argues that Luther fully embraced the missionary task to the world. Because Luther was foremost a teacher and pastor, his writings interact with…

Written by: Ingemar Oberg
Item #: 155051
Price $53.99

Luther the Expositor

Luther the Expositor is an introduction to Luther's writings dealing with his exegetical principles and practices, illustrated by a case study of texts on the Lord's Supper. It is an overview of Luther's theology underlining the importance of exegesis in the life and thought of the church. Also…

Written by: Jaraslov J. Pelikan
Item #: 151741
Price $34.00

Luther's Works, Volume 69 (Sermons on the Gospel of John 17-20)

About this Volume Volumes 22–24 of Luther's Works: American Edition did not give us all of Luther's preaching on the Gospel of John. Now, in the new volume 69, we have Luther's exposition of Jesus' high priestly prayer in John 17, as well as his preached meditations on the entire passion and…

Written by: Martin Luther
Item #: 155169
Price $54.99

That I May Be His Own

This volume acquaints readers with the historical setting in which Luther composed his catechisms. This carefully crafted survey of the context of medieval instruction and piety brings to life the habits of mind that Luther inherited as a member of the church and a student of theology, as well as…

Written by: Charles P. Arand
Item #: 531022
Price $25.99

Let's Illustrate

Using sermon illustrations helps listeners process and remember the spoken word. This book outlines the need and value of illustrations as part of the sermon message. Topics include specific ways to illustrate through stories, visuals, daily news, and concepts. Let's Illustrate also provides…

Written by: Eldon Weisheit
Item #: 123379
Price $13.99

Lutheran Worship (1982) Little Agenda-Blue

This flexible paperback edition of the Lutheran Worship Little Agenda has proven to be an effective resource for pastors and other professional church workers over the years. This is an excellent tool for ministering to the sick, hospitalized, or shut in members of your church and community.

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 123010
Price $21.99

Lutheran Worship (1982)-Little Agenda-Black

This black bonded-leather edition of the Lutheran Worship Little Agenda has proved to be an effective resource for pastors and other professional church workers over the years. This is an excellent tool for ministering to the sick, hospitalized, or shut in members of your church and community.

Item #: 152183
Price $28.99

History of Theology - Fourth Revised Edition

This book traces the movements and counter-movements of theological thought through the centuries from the New Testament to the present. This work is divided in three parts:* Part 1 addresses the age of the church fathers * Part 2 covers the Middle Ages from Augustine to Luther * Part 3 moves from…

Written by: Bengt Hagglund
Item #: 155100
Price $38.99

Pastoral Care under the Cross - Revised Edition

Overview Pastoral Care Under the Cross points to the cross as the paradigm for pastoral care when counseling suffering people. This book offers insight that is useful not only for pastors but also Christian counselors, chaplains, nurses, doctors, and social workers who interact with the elderly,…

Written by: Richard C. Eyer
Item #: 124446
Price $20.99

Los dones del Espíritu Santo, La gracia de Dios en acción (The Gifts of the Spirit: God's Grace in Action)

Un análisis bíblico de cómo Dios dispuso los dones por medio de su Espíritu para enriquecer la vida de su iglesia y producir el fruto más dulce y apetitoso que el mundo necesita: la vida eterna. Cuando el creyente aprovecha esta gracia de Dios, en su vida se…

Written by: Omar Weber
Item #: 166318
Price $9.99

Christian Concepts for Care

Overview The first aspect of this guide is a resource that provides a basic understanding of mental health from both psychological and spiritual perspectives. It offers readers a deep understanding of the value of both perspectives and shows how they work together for the care of souls. Also…

Written by: David J. Ludwig,Mary Jacob
Item #: 155210
Sale price $19.99

Discourses in Matthew - Jesus Teaches the Church

Focusing his exploration on Jesus' Five Discourses, Scaer demonstrates that Matthew was written as catechesis, a method in concert with its content and organization. The discourses summarize the message the disciples are to carry to "all nations" and each discourse builds on its predecessors to…

Written by: David P. Scaer
Item #: 124178
Price $29.99

I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare

FREE study guide! See details below. While Africa and Madagascar seem like strange and faraway places, the world in which we now live has become much smaller than many of us could ever have imagined. Moreover, even our neighbors visit the local fortuneteller, read the horoscope page in the…

Written by: Robert H. Bennett
Item #: 531204
Sale price $12.99

The American Muhammad: Joseph Smith Founder of Mormonism

Overview Soon after Joseph Smith, Jr., founded the Mormon Church in 1830, newspaper editors called him “the American Mahomet,” “Modern Mahomet,” or “Yankee Mahomet.” In The American Muhammad, Alvin Schmidt has undertaken the challenging but informative task of…

Written by: Alvin Schmidt
Item #: 531199
Price $41.99

The Church from Age to Age: A History from Galilee to Global Christianity

…has been and where it is going. —Joel C. Elowsky Center for Early African Christianity, Eastern University If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book for your institution's academic journal to review, please contact Lindsey Martie at 1-314-268-1303 or email

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 124370
Price $38.99

Faith and Science in a Skeptical Age

Overview People remain thankful for science, but they also recognize that science does not hold all the answers. In fact, they see that science can raise more questions than it answers, driving people on further quests for understanding truth, and contentment. Faith and Science in a Skeptical Age…

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 124437
Price $15.99

Women Pastors? - Third Edition

Overview This updated edition adds six additional essays, three which are from women offering a female voice on the subject of the role of women in the Church. The thirty essays in this volume represent Lutheran churches throughout the world. The essays are divided into four sections: Biblical…

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 155192
Price $41.99

What Does This Mean? 2nd Edition, Revised

Overview What Does This Mean? is a basic hermeneutics textbook for Christians, especially those of the Lutheran tradition. It discusses textual criticism, semantics, pragmatics, and application of biblical texts to postmodern contexts. The areas of language, thought, reality, and more are also…

Written by: James W. Voelz
Item #: 123333
Price $36.99
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