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Family Trees & Olive Branches: Creating a Culture of Grace in Your Family

…through your family, Family Trees and Olive Branches is an instrumental book.” —Melissa Brignac “Incredible! In Family Trees and Olive Branches, we learn that we can give our families what God first gave us: His unending grace in Christ! It can permeate our family relationships,…

Written by: Hergenrader, Christina
Item #: 124519
Sale price $12.99

Family Time: A Collection of 98 Bible Stories and Devotions

families can spend time together sharing Bible learning, praying, and reflecting on life connections. From Genesis to Paul’s Missionary Journeys, travel together to learn about God’s plan of salvation for you! Bible stories and devotions for special occasions in your family’s life…

Item #: 223139
Price $24.99

5 Things You Can Do to Have a Stronger Family

…About This Volume There are no perfect families, and we all want to have stronger, faithful families. Even while the pressures of real-life issues press on every side, there are opportunities to support your spouse, your children, even you extended family. God has mercifully surrounded us with the…

Written by: Seidler, Scott
Item #: 155207
Price $7.99

Welcome Folder: Welcome to Our Church Family (Pack of 12)

Cover: Welcome to our church family. Inside: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (NIV) Packaging: Sold individually Size: 6' x 9' Two pockets inside, one pocket includes die-cut space for…

Item #: 913104
Price $22.70

Funtastic Family Nights

Give families in your church, school, group, or neighborhood an eveningof Christ-centered family fun and faith talk with this book. This collection of nineteen detailed instructions and event plans gatherparents and children together for an evening of activities that centeron their life as a family

Written by: Bickel, Kurt
Item #: 123330
Price $12.99

Little Visits with Jesus: 25th Anniversary Edition

…An award-winning educator, Dr. Mary Manz Simon is a practicalparenting specialist and best-selling author with more than threemillion books sold. "Family devotions are important. The practice says to childrenthat faith is not just for Sunday morning in church-it is part of dailyliving. ... 'Jesus…

Written by: Manz Simon, Mary
Item #: 061331
Price $15.99

God's Family Tree Christmas CD-ROM

…Christmas Celebrations God’s Family Tree shows that through God’s saving grace, all His children belong to a very special family tree. Children love to hear stories about their own history and family tree. Teach them they are rooted in an even more special family tree through their Christian…

Item #: 351340
Price $39.99

Balance Christ Filled Family Living

…professional counselor, maintaining her own practice. As Director of Christian Education for Zion Lutheran Church, she has organized Youth and Family ministry programs for adults and children. A home educator, counselor for individuals, couples, and group therapies, facilitator for…

Written by: Jander, Coreen
Item #: LWML20443
Price $4.00

Counting to Christmas: Family Advent Devotions and Calendar

…calendar at the back of the book to physically mark your journey through Advent! Easy enough for older children to read on their own and younger children to understand, this book will become a yearly Advent tradition in classrooms and homes and spark nightly devotion time in families year-round!

Written by: Pawlitz, Gail
Item #: 562532
Price $9.99

Family Ministry Basics

Family Ministry. As the definition of family changes, it's vital for the church to teach the message of the Gospel that families so desperately need to hear. But how do you reach them? This study introduces practical, thought-provoking ideas for understanding and guiding today's families. Family

Item #: 223065
Price $21.49

Right from the Start

Your child's first three years are critical in faith development and lay the foundation for future growth. God uses you to nurture your child's spiritual and emotional formation, as well as physical and cognitive development. This revised edition of Right from the Start helps you discover how young…

Written by: Morgenthaler, Shirley
Item #: 124090
Price $14.99

Joy in the Parish

…of a Christian community. Recognizing that God desires for His people to be joyful, the book looks at Scripture, insights from church leaders, family systems theorists, and health professionals. The result is a balanced analysis of how a church community can renew its joy in the Lord through the…

Written by: Knippel, Charles
Item #: 531095
Price $7.99

Growing in Worship Sample

…used during the worship service. DID YOU KNOW? An intriguing fact sparks thinking about each week’s Gospel message. FAMILY FAITH TALK! Brief, daily activity for families encourages faith discussion. Six days of the week, timely tasks are suggested that parents can use as their child’s…

Item #: 750099
Price $0.00


This collection of devotions answers questions about heaven with texts from the Bible. Each meditation provides a comforting reassurance for bereaved families as they deal with the inevitable questions about where their loved one is. This booklet makes a wonderful alternative to sympathy cards.

Written by: Beiderwieden, George
Item #: 741008
Price $3.99

Happy Times Jun/Jul Issue

This fun magazine is a wonderful resource to help adults talk to children about Jesus and to guide families in faith growth at home and church. This is an individual copy. If you would like to receive Happy Times six times per year, visit to subscribe. _______________________ From…

Item #: 410073
Price $3.00

Family Faith Walks

Walk this way to discover great devotional ideas for families. A collection of devotions and related activities for families, this bookencourages parents and children to grow in faith together. Building onexcursions in the neighborhood and community, games, projects and avariety of other active…

Written by: Haack, Kelly
Item #: 124135
Price $13.99

Where Do Babies Come From? - Boys Edition - Learning About Sex

This book, the second in the Learning About Sex series for boys, aids parents in the often difficult task of introducing and explaining human sexuality. Where do Babies Come From? helps boys ages 7 to 9 better understand how a new baby develops using simple and accurate language. From preschoolers…

Written by: Hummel, Ruth
Item #: 142135
Price $14.99

Renewing the Family Spirit

…and family relations. He illustrates how different styles of communication between husband and wife, parent and child, affect the spirit of a family. This book helps you understand how differences among family members can be a positive source for growth and understanding your own family better.

Written by: Ludwig, David
Item #: PD0045
Price $21.99

Teaching the Faith at Home: What Does This Mean? How Is This Done?


…Is This Done? to reveal why the historic model of teaching the catechism early in the home is key in keeping families connected to the Church. Catechesis that’s grounded in family life is not a new idea, but it’s one that our fast-paced culture often forgets and would do well to remember…

Written by: Rueter, David
Item #: 124494kin

Paul's Word to Families


Overview Explore St. Paul's words of encouragement and instruction for families. Through this four-session study you will gain insight into what it means to be a child of God in the context of your family. Session 1: Paul's Word about Roles Session 2: Paul's Word about Justification Session 3:…

Written by: Mueller, Daniel
Item #: 203722pdf
Price $20.00

The Lutheran Difference: Marriage and Family

About this Volume As Lutherans interact with other Christians, they often struggle to explain their beliefs and practices. Although many Lutherans have learned the "what" of Lutheran doctrines, they do not always have a full scriptural foundation to share the "why." When confronted with different…

Written by: Seltz, Greg
Item #: 203588
Price $8.99

Marriage by God's Design: Workbook

What the Bible Teaches about Marriage. Today, there are a lot of conflicting ideas about what marriage is and isn’t. Love. Adoption. Engagement. Children. Divorce. Wedding. Civil union. Single living. Widowhood. Separation. Chastity. Until death do us part. What does it all mean? Are there any…

Written by: Radkey, Tim
Item #: 203837
Price $5.99

Essential Lutheran Library for the Family

…worship at church, and then the family’s devotional life at home keeps its members connected to those gifts all week long. The Essential Lutheran Library for the Family equips every member of the family, regardless of age, with resources to nurture each family member’s faith development…

Item #: 012136
Price $185.93

Faithfully Parenting Tweens

…reminds parents of the forgiveness and hope we have through Christ for the times we fail and the opportunities we have to model forgiveness in our families. Included are case studies and practical information on 21 issues, such as peer pressure, spending power, fears, sports, homework, bullying, and…

Written by: Bucka, John
Item #: 124189
Price $10.99
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