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The Abundant Life DVD

…and understanding that God's good and gracious will for His people is at work even in the midst of suffering. Gospel Focus -- The greatest good of all time came from the greatest suffering of all time—Jesus on the cross. To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit

Item #: LFL1408DVD
Price $5.00

God Knew Your Name DVD

…face, God knew your name. When no one else could see how precious you would be, God knew your name.” Included on the DVD: sheet music in PDF format; lyrics for female singer; accompaniment track, key of D, MP3 format To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Item #: LFL1508
Price $15.00

For Life DVD

…and manner of Lutherans For Life! For Life is the perfect tool for introducing LFL to pastors, teachers, laypeople, Sunday schools, day schools, congregations, and church groups—and the free study guide turns this DVD into a great Bible study! To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit…

Item #: LFL1705
Price $0.00

Fatherhood DVD

…at conception; it's being there for the long haul. In Fatherhood with Joel Biermann the Concordia Seminary professor and dad relates how being a father is a demanding pursuit with a heavenly goal-raising kids who know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Few things in life can be more intimidating that…

Item #: 203994
Price $15.00

The Other End of Life DVD

…Gospel Focus: Christ’s victory over death and the grave makes death a gain and makes life meaningful. "The Other End of Life" is part of the "Equipping the Saints" series of DVDs being produced by Lutherans For Life. To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit

Item #: LFL1409DVD
Price $5.00

Witness, Mercy, Life Together Bible Study DVD

…the biblical basis of WITNESS, MERCY, LIFE TOGETHER, the threefold emphasis of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Helpful explanations of Greek terms, and references to Bible passages addressing witness, mercy, and life together, are included. This DVD features four instructional videos by…

Written by: Harrison, Matthew
Item #: 203991
Price $10.00

Handiwork of God DVD

…this DVD presentation with Rev. Dr. Jamb I. Lamb, executive director of Lutherans For Life and "Handiwork of God" brochure (Item LFL1007T) are wonderful resources for congregational, school, and home use! Note: a free DVD study guide is available for download. To learn more about Lutherans For Life

Item #: LFL1401DVD
Price $5.00

Home Run King DVD

This men's Bible study aims to weave two passions into one. The first is a passion for the game of baseball-America's time-honored pastime. The second is a passion for growing into the husband, father, and spiritual leaders God has called us to be. It is our prayer this Men's NetWork Bible study…

Item #: 203935
Price $15.00

Working for the Man Upstairs DVD

…and a vocation comes down to understanding who's your boss. "Occupation," Radkey says, "has to do with earning a living for you. Vocation has to do with living your life for God." For Christians it's understanding we are "... God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works ... (Ephesians…

Item #: 203970
Price $15.00

Bible on Trial DVD

…that comprise this important discussion. He asks, "Is this book, the Bible, and its contents-reliable?" This question has been fiercely debated for centuries-and rightly so. If the Bible is not worthy of our faith, if it is riddled with errors, if it is full of inconsistent and false information,…

Item #: 203993
Price $15.00

We the People DVD

…society. The DVD contains supplemental video which include extended interviews that add to the discussion. 3 sessions. Each video session is approximately 10-15 minutes which can be followed by 30-45 minutes of discussion. A printable PDF discussion guide is included in the DVD and can be accessed…

Item #: 203971
Price $15.00

Baptism: The Journey of Life in Christ DVD

…and burial with Christ, to a resurrection into everlasting life (Romans 6). This six session series is a wonderful opportunity to show how to live out the sacrament of baptism, seeing the comfort it gives not only for the future, but for our everyday living. Segments include* The Journey of Jesus…

Item #: 871065
Price $79.99

Peace in His Time DVD

Peace. We want it. We fight for it. We even die for it. But can we ever achieve it? This Men's NetWork Bible study took to the streets to ask the question, is peace possible? The responses, as you will see, range from the philosophic and cynical to the pessimistic and hopeful. There's no doubt about…

Item #: 203992
Price $15.00

Stem Cell Research and Cloning DVD

…I cannot make it complicated! Second, all we need to know are the basics. Once we understand the basic biology involved, we will be able to apply God’s Word to these technologies—and God’s Word is where we want to begin." To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Item #: LFL1001AV
Price $5.00

The Power of We: DVD and CD-ROM

…right again What is it? The Power of We is a DVD that takes a deep look at marriage—a union in which God promises that “two will become one flesh.” This oneness is one of the most powerful and mysterious forces on Earth. By joining them together for life, God enables husbands and wives to weather…

Written by: Ludwig, David
Item #: 203487
Price $54.99

Overflowing Abundance DVD Bible Study with Workbook

…fatigue, personal grief, and limited resources, God desired to use that spring day to feed the masses with the Bread of Life. Order Additional Workbooks for each student.Run times for each lesson: Intro & Lesson 1 – 33 minutes; Lesson 2 – 36 minutes; Lesson 3 – 34 minutes; Lesson 4 – 24 minutes;…

Item #: LWML68932
Price $40.00

How We Got the Bible DVD

…to get God's message into print. Throughout each chapter, Web links offer interesting jumping-off points for users to glean more information. The Bible is a source of faith and inspiration for tens of millions the world over. As a collection of rich and varied texts, its narratives, psalms, laments,…

Item #: 203929
Price $15.00

Facing Disaster Like a Man DVD

Disasters! Life's catastrophes come in many shapes and sizes, and their unwelcome intrusion leaves us reeling. Grief, profound uncertainty and -- not infrequently -- more questions than can reasonably be answered, rise from its wake. In this devastation, the heart is drawn to look for answers human…

Item #: 203969
Price $15.00

God Loves Life Sheet Music


God Loves Life sheet music – This is the theme song in LFL’s For Life video/DVD. To learn more about Lutherans For Life, please visit

Item #: LFL1502pdf
Price $1.00

Hope for Broken Hearts - The Gospel and Post-Abortion Syndrome DVD

…hope" so those who carry this burden will feel safe and welcomed. "Hope for Broken Hearts - The Gospel and Post-Abortion Syndrome" is part of the "Equipping the Saints" series of DVDs being produced by Lutherans For Life. To learn more about Lutherans For Life please visit

Item #: LFL1407DVD
Price $5.00

He Who Dies with the Most Toys....Still Dies DVD

…medals, our stuff isn't going with us when we finally "pack it up" on our last day, so getting our priorities right according to God's Word is good for us and our families. This men's Bible study examines the balance between owning stuff and achieving things, and understanding where our true…

Item #: 203933
Price $15.00

Peter...From Fisherman to Fisher of Men DVD Bible Study

An eight-lesson DVD bible study on the life and ministry of the Apostle Peter. Written by Donna Pyle, this study examines how God uses Peter's brokenness, failures, and triumphs to help us grow in faith. Two-disc set. Electronic leader copy of workbook included as a pdf file on one of the discs.…

Item #: LWML68934
Price $93.99

Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here? DVD

…of things, not vice versa. God's law is good, His will for His people is that they speak the Gospel message and share the life of Jesus Christ with others. Proclamation is paramount, not optional. The Last Day fulfills God's will for the earth and its creatures; it doesn't conclude world history…

Item #: 203934
Price $15.00

The Real St. Nick: Leader, Legend or Lie DVD

…team of forensic specialists has reconstructed an image of St. Nick's face. In the end what St. Nick has set down for us all is a lifestyle of service and going the distance for the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether it's staying the executioner's blade from the neck of three innocents, bailing out a…

Item #: 203928
Price $15.00
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