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A Man Named Martin: Part 2 (DVD)

…traditions of the Late Medieval Church that eventually sparked the Protestant Reformation, a theological overhaul set in motion most notably by Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses to the church door at Wittenberg. As a follow-up Bible study to 2015’s A Man Named Martin—Part 1:…

Item #: 204222
Price $15.00

Truth Be Told Deluxe (Reformation Celebration Kit) - Digital Edition


…designed to teach children (grades K-5) about five key events in the life of Martin Luther and the truths found in God's Word. Activities, stories, snacks, crafts, and games connect those events to God's work through Martin Luther and through us. Content is derived from the 2017 Mighty Fortress VBS.…

Written by: Nummela, Pamela
Item #: 321714DCR
Price $24.99

A Man Named Martin: Part 1 (DVD)

…the first of a three-part series devoted to Martin Luther—a monk whose Spirit-inspired grasp of God's justification of sinners through faith in the Savior was the cornerstone of the Protestant Reformation. In this five-session Bible study, Luther's life and times are examined through the lens…

Item #: 204213
Price $15.00

Luther: Echoes of the Hammer

Read the story of Martin Luther, a man who lead a revolution that changed the world. From a small town in medieval Germany, the Reformation resulted in dramatic, sweeping change that still echoes today. Here is Luther's story of adventure, courage, and faith told for the first time in graphic novel…

Written by: Leigh, Susan
Item #: 562478
Price $13.99

We the People DVD

…its early development. Along the way concepts like "ceremonial deism," "democracy," "theocracy," "republic," Martin Luther's "Two Kingdoms" and more will be explored. Throughout this video and the accompanying discussion guide, tough questions are raised that help the user understand the demanding…

Item #: 203971
Price $15.00

The Hymns of Martin Luther

For five centuries, Martin Luther’s hymns have formed the core of Lutheran hymnals. They are honored as the premier model for Lutheran hymnwriters. All of Luther’s hymn texts and melodies are now brought together in this complete collection. Previous English compilations of these hymns…

Written by: Peter C. Reske
Item #: 992297
Sale price $18.00

J. S. Bach and Scripture: Glosses from the Calov Bible Commentary

…the composer Johann Sebastian Bach is now in the library of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. It is Die deutsche Bibel, edited largely from Martin Luther’s writings by the theologian Abraham Calov, in three large folio volumes, published in Wittenberg in 1681–82. It is of immense importance…

Written by: Leaver, Robin
Item #: 991255
Price $33.95

Johann Walter: First Cantor of the Lutheran Church

A brief sketch of this friend and advisor to Martin Luther. Examines his ideas about music in the life of the church, as well as his music itself.

Written by: Schalk, Carl
Item #: 991413
Price $3.95

Music in the Service of the Church: The Funeral Sermon for Heinrich Schütz

The sermon prepared and preached by Rev. Martin Geier based on Psalm 119:54, is a detailed working out of the implications of Luther's attitude toward music, set within the context of the late 17th century in which Schütz worked. Also contains a primary

Written by: Leaver, Robin
Item #: 991261
Price $6.75

The Gospel Preached through Music: The Purpose and Practice of Lutheran Church Music

…much on this topic from Martin Luther and from the work of Lutheran cantors active during the first three centuries of Lutheranism. This book aims to encourage a widespread recovery of and recommitment to the amazing potential of Lutheran church music, for, as Luther said, “God has preached the…

Written by: Zager, Daniel
Item #: 992281
Price $12.99

Lutheran Choral Anthology: The 16th Century

…each selection. Composers: Martin Agricola; Seth Calvisius; Gallus Dressler; Benedictus Ducis; Johannes Eccard; Gotthart Erythräus; Georg Forster; Bartholomäus Gesius; Nicolaus Gotschovius; Hans Leo Hassler; Johann Kugelmann; Matthaeus Le Maistre; Martin Luther; Lucas Osiander; Caspar…

Written by: Schalk, Carl
Item #: 977347
Price $25.00

Working for the Man Upstairs DVD

…According to Martin Luther, our vocation is the mask behind which God hides Himself, working through our lives-our hands, feet, and head-doing great and wonderful things for the people He has placed around us. And in the end, that's the only work that really matters. 3 sessions. Each video session…

Item #: 203970
Price $15.00

Something to Sing About (Hymn Study Guide)

A twelve-lesson study of Christian hymns that can be used as an adult Bible study, as the basis for an adult instruction class, or as a devotional study for choir or other groups. A fascinating look at the relationship between what we sing and what we teach. Prepared by pastor and hymnwriter…

Written by: Vajda, Jaroslav
Item #: 991310
Price $3.75

Songs for Disciples

Songs for Disciples draws on the heritage of the church and on contemporary sources to provide songs that can carry the message of the Great Commission and support disciples as they live for Jesus Christ and go about the task of making disciples for Him. It is a collection of songs that catch the…

Written by: Board of Evangelism Services of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Item #: 975852
Price $7.50
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