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Eight Meditative Preludes for Organ

Eight hymn preludes by Alfred V. Fedak in a variety of styles, keys, and textures. Each tune highlights an important phrase from the hymn text and brings it into focus through the music. All but the last prelude are quiet and contemplative, with the final statement of “This truth remains…

Written by: Alfred V. Fedak
Item #: 977736
Price $22.00

Salvation unto Us: Twelve Easy Organ Preludes for Reformation

Twelve new settings of hymns by Kevin Hildebrand from the Reformation era and for the observance of this festival. His easy-medium approach lies in the hands and feet for the average church organist—simple without being simplistic. These elegant arrangements are a must-have for every church…

Written by: Kevin J. Hildebrand
Item #: 977738
Price $26.00

Chant, Vol. II

Plainchant melodies form the basis for this thought provoking edition. Fluid harmonic structures are used throughout to present these melodies in memorable ways.

Written by: Charles Callahan
Item #: 976834
Price $25.00

Lord of Our Life: Eight Organ Preludes for the Church Year

This collection from Matthew Machemer features settings ranging from bright and buoyant to reflective and austere. Many of the preludes are based on hymn tunes that are frequently sung but are not often found in other collections. With writing that is both interesting and accessible, this collection…

Written by: Matthew Machemer
Item #: 977814
Price $22.00

Introductions, Harmonizations, Accompaniments, Interpretations, Vol. 5

Harmonic ingenuity, and rhythmic elegance characterize this next installment in this well-liked, accessible series composed by professor, recitalist, and featured hymn festival artist Jeffrey Blersch.

Written by: Jeffrey Blersch
Item #: 977291
Price $17.00

Partita on Kingsfold


The English folk melody KINGSFOLD is the theme for this five-movement partita. Don’t miss the opportunity to use this well-crafted publication with its variety of settings.

Written by: Charles Callahan
Item #: 976692pdf
Price $9.00

Hymn Prelude Library: Lutheran Service Book, Vol. 3 (DE)

Comprehensive organ preludes based on the hymn tunes of Lutheran Service Book. In the tradition of The Parish Organist and the Concordia Hymn Prelude Series, this is the third of 12 volumes of creative, substantive, and practical preludes for every organist and congregation. The Library •…

Written by: Kevin Hildebrand
Item #: 977456
Price $50.00

Eleven Compositions for Organ, Set XI

Charles W. Ore delivers his eleventh and final installment in CPH’s longest-running organ series, which began in 1971. Full of the characteristics and charm of Charles Ore, Set XI features imaginative settings of familiar tunes as well as several under-treated tunes. A full index of the…

Written by: Charles W. Ore
Item #: 977880
Price $30.00

Silent Night (Ore)

Organ and instrument setting of the beloved Christmas tune Stille Nacht by Charles Ore. Parts for C and B-flat instruments included. Medium difficulty.

Written by: Charles W. Ore
Item #: 976352
Sale price $1.25

Baroque Music for Manuals, Vol. I

…for preludes, voluntaries, and postludes throughout the church year. Particularly useful for festivals, weddings, and other joyous occasions. All pieces can be played effectively on a single-manual organ with appropriate stops. The optional pedals indicated can be used at the player's discretion.

Written by: S. Drummond Wolff
Item #: 975341
Price $12.00

Musica Sacra: Easy Hymn Preludes for Organ, Vol. 9

A set of fourteen easy hymn preludes by J. Wayne Kerr that encompass a wide breadth of tunes from around the world for use throughout the Church Year. Musica Sacra has been an extremely well-received series of easy hymn preludes by renowned composers targeting the needs of today’s organists.

Written by: J. Wayne Kerr
Item #: 977653
Price $30.00

Festival Processional on Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Add a festive touch to your worship celebrations with this hymn processional on the tune LOBE DEN HERREN. The trumpet part requires easy to moderate skill, and is a great introduction to the hymn. This edition includes reproducible pages for choir and congregation.

Written by: John Eggert
Item #: 976655POD
Price $11.00

4 Organ Post-Communion Canticles

These organ canticles are based on the post-communion liturgical melodies of LW (Divine Service II, 1 and 2) and LBW (Holy Communion 1 and 2). These works are useful whenever the Eucharist is celebrated, and as postludes as well.

Written by: David M. Cherwien
Item #: 976489POD
Price $12.00

Jubilate, Vol. 4

The fourth volume in this series. Contributors include Charles Callahan, Jeffrey Honoré, James Biery, Marilyn Biery, Ben Culli, Mary Beth Bennett, Stephanie Honz, James Kosnik, and Lynn Trapp.

Written by: James W. Kosnik,J. Michael McMahon
Item #: 977321
Price $30.00

Jubilate, Vol. 2

This acclaimed series unites the compositional gifts of different composers who have striven to provide creative textures for primarily manuals, interspersing the use of pedal points, slow moving lines, and ostinato patterns. Substantive literature for those who have or have not mastered the use of…

Written by: James W. Kosnik,J. Michael McMahon
Item #: 977073
Price $18.00

10 Hymn Preludes and Accompaniments

Christiansen brings fresh new sounds to familiar hymns. These technically "unchallenging" accompaniments are good for alternating with hymnal settings for internal or concluding stanzas. In the tradition of T. Tertius Noble.

Written by: David Christiansen
Item #: 976114POD
Price $18.00

Simply Christmas

Resourceful compositional techniques are used to capitalize on the use of manuals only, 'with just a touch of pedal.' The use of some virtuosic sounding patterns will sound impressive. Intended as a single volume to integrate into any Christmas worship service, with sufficient material for prelude,…

Written by: John Leavitt
Item #: 976966
Sale price $2.75

Five Preludes of Praise, Set 2

A popular and inventive collection of titles. Practical and intriguing compositions for the busy parish organist.

Written by: John A. Behnke
Item #: 976889
Price $10.00

Seven Organ Preludes

A collection of organ preludes by award-winning organist Benjamin Kolodziej, who is in demand nationally and abroad as lecturer and organist at services, hymn festivals, and organ concerts. These thoughtfully-composed pieces range from energetic and joyful to somber and contemplative. Based on…

Written by: Benjamin Kolodziej
Item #: 977695
Price $22.00

Six Meditations on English Hymn Tunes for Organ


Short (1–2 pages each) treatments of familiar tunes. Great as "filler' items (pre-service music or during distribution).

Written by: Charles Callahan
Item #: 976189pdf
Price $10.00

Organ Chorales of Samuel Scheidt: Forty-Nine Practical Settings

The passage of time hasn’t dulled the craftsmanship and creativity in the chorales of Samuel Scheidt (1587–1654). Nearly four centuries after they were first published, the settings still sparkle with innovative harmonies and exuberant rhythmic flourishes. Over time, some of these…

Written by: Steven Rhode
Item #: 977811
Price $27.00

Three Classic Partitas for Lent


…expertise are evident in these delightful partitas. A native of Hungary, Bálint Karosi is an acclaimed organ recitalist and accomplished composer. He has won numerous international organ compositions, including first prize at the 16th International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition in Leipzig,…

Written by: B�lint Karosi
Item #: 977453pdf
Price $18.00

Chorale Preludes and Postludes for Manuals, Vol. 4

Chorale-based preludes from the baroque period, set for manuals only. Another edition in this series edited by Charles Callahan.

Written by: Charles Callahan
Item #: 976969
Price $20.00

Out of the Depths

Brief motivic development gives unique interpretive value to each tune. Repetitive and step-wise patterns in the manuals and pedal allow these pieces to be practical for Sunday morning preparation.

Written by: Benjamin M. Culli
Item #: 976992
Price $12.00
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