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Praise The One Who Breaks The Darkness

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Praise The One Who Breaks The Darkness
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Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness (Bobb)

A new setting of the familiar hymn tune BEACH SPRING for SATB choir, piano, optional C instrument, and congregation. For general use or Hymn of the Day for Proper 19 (B). An optional reproducible congregational page is provided.

Written by: Bobb, Barry
Item #: 984021
Sale price $1.00

Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness (Laster)

A modern hymn text by Rusty Edwards set to the tune BEACH SPRING, is included in the Hymnal Supplement 98. This anthem for mixed choir and organ is useful throughout the Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany seasons. SATB, organ; Easy.

Written by: Laster, James
Item #: 983617
Price $1.50

With High Delight (CD)

…Like its predecessors O Lord, Open My Lips (1995) and My Mouth Will Declare Your Praise (1997), this collection is intended to be a resource for parents, teachers in day schools and Sunday schools, and others who are interested in preparing children for participation in the richness of the Divine…

Written by: Children's Choir of St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Ft. Wayne, IN
Item #: 991707
Price $14.95

The Cross of Christ: Six Lenten Pieces


This collection of piano pieces with settings by Rachel Chapin offers practical artistic renderings of well-known Lenten melodies. Each tune is treated with a varying compositional technique and interpretation. Accessible and rewarding.

Written by: Chapin, Rachel
Item #: 976994pdf
Price $14.00

Gates of Beauty: Six Hymn Settings for Organ

Employing canonic treatment, vigorous trio textures, or modal harmonies evoking an air of serenity, these six hymn settings are of suitable length for offertories or preludes to the worship service. Inspired by the straightforward musical forms and clean counterpoint of prior centuries, the…

Written by: Benjamin Kolodziej
Item #: 977815
Price $24.00

Seven Settings of American Folk Hymns

This organ collection contains seven preludes by Wilbur Held on American tunes that may be useful throughout the Church Year.

Written by: Held, Wilbur
Item #: 975829
Price $15.00

The Cross of Christ: Six Lenten Pieces

This collection of piano pieces with settings by Rachel Chapin offers practical artistic renderings of well-known Lenten melodies. Each tune is treated with a varying compositional technique and interpretation. Accessible and rewarding.

Written by: Chapin, Rachel
Item #: 976994POD
Price $16.00

American Folk Hymn Suite, Set 2

Renowned composer and concert artist Charles Callahan offers his second set of American Folk Hymns. These may be played independently or in succession as a suite on the piano or organ for informal or liturgical settings.

Written by: Callahan, Charles
Item #: 977000
Price $12.00

Final Stanzas: Hymn Settings for Organ and Descanting Instrument, Vol. 3

A collection of twenty alternate hymn harmonizations by David Maxwell, designed to be played with or without descant as the final stanza of a hymn. Parts for instrument in C and B-flat included.

Written by: Maxwell, David
Item #: 977495
Price $21.00

Musica Sacra: Easy Hymn Preludes for Organ, Vol. 4

Enjoy the easily mastered artistry of Wilbur Held in this comprehensive volume of new and historic preludes. Musica Sacra has been an extremely well-received series of easy hymn preludes by renowned composers targeting the needs of today’s organists striving to continually serve congregations.

Written by: Held, Wilbur
Item #: 977132
Price $18.00

Jubilate, Vol. 2

…unites the compositional gifts of different composers who have striven to provide creative textures for primarily manuals, interspersing the use of pedal points, slow moving lines, and ostinato patterns. Substantive literature for those who have or have not mastered the use of pedals. This series…

Written by: Kosnik, James
Item #: 977073
Price $18.00

Strong to Save: Easy Hymn Preludes for Manuals

…on national hymns. Organists will find this collection especially useful in July, but many of these tunes are also used throughout the Church Year. These arrangements are perfect for the beginning organist or the seasoned player who needs something in a hurry. They may also be played on the piano.

Written by: Kerr, J.
Item #: 977696
Price $29.00

Twenty-Six Hymn Introductions

A large set of brief hymn introductions composed by John Eggert, presenting a variety of compositional approaches written to convey the character of each hymn in order to encourage meaningful congregational singing. The included tunes account for at least 42 hymns found in various hymnals. This is…

Written by: Eggert, John
Item #: 977692
Price $26.00

Sonus Novus, Vol. 5

In the fifth volume of this series, Kevin Hildebrand provides unique counterpoint and articulations to enliven the task of congregational hymn accompanying.

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 977085
Price $20.00

Soli Deo Gloria: Eight Distinctive Chorale Preludes for Every Organist, Set 3

The third edition of chorale preludes from Jacob B. Weber is filled with grace and style. This set includes a great variety of hymn tunes commonly used but not often found in other collections.

Written by: Weber, Jacob
Item #: 977650
Price $20.00

O Sing of Christ: The Hymns of Stephen P. Starke, Volume 1

A collection of hymnody written by poet and pastor Stephen P. Starke. This volume contains text and melody for more than 120 hymns covering the entire Church Year. It includes Scripture references and full indexes of topics, meters, tunes, and more. “Stephen Starke is a modern-day Paul…

Written by: Starke, Stephen
Item #: 991730
Price $35.00

Hymn Prelude Library: Lutheran Service Book, Vol. 2 (BC)

Comprehensive organ preludes based on the hymn tunes of Lutheran Service Book. In the tradition of The Parish Organist and the Concordia Hymn Prelude Series, this is the second of 12 volumes of creative, substantive, and practical preludes for every organist and congregation. The Library •…

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 977455
Price $50.00

Hymnal Supplement '98: Handbell Descants Edition

Reproducible. Includes 46 descants—most for two or three octaves. Provides harmony with descant.

Written by: Behnke, John
Item #: 976720
Price $40.00

Hymns for All Saints: Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs (CD)

Hymns for All Saints provides engaging setting of traditional hymnody, psalm settings, and spiritual songs with superb vocal clarity, instrumental accompaniments, including both piano and organ. 2 CD set, 31 tracks.

Written by: Johnson, David
Item #: 992271
Price $21.99

Hymnal Supplement '98: Pew Edition

Contains over 100 hymns, including African, Hispanic, and Caribbean tunes, canons, canticles, and new psalm tones with congregational refrains. Includes new hymn settings of the Divine Service and Evening Prayer, as well as devotional orders intended for morning, noon, and evening. Several…

Written by: Commission on Worship
Item #: 976686
Price $7.00

Hymnal Supplement '98: Accompaniment Edition

Provides musical accompaniments for all hymns, liturgies, and psalms. Also includes additional simplified settings for 24 hymns. Layout eliminates page turning in hymn accompaniments. Page numbering matches the pew book. Includes guitar chords for some hymns.

Written by: Commission on Worship
Item #: 976752
Price $30.00

Hymnal Supplement '98: Instrumental Descants Edition

Reproducible. Two descants are provided for both instruments in B-flat and C, for each of 98 hymns (196 total). The melody is also scored for instruments in C (treble, alto, and bass clef), F, and B-flat.

Written by: Busarow, Donald
Item #: 976719
Price $50.00

Hymnal Supplement '98: Vocal Descant Edition

Reproducible. Includes 82 descants. Provides melody and descant with the final text of the hymn.

Written by: Schalk, Carl
Item #: 976718
Price $40.00

Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare in America

…How can we break free from the despair and crushing fear that such encounters can bring? How do we come to the aid of our neighbors who are lost in Satan’s deceptions? Bennett points us to the only way out: God’s grace and the medicines He gives to His people. Praise for Afraid…

Written by: Bennett, Robert
Item #: 124463
Sale price $12.99
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