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Psalm Settings For The Small Choir

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Psalm Settings For The Small Choir
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Psalm Settings for the Small Choir

A broad collection of simple psalm settings for use throughout the Church Year for choir, congregation, and cantor. The easy use of handbells and treble instruments adds texture and interest to several of the settings.

Written by: Eggert, John
Item #: 977168
Price $9.00

Three Easy Settings for Two-Part Choir

…comfort from Psalm 31, including “My times are in Your hand,” appropriate for times of thanksgiving. At Christmas, your choir will love the cheerful setting of “On Christmas Night All Christians Sing.” “Commit Thy Way unto the Lord” is based on Psalm 37:5 and is…

Written by: Henry V. Gerike
Item #: 977745
Price $7.00

Luther's Divine Service: A Festival Setting for Small Choirs


…arranged for two-part choir, organ, trumpet, and congregation. This setting was commissioned by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Because all necessary musical components are included, the service can be used by any church. Settings are…

Written by: Jacob B. Weber
Item #: 977798
Price $65.00

Psalm 23

A sophisticated setting of Psalm 23 for women's voices. Designed for the accomplished vocal ensemble.

Written by: Callahan, Charles
Item #: 983714
Price $1.50

Psalm 150 (Handbell Part)

Handbell part for 98-3858. An engaging setting of Psalm 150, suitable for countless worship services, church observances, and festivals. Bells are thoroughly integrated throughout as is the familiar hymn text, "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow" set to the tune LASST UNS ERFREUEN.

Written by: Behnke, John
Item #: 977180
Price $4.00

Psalm 121 (Hildebrand)

…voices, an instrument in "C" or "B-flat" and organ are teamed in this melodic psalm setting. The refrain/stanza format is written mainly for unison voices, with a brief descant added for the final refrain. Appropriate for Pentecost 6 (B) and 22 (C). 2pt treble voices, C/B-flat instrument, organ.…

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 983437
Price $1.25

The Concordia Psalter: Series C, Set 1

…engage all choirs and congregations in singing the psalmody of the Church. Psalm versifications have been artfully paraphrased and set to lyric melodies in settings for any combination of unison or two-part choirs. The refrains can be reproduced for congregational service folders. Each set in the…

Written by: Husberg, Amanda
Item #: 977480
Price $40.00

The Concordia Psalter: Series A, Set 2

…engages all choirs and congregations in singing the psalmody of the Church. Psalm versifications have been artfully paraphrased and set to lyric melodies in settings for any combination of unison or two-part choirs. The refrains can be reproduced for congregational service folders. Each set in the…

Written by: Husberg, Amanda
Item #: 977623
Price $50.00

For the Lord Is Good

Psalm 100 paraphrased and set for two-part equal voices and organ by Matthew Machemer. This tuneful setting with memorable refrain is especially appropriate for anniversaries and weddings. Psalm 100 is appointed on Easter Evening/Monday, Proper 6 (year A), and Proper 13 (year C).

Written by: Machemer, Matthew
Item #: 984112
Price $1.90

Blessed Are They

…that hear the word of God and keep it," and Psalm 28:9, "O Lord, save Your people and bless Your heritage. Be their shepherd and carry them forever," set for SATB choir, organ, oboe, and optional children's choir by Kevin Hildebrand. Beautiful for any festival, especially anniversaries, dedications,…

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 984203
Price $2.80

O Sing to the Lord

Psalm 98 is set by Jeffrey Blersch for SAB choir and organ, with an optional congregational refrain interspersed throughout. The verses creatively punctuate the text always coming back to the strong refrain. Use this anytime for praise and adoration, especially at times of special celebration. Psalm

Written by: Jeffrey Blersch
Item #: 984231
Price $2.80

I Will Lift Up My Eyes unto the Hills

Psalm 121 is given an ethereal quality in this setting for piano and three-part treble voices. Accompaniment and voices are equal partners in the musical interpretation. Great for use when worship themes center on trust.

Written by: Nelson, Daniel
Item #: 983475
Price $1.00

I Will Praise You, O Lord

A recurring antiphon provides musical cohesiveness for this setting of Psalm 138 for mixed choir and organ. Useful throughout the Church Year, especially Lent, Pentecost and the festivals of St. Luke and the Visitation. 2pt mix, organ; Easy.

Written by: Bender, Mark
Item #: 983559
Price $1.50

Know That the Lord Is God

An easy setting of Psalm 100:3 (RSV) taken from George Frideric Handel’s Chandos Anthem No. 1 "O be joyful in the Lord" (HWV 246). Based on movement 4 "Be ye sure that the Lord he is God," this edition by William Braun is for two-part mixed choir, two treble instruments, and continuo. It may also be…

Written by: Handel, George
Item #: 983817
Price $1.75

I Will Give Thanks to the Lord

Unison choir, descant, congregation, optional bells, and treble instrument Enrich the singing of the Psalm for the Sunday after Christmas (when your choir may shrink in size, temporarily) with this Antiphon and Descant setting. Includes alternate accompaniment.

Written by: Cherwien, David
Item #: 982930
Price $0.60

Make Joyful Music

Part of the Concordia Children's Series, a setting by Barry L. Bobb for unison or two-part children's voices and piano of Psalm 100 in a paraphrase by Don Petering. The simple accompaniment is designed to be played by children, utilizing either handbells or Orff instruments, or by a young pianist.…

Written by: Bobb, Barry
Item #: 984128
Price $1.65

Not unto Us (Hildebrand)

Kevin Hildebrand has crafted a memorable setting of Psalm 115:1, 9–15 (KJV) for SAB choir, organ, violin, and optional congregation. The refrain may be sung in Latin or English. Reproducible congregation page included. Psalm 115 is used on Epiphany 8 A and Proper 3 A, while the justification themes…

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 984069
Price $2.05

Sing, Men of God, Vol. 2

Reproducible settings for TB, TTB, TBB, and TTBB choirs.

Written by: Petering, Donald
Item #: 977343
Price $50.00

Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God (Weber)

A setting by Jacob B. Weber of the traditional offertory for unison or two-part equal voices, keyboard (piano or organ), two violins, and optional violoncello. The offertory (Psalm 51:10-12), as found in The Lutheran Hymnal and Lutheran Service Book Divine Service, Setting Three, is given a…

Written by: Weber, Jacob
Item #: 984133
Price $2.10

Holy Is the Lord / Heilig ist der Herr (2 C Instruments)

…used as the text rather than the Gospel for Trinity Sunday. To this is added a Doxology from Luther's chorale text of Psalm 67, es woll' uns Gott genädig sein. This composition consists of two main sections; the first part consists of three settings of "Holy Is the Lord," each of which is followed…

Written by: Hammerschmidt, Andreas
Item #: 974481
Price $0.50

Sing, Men of God, Vol. 1

Don Petering provides a variety of settings for male voices, from a cappella to string accompaniment. The vocal and instrumental parts from this collection are fully reproducible to accommodate the size of any men’s chorus.

Written by: Petering, Don
Item #: 977221
Price $50.00

Singing Saints Songbook

…classics as well as your favorite praise songs and choruses. Contains 37 songs for youth retreats, servant events, gatherings, Bible studies, campfires, and wherever saints may sing. Includes piano and guitar accompaniment for every song. Beautiful imagery illustrate some pages throughout.

Written by: Terry K. Dittmer
Item #: 976917
Price $5.00

Evening & Morning: Music of Lutheran Daily Prayer CD

…is a choir of sixteen male voices from the student body of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. The recordings have been prepared to allow an individual, family, or even a small group to have the support to confidently sing the liturgy of the prayer services. Choir: The Seminary…

Item #: 124359
Price $11.99
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