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Salvation Cross
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Mighty Fortress Starter Kit - VBS 2017

…CD and/or DVD content Student Essentials Sampler: Early Childhood Leaflet & Stickers Elementary Leaflet Passalong CD/DVD Collectibles Carabiner Team Identifier Nametag Offering Envelope Craft Sampler: Mighty Fortress Sand Art Fear Not Flyer Victory Medallion Salvation Cross Crown of Life

Written by: Nummela, Pam
Item #: 321743
Price $169.99

Luther Rose Pectoral Cross

This pectoral cross features the Luther's Rose symbol at the center of the cross. The back side of the cross depicts a circle of men and women, hands raised, around a Chi Rho emblem, representing the Christian community gathered around Christ to celebrate His salvation. The pewter pendant measures…

Starting at $23.00

Brazilian Silver Trinity Clergy Cross

…designed Brazilian clergy cross depicts all three persons of the Holy Trinity on its metal pendant. God the Son in the person of Jesus Christ hangs outstretched on the cross, while God the Father is shown holding up the cross from behind, revealing to the world the Salvation he offers in Christ. The…

Item #: 885519
Price $25.00

The Cross upon My Brow

…meaning of the ashen cross worn on Ash Wednesday. The tune and setting by Jonathan Kohrs take full advantage of the piano and highlight the last two words of each stanza: "for You." I bear the ashen cross upon my brow: The sign of sorrow, evidence of how, O Christ, You won salvation for my soul. The…

Written by: Kohrs, Jonathan
Item #: 984206
Price $2.30

Faith Alive Bible - Green with Cross

…personally. Cross Connections As you read through the Bible, you will find many verses that remind you that Jesus’ death on the cross connects you back to God—which gives you forgiveness, life, and salvation. In many places, a brief note is included explaining a particular Cross

Item #: 013002
Price $34.99

Words of Life from the Cross - Resources for Lent-Easter Preaching & Worship

…to their faith formation. This CD-ROM offers substantial resources for those looking to connect God’s people to the words of life shared from the Cross in a variety of congregational programs and settings. What does this provide for you? • Jesus is the teacher—His Words provide a hope-filled Lenten…

Item #: 155139
Price $44.99

Jesus and Mary Christmas Banner 3' x 6'

The Jesus and Mary Christmas banner features an image of the virgin Mary holding the newborn infant Jesus, placed before a cross to announce salvation in Christ. This economically priced banner, a reproduction of Jennifer Kennedy fine art, features symbols silk screened on durable cotton canvas.…

Item #: 900121
Price $99.00

Good Friday (Papp)

Reflect on this heart-wrenching sight of our Savior on the cross. He paid the ultimate price on our behalf and this powerful art print helps viewers fully understand and appreciate His sacrifice. Finished size is approximately 24" x 28".

Starting at $310.00

Patriarchs Pass the Promise Bulletin Board

…Grade 6 Complete Kit This bulletin board illustrates how God's promise of salvation was passed down through 3 generations of patriarchs and has now been passed on to us. The cross, on which Jesus died to win that salvation, is featured prominently in the center of the dynamic design. 11 pieces Note:…

Item #: 630621
Price $11.29

Pulse 020: Dying a Criminal's Death


…movie Terminator Salvation, he does it to save a man who had tried to torture him to death. When Marcus died for him, John Connor had changed his mind about Marcus. But Jesus didn't wait for us to change our minds. When we were still sinners who hated Him, Jesus went to the cross to save us. Visit…

Written by: Lehmann, Charles
Item #: 203818
Price $4.99

A Theology to Live By: The Practical Luther for the Practicing Christian


…some might consider parts of it to be, is practical in its entirety. From creation, to the fall, to the life under the cross, Preus shows that the story of salvation is knit together as one garment, so that we rejoice in the fullness of that which we have received. The application to Christian…

Written by: Preus, Herman
Item #: 124262kin

The Bronze Serpent (Gauthier)

…Moses putting up a bronze snake on a pole in Israel's camp to save them from poisonous snakebites, prefiguring Jesus being lifted up on the cross for our salvation. "And the people spoke against God and against Moses, ‘Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? For there is no…

Starting at $310.00

Miraculous Mission Starter Kit – VBS 2019

…adventure with Miraculous Mission: Jesus Saves the World. Explore God’s miraculous mission and learn about His plan of salvation from creation to the cross! The all-inclusive 2019 VBS Starter Kit includes materials for 6 rotational sites, sample crafts, and student essentials. It also…

Written by: Nummela, Pam
Item #: 321943
Price $169.99

Fusion: Trees

…the New Testament to communicate the message of salvation. See how tress take root in the Bible with these topics: * Two Trees in Paradise * The Burning Bush * The Staff of Moses * The Serpent Pole * The Root and Shoot of Jesse * The Trees of the Cross This in-depth study is ideal for teens or young…

Written by: Bird, Chad
Item #: 223034
Price $14.99

Daniel - Concordia Commentary

…to be bent in service to eschatological speculation about an earthly messianic kingdom. Instead, it is a book about Christ, the salvation he accomplished by his cross, and the eternal glory he promises his redeemed people. Christ preserved his people throughout the Babylonian captivity and pointed…

Written by: Steinmann, Andrew
Item #: 156049
Price $54.99

Libros Arco: Reina Ester (Arch Books: Just in Time Esther)

…the book named for her. Just as she was willing to give her life to save the Jewish people, God sent His son Jesus to give His life on the cross for our salvation. About the Series Arch® Books captivate children with colorful pictures and creative poems. Each book presents a complete Bible story…

Written by: Fau, Cecilia
Item #: 166133
Price $2.99

Sonus Novus, Vol. 1

This is the first volume in a marvelous, imaginative, and useful series that will increase the dimension of sound in your worship space. Short hymn introductions with a variety of textures and timbres are provided. In addition, alternate harmonizations to each hymn setting have been composed that…

Written by: Kosche, Kenneth
Item #: 977043
Price $15.00

Heirs of the Reformation (CD)

…all the performers involved have produced not only a fine reference work, but a richly devotional listening experience.” —GraceNotes (June/July 2009) High praises for Heirs of the Reformation. Read a review by Karl Osterland from Cross Accent: Journal of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians.

Item #: 992258
Price $44.95

Today's Light Devotional Bible

…the Big Picture” points out how Bible stories fit into God’s salvation plan, and “Sharpen the Focus” reveals ways the readings apply to your life. Plus, find new Biblical connections with 90,000+ cross references. Start your journey with the flexible reading plan that works…

Written by: Fryar, Jane
Item #: 012104
Price $32.99

Little Lambs Too - Teacher Guide

…volume of Little Lambs contains thirty Old and New Testament Bible stories: Six Great Days (Creation) After the Fall Jacob's Lie Jacob's Ladder Crossing the Red Sea Traveling in the Desert God's Battle Plan for Gideon David, the Singing Shepherd King David and Mephibosheth Elijah's Ups and Downs…

Item #: 223046
Price $41.99


If any one collection of organ music can be called common property of organists throughout the world, it is surely the Orgelbüchlein of J. S. Bach. It continues to fascinate and challenge organists and other serious musicians both as pedagogical work and as a collection of music unsurpassed in the…

Written by: Bach, Johann
Item #: 975774
Price $55.00

The SAB Chorale Book

A collection of easy choral music intended for those mixed choirs which are not able to sing the standard SATB literature. This includes youth choirs, high school choirs, choirs at the junior high school level, and small adult church choirs.

Written by: Thomas, Paul
Item #: 977575
Price $11.00

Little Lambs Too - Student Pages

…Lambs curriculum is focused on leading young children to know the love and salvation we have in Jesus Christ. Stories covered in this volume: * Six Great Days (Creation)* After the Fall* Jacob's Lie* Jacob's Ladder* Crossing the Red Sea* Traveling in the Desert* God's Battle Plan for Gideon* David,…

Item #: 223047
Price $21.49

Cranach's Altar Painting

…trampling death and the devil underfoot. The backdrop brings together a variety of Old and New Testament stories and figures to preach the salvation for which Christ suffers on the cross.About the Artists Lucas Cranach, the Elder, a well-respected Reformation Era artist, was unable to complete…

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