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Preaching for the Church

This informative resource presents practical ways to reach your listeners with the message of Law and Gospel. It lays out the theology and process of homiletics in an effective goal-malady-means approach. This book attempts to relate the many facets of Christian preaching, its preparation and…

Written by: Caemmerer, Richard
Item #: 122639POD
Price $22.99

Gospel Sermons - Volume 1

About this Volume Walther's sermons reflect not only the importance of Walther as leading theologian of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in the first decades of its existence but also his extraordinary gifts as a preacher. Now in English, Walther’s sermons will give readers today a…

Written by: Walther, C.F.W.
Item #: 531196
Price $39.99

Focused on Christ: Topical and Exegetical Sermons for Use Throughout the Church Year

The collection has two basic types of sermons: expository and topical. In the expository sermons, Pastor Behnken expounds on the meaning of a specific passage of Scripture, exploring the topics that arise from that text. In the topical sermons, he deals with issues of common human concern, weaving…

Written by: Behnken, Kenneth
Item #: 155137
Price $49.99

The Gates of Hell: Confessing Christ in a Hostile World

…not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18). So even though it seems like Satan is winning, Christ promises that the devil will not prevail. Each sermon and essay in this volume testifies to the power of Christ’s promise to defend His Church. The Word of God does what it says, and the gates…

Item #: 124531
Price $14.99

Sermons for Funerals, Weddings & Civil Holidays: Selections from Concordia Pulpit Resources

…sixteen sermons for funerals (including death of a child and suicide), fifteen sermons for weddings, and eighteen sermons for civil holidays including New Year's, Father's Day, Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving. Concordia Pulpit Resources has been aiding pastors with word and textual studies, sermon

Written by: various
Item #: 155103
Price $17.99

Reading the Lessons: Guidelines for Reading Gods Words in the Worship Service - Free Download


So you've been asked to read the lessons. You are probably familiar with reading the Bible; you may even be comfortable reading aloud in class or Bible study. But reading God's words in the worship service in more than reading the Bible aloud. You, as the lector, have the duty to ensure that the…

Written by: Maschke, Timothy
Item #: 101790
Price $0.00

Gospel Sermons - Volume 2


About the Volume Walther's sermons reflect not only the importance of Walther as leading theologian of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in the first decades of its existence but also his extraordinary gifts as a preacher. Now in English, Walther’s sermons will give you today a peek…

Written by: Walther, C.F.W.
Item #: 531197kin

Selections from Concordia Pulpit Resources - Sermon Book Set

…studies, sermon outlines, illustrations, children's messages, and full sermons for almost twenty years. Compiled from the archives of Concordia Pulpit Resources, this 4-book collection contains the following: * Sermons for Funerals, Weddings & Civil Holidays: 49 sermons. 16 sermons for funerals…

Item #: 155198
Price $67.96

Sermons for Church Year Festivals

Reduce last-minute preparation often associated with church-year festivals with this sermon booklet. The collection of Gospel-centered sermons covers many church festivals including * Advent * Christmas Eve and Day* Epiphany * Ash Wednesday * Maundy Thursday * Good Friday * Easter Sunday * Day of…

Written by: Deffner, Donald
Item #: 123325
Price $16.99

Prime Time Preaching

A collection of eight sermon outlines with suggested Bible readings, children's messages, bulletin ideas, and other worship helps including a chancel drama, choral reading and Bible study. This book addresses today's "prime time" topics including prejudice, violence, unemployment, divorce, helping…

Written by: Weisheit, Eldon
Item #: 123327
Price $12.99

Sermons and Addresses on Lutheran Fundamentals

…the source the Creed and the Catechism. When Lutherans speak about the basics of Christian faith, they speak with the words of Scripture. These sermons and lectures use clear passages of Scripture to lay out the basic doctrines of Christianity. They are meant for working people who are seeking after…

Written by: Wessel, Louis
Item #: 155115POD
Price $26.99

Let's Illustrate

…the need and value of illustrations as part of the sermon message. Topics include specific ways to illustrate through stories, visuals, daily news, and concepts. Let's Illustrate also provides examples of how others have illustrated sermons. It helps pastors select and customize illustrations…

Written by: Weisheit, Eldon
Item #: 123379
Price $13.99

Gospel Talks for Kids: Series B

Gospel Talks for Kids is based on the weekly Gospel readings. The messages in this volume follow the three-year pericopes for Series B. These Gospel Talks for Kids were prepared with the Sunday morning worship service in mind, however many will also find these Gospel talks useful as part of opening…

Written by: Schumacher, Catherine
Item #: 124405
Price $17.99

Why Should I Trust the Bible?

…The title poses the question Why Should I Trust the Bible? and Pastor Sutton’s answers will bless individual reading, study groups, and sermons.” —Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer, President, Concordia Seminary “In a time in the world when there are so many more questions than answers,…

Written by: Sutton, A. Trevor
Item #: 124476
Sale price $9.99

Martin Luther's Basic Exegetical Writings

…incomprehensible apart from his work as a Bible teacher. From his first lectures on the Psalms and Romans, to his monumental series on Galatians, his sermons on Matthew and John, and his final lecture series on Genesis, Luther returned the attention of God’s people to His Word and the…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 155227
Price $24.99

Sermons for Special Days and Occasions

This collection of 16 Gospel-centered sermons helps with last-minute sermon needs at funerals, weddings, and secular holidays. An excellent reference book for any pastor

Written by: Deffner, Donald
Item #: 123326
Price $16.99

A Lutheran Primer for Preaching: A Theological and Practical Approach to Sermon Writing


sermon construction that may be employed by all pastors. Over the past fifty years, many negative practices have snuck into the Church's preaching which still hold influence to this day, such as: regarding the Scriptures as distant stories with little impact upon the present world, viewing sermons

Written by: Grimenstein, Edward O.
Item #: 155219kin

Preaching is Worship: The Sermon in Context

Overview Preaching is arguably the most important work of the Christian pastor. Multiple contexts surround the sermon and impact the sermon, even when the preacher is unaware of them. Homileticians may identify as many as seven preaching contexts: theological, literary, historical, personal,…

Written by: Various Authors
Item #: 531190
Price $41.99

Gospel Handles: Old Testament Lessons

Overview Gospel Handles: Old Testament Lessons is a treasury of creative ideas that can add sparkle to preaching and attractiveness to Gospel presentations. The resource uses the proven approach taught by Rev. Rossow during his many years as a homiletics professor and featured in his first book,…

Written by: Rossow, Francis
Item #: 155214
Price $31.99

Luther's Works, Volume 75 (Church Postils I)

…collected sermons for the church year were originally published in two series: the Church Postil and the House Postil. These were among his most popular works. Aside from his catechisms, they did more to teach people the Reformation than any other book. Volume 75 gives the sermons on the Epistle…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 155186
Price $54.99

Luther's Works, Volume 76 (Church Postil II)

sermons on the Epistle and Gospel readings from New Year through Holy Week, plus “Meditation on the Holy Suffering of Christ” and “Sermon on Confession and the Sacrament.” The appendix contains Luther’s prefaces to earlier editions of the Church Postil. All the sermons

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 155187
Price $54.99

Luther's Works, Volume 51 (Luther's Sermons I)

…of 43 sermons arranged in chronological order. Beginning with what may be Luther’s earliest extant sermon and ending with the last he delivered before his death, this collection of sermons can give the reader a glimpse into the Reformer’s development as a preacher. The 43 sermons in this…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 171985
Price $34.00

The 1529 Holy Week and Easter Sermons of Dr. Martin Luther

This collection shows Luther at the height of his expository power,demonstrating the depth of his pastoral concern. Intended as a preachinghelp, this book gives insights into both biblical text and the humancondition. It addresses the Lord's Supper, the passion and resurrectionof Christ, and the…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 531040POD
Price $25.99

Voices from the City

…with ministers provide added insights into the urban dynamic that shapes these black, white, Hispanic, and Asian communities. Also included are sample sermons for multiethnic audiences, which rejoice that "God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you ask or think" (Eph 3:20).

Written by: Nunes, John
Item #: 123426POD
Price $20.99
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