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Praise to You and Adoration: Six Hymn Settings for Organ

…HIER. The melodies are set in attractive and recognizable ways, allowing the pieces to serve as hymn preludes or independent pieces of service music. From peaceful, baroque treatments to more harmonically lush compositions, these works are simple in form and pleasing to both organists and listeners.

Written by: Benjamin Kolodziej
Item #: 977778
Price $24.00

Salvation unto Us: Twelve Easy Organ Preludes for Reformation

Twelve new settings of hymns by Kevin Hildebrand from the Reformation era and for the observance of this festival. His easy-medium approach lies in the hands and feet for the average church organist—simple without being simplistic. These elegant arrangements are a must-have for every church…

Written by: Kevin Hildebrand
Item #: 977738
Price $26.00

Lord Christ, When First You Came to Earth

A gentle hymn-like composition that alternates between unison voices for men and women and an easy four-part section. The organ accompaniment offers simple harmonic support. SATB, organ; Easy.

Written by: Frahm, Frederick
Item #: 983663
Sale price $0.65

A Little Easter Suite

Strong and vigorous compositional treatments of memorable Easter tunes. Repetitive motives and ornamented figures make these pieces exciting and quick to learn.

Written by: Leavitt, John
Item #: 976646
Price $8.95

Five Preludes of Praise, Set 4

John Behnke continues his acclaimed series with another volume of well-loved tunes crafted with a sensitive balance of creativity, imagination, and practicality.

Written by: Behnke, John
Item #: 977039
Price $10.00

Seven Settings of American Folk Hymns

This organ collection contains seven preludes by Wilbur Held on American tunes that may be useful throughout the Church Year.

Written by: Held, Wilbur
Item #: 975829
Price $15.00

Advent Mosaics

Jacob B. Weber brings his elegantly simple style to this collection of six organ preludes for the Advent season. Like past "Mosaics" volumes, a variety of techniques and styles have been used. From rhythmic and bold to freely flowing, these preludes are sure to find a home in every organist’s…

Written by: Weber, Jacob
Item #: 977690
Price $22.00

A Nativity Suite

…the need for serviceable music of very modest technical demands. The pedal part especially has been kept simple so that the beginning organist may have experience with organ style and registration even before his pedal technique is firmly established. Organ and Hammond registrations by Wilbur Held.

Written by: Held, Wilbur
Item #: 974461
Price $8.50

Early American Hymn-Tune Preludes, Set 2

Delight in the second set of preludes based on sturdy hymn-tunes of early America! Many of the preludes in this enchanting organ collection are accessible to players of moderate skill.

Written by: Powell, Robert
Item #: 976679
Sale price $5.98

O Holy Night

…men's voices that join together in SATB choir for the unforgettable, thrilling refrain. The straightforward accompaniment may be played by either organ or piano. This easy-to-learn arrangement with its simple beauty and elegance will be a favorite of singers and hearers alike every Christmas Eve.

Written by: John A. Behnke
Item #: 984263
Price $1.90

American Folk Hymn Suite

An extensive resource of American tune-based pieces arranged in a warm and accessible style. All pieces may be used independently or the entire work may be played as a suite.

Written by: Callahan, Charles
Item #: 976972
Price $12.00

Jubilate, Vol. 2

This acclaimed series unites the compositional gifts of different composers who have striven to provide creative textures for primarily manuals, interspersing the use of pedal points, slow moving lines, and ostinato patterns. Substantive literature for those who have or have not mastered the use of…

Written by: Kosnik, James
Item #: 977073
Price $18.00

May the Grace of Christ Our Savior

Pray for God’s grace and unity among believers with this tender prayer, sensitively set by Benjamin M. Culli for SATB and organ. Using an original tune, simple, lyrical choral writing and a gentle accompaniment combine to create a sweet and lovely anthem. Useful throughout the year, especially…

Written by: Benjamin M. Culli
Item #: 984234
Price $1.90

Wedding Blessings (Low Voice)

Simple melodies with appropriate text for any ceremony.

Written by: Bunjes, Paul
Item #: 979240POD
Price $36.00

Wedding Blessings (High Voice)


Simple melodies with appropriate text for any ceremony.

Written by: Bunjes, Paul
Item #: 979238pdf
Price $34.00

Wedding Blessings (High Voice)

Simple melodies with appropriate text for any ceremony.

Written by: Bunjes, Paul
Item #: 979238POD
Price $36.00

For All Seasons CD, Volume 3

A collection of hymn-based organ settings by Dr. John Behnke. Recorded on the 3-manual, 63-rank Steiner-Reck Chapel Organ in the Chapel of Christ Triumphant on the campus of Concordia University, Mequon, Wisconsin.

Written by: Behnke, John
Item #: 991733
Price $15.00

Come unto Me

Robert Powell provides an effective setting of the beloved text, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Simple harmonies are used throughout with an occasional section scored in simple counterpoint.

Written by: Powell, Robert
Item #: 983740
Price $1.50

Sunday School Tunes: Variations on This Little Gospel Light of Mine

Another vibrant Sunday School Tune set! Filled with playful rhythms, crisp articulations, and delicate and simple registrations.

Written by: Kolander, Keith
Item #: 976850
Price $9.00

Peace Is My Last Gift to You

A simple presentation of the Pentecost proclamation drawn from John 14:27 for either men or women's voices.

Written by: Frahm, Frederick
Item #: 983863
Price $1.50

Hallelujah! Jesus Lives

A simple Resurrection proclamation crafted for SATB choir and children's voices. Providing a refreshing ritornello between verses for both the organ and handbells.

Written by: Schultz, Ralph
Item #: 983880
Sale price $0.83

Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates (Cherwien)

A simple concertato setting pronouncing the Advent of Christ. Based on the tune MACT HOCH DIE TUR, the choir and/or congregation is supported by a vigorous organ accompaniment.

Written by: Cherwien, David
Item #: 983892
Price $1.65

Albinoni for Instruments and Keyboard

Enjoy this masterful Baroque suite! This five-movement work is scored with a simple continuo part and a fluid, ornamental melody for an instrument in C or B-flat. Flexible and delightful.

Written by: Wolff, S.
Item #: 976625POD
Price $18.00

Lord, Now You Let Your Servant Go in Peace

A simple attractive setting of the traditional liturgical canticle, flexibly set for unison or two-part voices. Reproducible congregation page included.

Written by: Schalk, Carl
Item #: 983733
Sale price $0.75
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