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Martín Lutero, Escritos sobre la educación y la iglesia (Martin Luther's Writings on Education and the Church)


…and of the Bible. Published in this series: The necessity to create and maintain Christian schools (1524) A sermon on sending children to school (1530) The rights of a Christian community (1523) The administration of a community box (1523) The Council and the Church (1523) Only available in Spanish.

Written by: Lutero, Martín
Item #: 166468kin

Escuela bíblica de vacaciones del 2017: Lámina de promoción (2017 Spanish VBS: Promotional Poster)

Afiche de promoción a todo color extra (17” x 22”) con espacio para personalizarlo con la ubicación, las fechas, y la hora de su evento. Un afiche se incluye en el Paquete. Extra full-color promotional poster (17” x 22”) with spaces to customize the location,…

Item #: 166646
Price $1.99

La Biblia Óyeme Leer (The Hear Me Read Bible)

…early and often. The Hear Me Read Bible teaches them valuable sight words through repetitive language and easy-to-read stories. All included Spanish Bible stories are short and simple. Read the book to your child, and then read it with them, letting them sound their way through the story. Young…

Written by: Manz Simon, Mary
Item #: 166662
Price $16.99

Biblioteca teológica Concordia: Hermenéutica (Concordia Theological Library: Hermeneutics)

…palabra de Dios. Sólo disponible en español. Some modern methods of Bible interpretation have caused confusion in the academic field. In this book, Dr. Rodolfo Blank presents the key elements for a sound and Christ-centered interpretation of God’s Word. Only available in Spanish.

Written by: Blank, Rodolfo
Item #: 166193
Price $14.99

Vasos de Barro: La Antropología Cristiana (Jars of Clay: Christian Anthropology)


…y explicadas en las Confesiones Luteranas. Sólo disponible en español. This book is part of the Concordia Theological Library series. It explains the doctrines of man and sin as they are revealed in the Scriptures and explained in the Lutheran Confessions. Only available in Spanish.

Written by: Moeller, Eric
Item #: 166294kin

El fruto del Espíritu: Mensajes para niños (The Fruit of the Spirit: Children's Messages)

…songs which affirm the teaching of each message * Accompaniment tracks * Melody lines of the songs * Photocopiable cut-outs that go along with each message This is a great resource for Sunday School, or to use during the children's message time in a worship service. Only available in Spanish.

Written by: Klenovsky, Daniel
Item #: 166267
Price $20.99

La iglesia enviada: El apostolado en la Iglesia Primitiva (The Church Sent Forth: Apostleship in the Early Church)

…a significant portion of the history of theology. The author takes very seriously the privilege of being sent to every corner of the world. He presents a new dimension of the true nature of the church, strengthening the church's life and testimony about Jesus Christ. Only available in Spanish.

Written by: Scudieri, Robert
Item #: 166240
Price $8.99

Justicia social en un mundo injusto (Social Justice in an Unjust World)

…the effects on the nation, jobs, and the economy; however, something that many people may not think of as being affected by this issue is the church. This new resource discusses the history of the Christian Church in Latin America and the US, in a contemporary context. Only available in Spanish.

Written by: Magariño, Aurelio
Item #: 166374
Price $9.99

Cien historias bíblicas - bilingüe (One Hundred Bible Stories - Bilingual)

Cien historias bíblicas, Bilingüe — Con hermosas ilustraciones este libro relata 100 de las historias más conocidas de la Biblia. Contiene preguntas y material para reflexionar. Los dos textos lado a lado. Recurso excelente para maestros o familias. One Hundred Bible…

Item #: 166577
Price $16.99

Libros Arco: La parábola de las monedas de oro (Arch Books: The Parable of the Talents)

Resumen Este Libro Arco® cuenta la parábola de las monedas de oro, basada en Mateo 25:14-30. Enseña que cada uno tiene dones espirituales que Dios usa. Acerca de la serie Los Libros Arco® cautivan a los niños con sus ilustraciones coloridas y rimas creativas. Cada libro…

Written by: Fau Fernández, Cecilia
Item #: 166281
Price $2.99

Campeones de la fe - español: Hojas del alumno Nivel 1 (Champions of Faith - Spanish: Student Worksheets Level 1)


…al participante a conocer en profundidad la historia bíblica y afirmar su fe en el Señor Jesús. DOWNLOADABLE VERSION! Spanish lessons for participants ages 3 to 5 Along with the athletes; Juan, Pedro, Luis and Maria, the participants will learn about the salvation that…

Written by: Monzón de Abbattista, Laura
Item #: 166481pdf
Price $15.49

Libros Arco - Complete Set of 52 Spanish Arch Books

Historias bíblicas relatadas en rima con ilustraciones a todo color. Todos los 52 títulos. This Spanish Arch Books set features 52 Bible stories in rhyme with full-color illustrations. Antiguo Testamento / Old Testament* 16-6054 La historia de la creación (The Story of…

Written by: various authors
Item #: 166065
Price $155.48

Coloreando con Jesús: Dios es... (Coloring with Jesus: God Is...)

…God is Creator, God is Love, and God is Big. Also available in bilingual and English versions. Disponible en español: Also available in Spanish: * Dios es… (Dios es creador, Dios es amor, Dios es grande) * Dios me dio… (Dios me dio un mundo, Dios me dio un cuerpo, Dios me dio…

Written by: H. de Sturtz, María Ester
Item #: 166088
Price $2.99

Libro de actividades para cien historias bíblicas (Activity Book for One Hundred Bible Stories)

…niños a aprender la Biblia. Sólo disponible en español. REPRODUCIBLE! Support material for 100 Bible Stories (Spanish 16-6064). This activity book in Spanish helps students apply what they've learned from the Bible. Each lesson includes engaging and relevant questions, multiple…

Item #: 166105
Price $14.99

Comentario Bíblico Concordia (Concordia Bible Commentary)


…is all here: from highly informative and readable introductions to each book of the Bible to some very thorough cross-referencing of Scripture; exactly what you would expect from any good commentary . . . yet constructed especially for your private and inspirational use. Only available in Spanish.

Written by: CPH
Item #: 166150kin

La Biblia de la Reforma (The Bible of the Reformation)


…de Jesús en rojo* Reina Valera Contemporánea 500 Years in the Making: The Bible of the Reformation The Spanish study Bible for the world’s 400 million Spanish speakers! This comprehensive resource celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with commentaries from Martin…

Item #: 166466kin

Juego completo de libros para colorear en español (Complete Set of Spanish Coloring Books)

…books in the Coloring with Jesus series invite children to color and learn about God and His Word. Each book tells Bible stories through simple art and short sentences. Add all of the Spanish titles to your library with this convenient set! They make great class-time activities and home devotionals.

Item #: 166633
Price $26.91

Viviendo una vida de chocolate (Living a Chocolate Life)

…Disfrute más cautivantes conexiones basadas en las Escrituras con el devocional Una vida de chocolate. Living a Chocolate Life is a Spanish women’s Bible study that warmly invites all to savor God’s rich and endless supply of grace in Christ. Whether you're sampling bitter…

Written by: Burma, Deb
Item #: 166660
Price $9.99

Una vida de chocolate (A Chocolate Life Women's Devotional)

…Life Spanish women's devotional brings lighthearted, yet compelling Scriptural connections to provide comfort and strength for everyday living. Savor the abundance of sweet, satisfying grace of God in Christ Jesus with 30 chocolatey devotions and nine irresistible recipes. Sweeten your Spanish

Written by: Burma, Deb
Item #: 166659
Price $3.29

Otro día de gracia (Another Day of Grace)

…recovery combine wisdom of the Twelve Steps with words and promises of the Bible. Each meditation brings peace and renovation, and offers suggested actions to integrate concepts with daily life. This is an ideal resource to guide the reader in recovery, one day at a time. Only available in Spanish.

Written by: Morreim, Dennis
Item #: 166174
Price $10.99

Creciendo en la adversidad (Struggle Well)

…adversities, we can grow. Are you ready to embark upon a new path through suffering and the storms of life? It’s time to refresh your heart and restore your soul. It’s time you see how God directs you so that you can grow through your adversities. Includes study guide. Only available in Spanish.

Written by: Newman, Michael
Item #: 166521
Price $12.99

El Catecismo Menor bilingüe - RVC/ESV

…side-by-side format uses the Reina Valera Contemporánea (RVC) translation of Scripture in Spanish and the English Standard Version (ESV) in English. The RV is the most popular translation among Spanish speaking Christians, and the one used in CPH’s comprehensive Spanish-language study…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 166595
Price $11.99

Biblioteca teológica Concordia: La adoración bíblica (Concordia Theological Library: Biblical Worship)

…analysis of liturgical celebration. Groll opens a dialogue about the different facets of Hispanic's experiences in the United States in their cultural, social, and religious environment - facets which play an important role in the planning of worship in any denomination. Only available in Spanish.

Written by: Groll, Douglas
Item #: 166185
Price $14.99

Carta de Pablo a Tito (Paul's Letter to Titus)


…Word, which never loses its freshness and relevance. The author works from the original Greek text, offering his own translation from Greek to Spanish. Detailed diagrams, maps, appendices with research on the original manuscripts, and extensive technical notes give valuable information to any…

Written by: Bustamante, Roberto
Item #: 166242kin
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