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Stand Your Ground: Devotions for Teens by Teens

…60 devotions written by 40 teens who stood their ground ... in light of peer pressure, mixed messages, and questionable sources. They share what they did, what they learned, and whom to trust. Readers gain spiritual insight and encouragement from the words of these teen writers and from the Word of…

Written by: various authors
Item #: 124104
Price $10.99

Big Screen Bible Study – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Go to the movies and who are you likely to run into? The students from your youth group. Youth and young adults very frequently, go to the movies; they rent movies; they download movies. And now, with the help of Big Screen Bible Studies, you can teach your students how to watch these movies through…

Item #: 203840
Price $32.00

Called to Be: Devotions for Teens by Teens

These 60 devotions, written for teens by teens, help young people connect their life experiences with their faith and deal honestly with common issues they face. The 31 teen authors share their joys, trials, and above all, their faith in Jesus Christ. Topics include * Drugs * Sex * Alcohol* Peer…

Written by: various
Item #: 561887
Price $10.99

Life's Big Questions, God's Big Answers

Who is this product for? Youth who want straight answers about faith. Seventy percent of church youth left home after high school and then left the Church according to a 2002 Barna poll. When asked for the reason for leaving the church, 32 percent (in an open ended question) listed intellectual…

Written by: Alles, Brad
Item #: 203486
Price $9.99

Godly and Girly

Overview “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? ... For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.” 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17b Preteen girls are so caught up in how they look, who they are, and what others think of them. Through…

Written by: Marsh, Lacy
Item #: 124433
Price $10.99

Imagine That!: Devotions for Teens by Teens

…written by teens who are meeting today's challenges with imagination ... in light of peer pressure, mixed messages, and questionable sources. They share what they did, what they learned, and whom to trust. Readers gain spiritual insight and encouragement from the words of these teen writers and…

Written by: various authors
Item #: 124181
Price $10.99

Concordia's Complete Bible Handbook, 2nd Edition

Who is this Bible Handbook for? Anyone who wants to take an in-depth look at each book of the Bible and learn more about important people, significant places, customs and traditions, and life in Biblical times. What does this Bible Handbook provide? This handbook starts with an introduction to the…

Written by: Fryar, Jane
Item #: 630900
Price $25.49

Extreme: Youth and Adult Bible Study


Overview EXTREME Bible Study is based on the real-life account of canyoneer Aron Ralston, who became trapped by a boulder in a canyon in southeastern Utah. After being isolated for 5 days and 7 hours, he eventually freed himself by amputating his own right arm in order to save his life. (April…

Item #: 321365pdf
Price $29.99

Not So Nice Bible Stories: Master Criminals


Espionage. Fraud. Identity theft. Why are these stories of bad-to-the-bone crimes in the Bible? And what do they have to do with your life today? This criminally good Bible study, geared towards middle schoolers, explores Bible stories that are often excluded from other studies. Every story points…

Item #: 204221pdf
Price $35.00

You Ask about Relationships: Questions Teens Are Asking

This book is a collection of questions and answers about topics concerning young people today. The questions are grouped in 5-6 sections according to general themes. Each answer deals with the subject honestly and rooted in God’s Word. Topics Covered:* Sex * Enemies * Coworkers * Dating * Parents *…

Written by: Pauls, Tim
Item #: 124275
Price $11.99

Big Questions Biblical Answers

Go from confusion to clarity with the help of God's Word and using short videos to answer some of life's biggest questions. DVD includes ten 10-minute videos on tough questions such as: •Does science confirm the Bible? •What is the purpose of life? •Why believe in a 6-day creation?…

Written by: Alles, Brad
Item #: 204209
Price $14.99

The Middle School Survival Manual

Who is this product for? Middle school: a fun, sometimes chaotic existence where students discover who they are, what they want, and how to survive. This survival manual with a strong Christian emphasis is a must read for every student entering middle school, along with their parents and youth group…

Written by: Cassel, Katrina
Item #: 124342
Price $9.99

Anchored: Youth and Adult Bible Study


Overview Just as an anchor keeps a boat safe and secure during a storm, God’s Word holds us fast—providing the only reliable source of strength and truth in the wake of life’s challenges. Appropriate for ages 12 and older. Use Anchored as a Sunday School series or Bible study for…

Item #: 321465pdf
Price $29.99

Confirmed In Christ

…a big step, but it's also just the beginning.This revision of a classic bestseller is filled with inspiration, encouragement, and reflections for teens to ponder. Inside this book is a straight-forward picture of what living life in Christ means. Topics include: * the potential God has given you *…

Written by: Gesch, Roy
Item #: 124469
Price $9.99

For All the Saints

Build teens' enthusiasm for worship by teaching them to understand the purpose of worship. This study explores Scripture to show youth how worship is applicable to their lives and to their growing relationship with their Savior. Includes CD-ROM with litanies based on the psalms, which are…

Item #: 223038
Price $16.99

Choices, Choices, Choices Managing My Life - Teacher Guide

Overview In this semester course from the High School Curriculum series, young people will learn godly ways of managing their bodies, relationships, sexuality, and free time. By exploring God's Word in the context of these issues, students are ledto bring their problems and concerns to the One who…

Written by: Frederickson, Bruce
Item #: 222321POD
Price $20.49

Trail Markers: Youth & Adult Bible Study - VBS 2015


Preview a sample. Life is a faith journey, but knowing that Jesus is at work through us gives us comfort. Point teens and adults to Jesus, our True North. Trail Markers engages youth and adults with deeper understanding of the Camp Discovery Bible lessons. Reproducible, make as many as copies as you…

Written by: Hergenrader, Christina
Item #: 321565pdf
Price $29.99

Oasis Online Youth Bible Studies


Overview Oasis Bible Studies is a great way to nurture the faith of youth and adult with real life applications. This guide includes five Bible studies, leadership helps, and answers to questions. For adults and youth ages 12 and older. Use as a Sunday School series or as a Bible study series.…

Written by: Rottmann, Eric
Item #: 321265
Price $24.99

Teens Pray: Conversations with God

Overview This revision of a classic bestseller remains faithful to the invitation and command from God to pray—to share one’s thoughts and words, needs and desires, with their heavenly Father; to praise, give thanks, and seek forgiveness. This book helps stimulate Christian youth in…

Written by: Grube, Edward
Item #: 061312
Price $12.99

The Executioner’s Redemption: My Story of Violence, Death, and Saving Grace

…life through His Word even in the hardest of circumstances. I was blessed to know Captain Carter during some of the hardest years of my life. In my teen years I began to let the enemy take control and lusted for every evil thing imaginable. I ended up in prison at age 27, and the Holy Spirit used…

Written by: Carter, Timothy
Item #: 124478
Price $14.99

The Essential Lutheran Library for Teens

…this set:* Faith Alive Student Bible: Loaded with cross connections, introductions, informative articles, and a glossary, this Bible helps teens study God’s Word and learn what it means for them personally. * Lutheran Service Book: This rich compilation of hymns also includes Christ-centered…

Item #: 012141
Price $66.47

Authentic Youth Ministry: Straight Talk About Working with Kids, Teens and In-betweens

Overview Today, kids desperately need our support as they get their balance in this challenging world. On a daily basis, they struggle in a world that makes them second-guess everything about themselves, including their looks, technology, relationships, and young personalities. Through her own…

Written by: Moore, Cassie
Item #: 223179
Price $14.99

Thrive: Devotions for Students

Being a Christian teen in today's world isn't easy. Sometimes it seems like you are just barely surviving, let alone thriving. Between the covers of this book are stories of students, who by faith have learned to flourish even when things got tough. Written by teens for their peers, this collection…

Written by: various
Item #: 124317
Price $9.99

Starting at the End


Worldview, God’s Word, & Your Future People have great interest in defending their faith as well as knowing what the future holds, and for good reason. Is there any more intriguing topic than the future? Will humankind exterminate itself, come together in a peaceful existence, or be…

Written by: Alles, Brad
Item #: 203997kin
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